{Marshall Lee Story}~Save Me From Myself~

This is my first post! How exciting! And by the way, I'm incorporating the original characters as well as the gender bender. And mars isn't in here yet. Neither is Marshall. But DONT RUSH ME(: I'll get there.

Created by XxMarissaMyDearxX on Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Name: Nellie Catts

Age: 16

Hobby: Adventuring with Fiona, Jake, Cake, Finn and her panda Mars.

Dislikes: Arguments, Snails, Practical jokes, and being alone.

Likes: Vampires, mysteries, being scared, and exploring.

{----If your standing with your suitcase...----}

I hated the idea of moving to the land of Ooo without my dad. I've actually never been alone for more than a few days. I stared out the window of his convertible, watching the rain drip down the window, lingering in one spot, as if saying a silent goodbye to me. My friends told me that the people in Ooo were strange, but they couldn't be that bad, I mean, that is wher my dad met my mom. She didn't seem that strange, but only knew her until I was 5. She died of cancer when I was young.

We reached the station. I sighed, knowing this is where me and my dad said our fair wells and I would board the train that took me oversees to that mysterious land. As we got out of the car, my dad stared at me before I enveloped him into a snuggle bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you, dad." I whispered, tears forming in my eyes.

He looked down at me. "I'm gonna miss you too, kiddo. But you do know that this is for the best. I only wanna do whats better for you, no matter how much it hurts," he said, swallowing his tears. "your life will be better there."

"Last call for people boarding the train to Ooo!" The conductor called, ringing his bell. I looked at the ground.

"I guess I oughta get going. I'll write to you, okay?" I said, slowly looking up at him. He nodded, choking on his words. " I love you dad. I'll come back soon."

"I know you will. Now go, live your life. I know you don't like it, but that's the way it has to be." he said quickly, ushering me toward the platform. I stood there, shooting one last glance over my shoulder at him. It took all my strength to get myself on the first step of that train.

{----but you can't step on the train----}

Boarding the train, I sat in the first empty seat available, luggage in my lap. There was only about two or three others in here, and they were all old. I leaned up against the side of the seat and before I knew it, I was asleep.

When I awoke, the conducter was shooing us off the train. Scrambling to get a grip on my luggage, I rushed off the train, only to trip and fall right off the stairs. I winced, expecting to hit the ground. When I didnt, I opened my eyes in shock, seeing that a kid in a white hat had caught me. Blushing, I rose to my feet, embarrased. "Thanks..." I muttered slowly, looking at the ground.

"No problem, it's what I do. My names Finn. I'm guessing your one of the new arrivals everyones talking about, right?" he asked, glancing at me questioningly.

"Yeah. The names Nellie. I'm from the United Kingdom." I said slowly.

"I'm not sure where that us, but that probably explains why you talk funny." Finn said bluntly, shrugging his shoulders. "Oh we'll, I guess. C'mon, lemme introduce you to he others." I followed the kid called Finn down into the woods. It felt weird in there, like I was being watched. My pace started to quicken when I heard a crunching noise behind me. When something brushed against my leg, I screamed. I looked down, only to see...


CLIFFHANGER! Anyway, please rate and message. Chapter two will be longer, I swear.I'm taking one shot requests also, so send those in. Also,I'm taking o.c requests for a new story I will be doing about the glee project, season one or two, idk yet. If our interested, fill this form out and message it to me.


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I will always message back! Thank you(:

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