Unsatisfied☯ pǝıɟsıʇɐsuu [2p! Russia x Reader]

This is another trade I am doing with Vocaloidgirl11! This time it is with second player Hetalia starring Russia! Haha, sorry if this is bad when it comes to 2p! Hetalia I am more revolved around the F.A.C.E family when it comes to them so- yeah… The song is “Monster” by “Meg and Dia” so then as per usual I thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Created by SakuraChiKnight on Thursday, August 09, 2012

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Love me, love me

You take a shuddering breath in as the man wearing Russia’s face, kisses up and along your neck. Unable to say a word because of the gag around your mouth you can do nothing but whimper in both pleasure and disgust as he moves his larger hands down the sides of your waist.

“You belong to me da?” He murmurs low under his breath as he makes his way back up to your lips.

He smirks at the scared look in your eyes.

“So innocent, so precious” he coos.

A tear falls from the corner of your eyes, squeezing your [E/C] eyes shut you try to picture that you are somewhere else.

Anywhere but here.

With a frown Russia pinches your bottom, making your eyes shoot open. He laughs huskily; you were far too much to tease.

Moving a hand up to remove the tie around your mouth he immediately forces his mouth to yours, shoving his tongue into your mouth with no regard to how you feel.

You squirm beneath him but he is far stronger than you and has no problem holding you in place.

Forcing your tongue to join his in a heated tango you hear him make a sound low in his throat, almost like a growl.

He pulls away, slowly and stares down at you.

“Tell me you love me, da?”

You glare at him then, unable to believe that he would be so cruel as to request something like that of you. After all that he has done!

“Go rot in hell!” You spit.

His small smile immediately darkens into a frown, you see his right hand rise up and before you can do anything there is an immensely sharp pain in the side of your face.

He had slapped you!

You stare at the wall, the direction I which you were hit incredulously.

“Say it.” He growls.

You shake your head. “One must not tell lies.”

He tightens his grip on your waist to the point that it hurts and you let out a little squeal of pain.

He starts to kiss you again, starting from the corner of your mouth to your ear before he whispers “I love you this much yet you hate me-…”

A shiver goes up your spine as he says this.

Pulling away he looks down at you again, the fear in your eyes making them shine brilliantly to him.

You stare as well, up at his scarlet hues. What used to only be a dull rage and lust is replaced with something different. It takes you a moment but you figure out what it is.




He moves his hands up your waist and rests them on the top button of your shirt.

You snap out of your reverie and start to squirm beneath him but your efforts are futile.

He undoes the first button and in the dark of the night you could have sworn that his blood red eyes were glowing, almost tauntingly at you.

“I’ll make you say you love me. One day…but for now…”

With that he undoes the rest of the buttons.

That’s all I ask for

Love me, love me

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