One Direction Imagines Individual-Harry Styles

Ok so in this imagine you and Harry have know each other since you were young. and your going to his house for ur traditional movie night....hope u like it ^_^ ...btw sorry if this is really long or way to short i didnt write a draft :T

Created by violetrose513 on Saturday, July 28, 2012


ok if u havent already...READ THE DESCRIPTION OR U MIGHT GET CONFUSED!!!! thx!
You knock on the door of Harry's flat and in less then 5 seconds he answers the door and wraps u in a hug.
"you got the candy?" he asked
" of course u got the movie?"
"already skipped through the previews!" you both run to the couch and start waching a really romantic movie which was odd since u almost always watch a comedy. thoughout the whole last half of the movie he couldnt stop staring at you, but u pretend not to notice. the screen goes black and the movie is over, so u turn to face and say, "ok dude whats up u didnt take your eyes off me for like half the movie. tell me whats going on with you. now!"
"the truth?" he looks at you with puppy dog eyes.
"no i want you to lie to me" u say with strong sarcasm in your voice.
"ok the truth is for the past year all i could ever think about was you i couldnt get you out of my head. your smile, your hair, your eyes, everything
"are you serious?" you say thinking this isnt really happening
"i am. 100% serious. so now this leads to a question?"
"which is..."
"are you as crazy about me as i am about you?"
" well...i...uh.....actually...i think i might be" as you say this Harry's face lights up with joy
"ok so (Y/N)..."
"would you do me the extraordinary honor of going on a date with me?" he bites his lip
"Harry ....of course i will!"
"FINALLY! ok hows tomorrow around 1:00 ill pick you up at your house?"
"sounds great!" u heart almost about to jump out of your chest. You pick up your bag and he walks you to the door and you give him a peck on the cheek before you leave. After you get home your to wonderstruck to do anything so you get on sweats and a tanktop and hit the hay.
~the next morning~
Almost exactly when you wake up you get a text from Harry: Good Morning love ;) you reply with: Morning :) put your phone down and get some breakfast. When your finished you go take a shower and pick out and out fit. Right as you finish applying a light amount of makeup the doorbell rings and you rush downstairs to answer it. You open the door and see Harry's smiling he comes in and engulfs you in a hug then hands you a single red rose.
"aww Harry you shouldnt have" you put the rose in a vase with water.
"i tried to find something as beautiful as you but i couldnt find anything,this was the closest it barely even touches how beautiful you are"
"that is so sweet" you say as you give him yet another hug."so where are we going"
"youll see"
"dam it Harry i hate when you do that!" he chuckled and opened the car door for you. you drive for about ten minutes and stop at the fanciest resturaunt in town.
"oh my god Harry seriously!?!"
"well i just wanted this to be perfect" you and him exchange smiles and walk into the resturaunt and are seated. Symoltainuosly you both order spaghetti. For about two hours you guystalk and eat and laugh. Then you both realize how long you'd been there.
"ok well time to go to our next destination!" Harry exclaimed he grabbed your hand and led you out of the resturaunt. you loved the way his skin felt against yours and it made you feel like you never wanted him to let go.
After driving for about 25 minutes you arrived at the theatre.
"Well here we are"
"umm ok wut r u gonna see"
"anything you want as long as you let me pay"
"no you already payed for our food"
"common pleeeease i really want to" you knew you were never gonna win this fight so you gave in. During the movie Harry put his arm around you and you rested your head on his shoulder as he kissed the top of your head. You guyswalk out of the theatre with your fingers laced together and in the car your hands never unlocked. 45 minutes you arrived at a park it was almost sunset. it was a fairly large park so you knew it would take a while to get all the way around it, but honestly you didnt care. You started to walk the trail and Harry already had his arm around you and you had your arm around is waist.
You were about half way around the park when the stars had come out and Harry stopped in his tracks.
"is something wrong" you ask
"yes something that ive been waiting all day for" he walks up to you puts your hands around his neck and places his hands around your waist pulling you in close you look up at him, he leans down and your lips meet and you fall intoa deep kiss he pulls away and wispers in your hear "... will you be my girlfriend?" you bite your lip and nod your head and he pulls you in for another kiss <3

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