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Created by LoveHopeBeauty on Monday, July 23, 2012

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Everything in my life so far had always ended up the way I wanted it too. From high school to college, to my dream job as a scientist. I never made the wrong move, and I intended to keep that record throughout my work. Mistakes were not something I made, mistakes where not who I would be. I’d overcome everything standing in my way and that’s exactly how the rest of the challenges I would face would finish.

I stared at the liquid pondering over my life so far, this experiment was something I’d spent years working on. It would change the way we live forever, it would fix so many problems. I couldn’t stand waiting for my team and I to finish it but I would have to learn to wait. It just wasn’t easy when such brilliance was on the verge of being created.

I calculated the time it would take for the experiment to work, I had timed it exactly right. I watched as the liquid changed, glowing. “There, you see. I told you it would work if we added the red, not the blue.” I told the man beside me. “Red is darker, basic coloring in anything, blue is lighter.”

“I guess so.” He answered. I didn’t know his name, he never wore a tag and I never bothered asking it. We didn’t like each other, we weren’t friends. I didn’t have any friends here in this lab to begin with. I liked it that way, I liked being alone. I only loved my work, and it was all I had time for. It was that simple.

I stepped back, grabbing my clip board and wrote down the experiments results. I checked off what had been done and flipped through the remaining papers to make sure nothing was missed. “Goodnight Dr.” I waved my hand and sat down at the computer, typing in everything.

“Hazel,” I lifted my eyes to see my boss walking in. “I need to speak with you.”

“Yes?” I questioned.

He walked over and placed down a folder on my desk. He paused a minute looking at the folder in his hand before he sighed and spoke. “You’ve been re-assigned.”

I narrowed my eyes at the folder. He just walked in here to explain to me that I’ve been hired elsewhere? I’ve worked here for the last 10 years and all of a sudden I’m being moved. “I do not understand sir?”

“You’re a brilliant scientist and someone’s taken notice of it. They want you personally to work for them.”

“I appreciate the offer but I’m quite happy here sir. I am almost finished this experiment. I’ve been working on it for 2 years now. I’m going to see it through.”

He shook his head, his black hair was turning gray and his eyes were getting tired. He’d forgotten his glasses when he came in here to speak with me but none of it mattered. I was losing years of work because someone wanted me, I should appreciate I assume but I didn’t. I worked day and night here to create something extraordinary. “Hazel, it gives me no joy in seeing you leave. I’ve worked with you since day one; you’ve got a long way to go in this world. I’m sorry but I already signed off on the papers. You’re leaving at the end of this week.”

I stood up, my temper rising. “You can’t do this Eric. I’ve given everything to this place.”

“I know,” He stepped forward, as if to calm me down. “I’m sorry but the decision is final. You’re going to do better things, you’re meant for greater things.” He placed his hand on my shoulder, gave it a squeeze before letting go. I could see a sad look in his eyes but once he began to walk away I forgot all about it as I looked around my office. I pushed the chair back into the desk, a little rougher then I normally would have.

I had worked my ass of day and night on this experiment. We were this close to finishing it and now I wouldn’t even get to see it through. I ran a hand through my hair and groaned. I wanted to stay here. I walked around the lab once more, seeing everything I’d done, seeing what was being created and what would eventually finish without me. No one would miss me, no one would care, but I cared about science more than anything. It was all I had left.

I found myself back at my desk, I snatched up the papers and threw them into my bag, as I picked up a box and piled my personal belongs in it. All that consisted of mine in the box were papers, documents. I took one last look around the lab before walking out the doors that had saved me and tomorrow I’d be walking into the doors that stole that away from me.

Whoever hired me wouldn’t be happy they did.



“Stark Towers?” I stared up at the name on the building that was to be where I would be working for a while. “Tony Stark.” I let my eyes drop a little in annoyance before walking inside the building. What on earth could have made Tony Stark decide to hire me; there were a lot more qualified people. More so, that could actually put up with Tony.

I’d met him once, and I have no use for someone like him in my life. While he may be brilliant at some things he held no interest to me what so ever. He was just like all the other people on this planet, ones you never meet, so you never care. Tony Stark was someone I didn’t care for.

I walked to the elevator and it pushed the button the paper told me too. I would get my old job back, it’s where I belonged. As the elevator went up, I felt a sickness in my stomach. I hated elevators, they made me nervous. I gripped the sides as I could hear the metal connected make sounds, the quiet rumble, and the jerk as it stopped and the doors slid open. I wasted no time in getting out; I leaned against the wall for a moment to catch my breath.

I didn’t want to think about the incident that lead to my fear, so I shook my head in hopes to shake away the thoughts as I stood up straight wiping my forehead. It was in the past, I even got on the elevator without thinking. I was beyond distracted with my life at the moment. While most people would find this job business silly, I didn’t – I had a life and Tony stark interrupted it.

“Why hello there Hazel!” Speak of the devil, I turned to face the voice, I turned to face Tony Stark.

“Hello Tony, I appreciate the job but I’d prefer my other thank you.”

He stared at me, his eyes narrowed as he tilted his head, with a confused look then it turned amused. “You get straight to the point don’t you?”

“Yes, now.” I stepped forward and placed the folder in his hands. “I’d like my job back please.”

He looked down at the folder in his hands before letting his dark brown eyes reach my blue eyes. “Now, Hazel.” Tony stepped in front of me. His body was almost touching my chest as he looked down at me, I was taller than most women so I did not have to look up very high to meet his eyes. “That’s not going to happen, you work for me now. I hired you.”

“I wasn’t looking.”

“Well you sure were noticed.”

“You really should give me my other job back.”

“I already told you I wasn’t. It’s a privilege to work for me. Don’t make this complicated.”

I stepped back as I felt his breath on my face, and my temper rising. “Fine.” I answered, if this was the game he wanted to play, then so be it. “It will be.”

“Now now, you’re feisty. I think you’ll fit in fine here Hazel.”

“I doubt it; you’ll regret your decision.”

“I don’t regret anything Hazel, only you will. I look forward to working with you; it’ll be fun to see if you really can get blood from a stone.”

I narrowed my eyes, as my blood boiled watching him grin and walk away. “Jerk.”



Short first chapter but it will get longer and better :D I hope you guys enjoyed it, share your thoughts if you would like too. Thank you for reading (:

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