Winner, Winner -Louis Tomlinson- [One Shot] Part 1/2

Here is a two part one shot requested by Princess1Saskia! This one was kind of hard to write but I think it went okay. Tell me what you think. Hope everyone enjoys!!! RATE::MESSAGE

Created by soundthealarm on Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Ruby’s POV::

The conformation page on the website had stated they would send an email with in a week to say if you won or not. That was almost a month ago. Oh how I wanted to win the contest to meet One Direction. I may have been one of the older 1D fans, being 19 and all, but I had been with them since the beginning just like everyone else. My parents and I didn’t have the money to spend on concert tickets so this would be the only way for me to ever see the boys in person.

It was the middle of break from University and I would be heading back to school for the start of my second year in the next few weeks. Winning this meet and greet would make this uneventful break amazing.

The trek to my room took only seconds as my feet carried me up the stairs. I had just gotten off work and really needed a shower. My mom was downstairs in the kitchen making something that smelled unbelievably delicious. I quickly checked my email, seeing only junk mail. I sighed, stripping from my clothes and jumped in the cool rushing water, for a quick rinse before dinner.

If you saw my room you’d probably think I was a 12 year old. There were posters ranging from Big Time Rush and One Direction to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown lining every inch of my wall; an extra few Louis Tomlinson posters hanging around. I slipped on a pair of sweats and a wife beater before plopping down on my bed, with my laptop in my lap.

“Honey! Dinners ready,” My mom yelled from the bottom of the steps.

I clicked on my email once again seeing I had 3 new messages, “Kay!”

The first email was about car insurance, junk. The second one was from some clothing website telling my there were new arrivals, junk. I check the heading on the last email not seeing one and double clicked on it to open the message in a new page. Instantly the One Direction logo popped up in the top left corner and I squealed with anticipation. In giant bold letter at the top of the page it read: CONGRAGULATIONS!

My mom burst into my room moments later, probably from the deafening tone of my screaming. I was going to meet my favorite band in the world, One Direction!

Zayn’s POV::

Supposedly the next meet and greet we were having was going to be small, like 50 people small. Most of the time these things were huge, hundreds of fans screaming our names. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them but a low-key meet and greet was much needed for the boys and I.

There was even a list of all the people coming, which Louis, Niall and I were now going through. Because the contest ran through facebook we got to see the profile picture and name of each of the meet and greet winners.

The three of use sat on the couches in the lounge area of the tour bus. Liam was flipping through a magazine on the opposing couch and Harry was nowhere to be seen. As we scrolled through the picture of the winners on Niall’s computer I noticed one of the girls.

“Wait,” I grabbed Niall’s arm, causing him to stop scrolling.

Her hair was short but had a nice beachy wave to it and her skin was tanned nicely. She looked extremely familiar for some reason. Ruby Harper was her name. Where had I heard that name before?

“Woah!! She’s fit,” Niall broke my thoughts.

From across the way Liam raised and eyebrow at us and Harry came running out from the bunk area looking quite interested. I rolled my eyes at him and turned to looking over at Niall and Louis, who seemed a little to quiet. As my brown eyes searched over Louis’ face I noticed how red his cheeks had gotten; he must find her extremely attractive if he wont even say anything about her.

“How old is she,” Harry pulled up next to me on the couch?

I shrugged, “She looks about 19 or 20.”

“Oooo,” Harry wriggled his eyebrows and I pushed him hard making him fall off the couch.

The boys ripped their eyes away from the screen and laughed, Louis’ face going back to normal as he stared down at Harry who was sprawled on the floor. My eyes moved back to the girl on the computer screen; I had to say she was definitely pretty, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I knew her from somewhere.

Ruby’s POV::

I lived in Bradford and have since I was a child, so getting to the city of Leeds was a train ride away. There was a saw the night of the meet and greet but unfortunately I had only won a ticket for the signing.

I hopped down the stairs and skipped into the kitchen with a huge smile on my face. Even though I was 19 my mom was quite protective of me and I was still surprised she was letting my go to this thing on my own, but I wasn’t complaining.

I slung my beat up leather backpack over my shoulder after shoving my wallet, tickets, One Direction cd and camera into it. I searched the room for my mom but didn’t see her anywhere.

“Mom!! Come on, its time to go,” I yelled from the kitchen doorway.

She appeared in the front hallway moments with her purse and car keys in hand. The drive to the train station was quick and simple. I stood outside the car and leaned against the open window and smiled at my mom.

“I’ll call you when I’m on the train back,” I spoke to her quickly, checking my phone for the time.

“Okay honey, have fun and be safe.”

I nodded, “I will, mom. See you later!!”

With that I turned and walked quickly toward the train station entrance. I found my seat quickly on the train and sat down pulling my ipod from my bag and immediately plugged my ears with my headphones. I closed my eyes and waited for the train to pull out of the station. In l only a few hours I would be meeting the 5 boys I have grown to love so much.

I was maybe the tenth person in line and had been waiting in the lobby for a few hours now. I felt a bit odd since the few girls around me were maybe 14 or 15 years old, all of them squealing and screaming about the 1D boys. I smiled to myself as the girls talked loudly to each other. I may be a diehard Directioner but I wasn’t one to scream it out to people, if you knew me you knew I loved them.

After a while a man we all knew as One Direction’s bodyguard, Paul, came out of the doors we were standing by and smiled.

“You all here for the boys,” He said in his Irish accent?

Everyone screamed a yes at him and he laughed loudly.

“We’ll be letting you guys in soon,” He spoke and then went back in through the door he came out of.

After I don’t know how long a women came out, with a clipboard in hand and smiled at us. She put a stop in the door smiled at us telling us to follow her into the room. This was it.

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