New challenges and new friends. (A Unova Pokemon Love Story) 1

chapter one!!!!!

Created by Pokegirl22 on Monday, August 13, 2012

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I looked at the box my mother had set in my room then at the Pokemon egg Steven gave me. The egg started moving and glowing and I looked at Cheren with hope. "I think it's hatching! Mom! Steven!" I yelled and they both ran upstairs and we gathered around the egg. Bianca then ran up the stairs yelling about how she was sorry about being late. Then she saw the egg and she stood next to me. "Who told you to give this egg to your sister again honey?" my mom asked as we watched. "Proffesser Cedric Juniper. He said something about this rare Pokemon helping her along in her journey or something like that." Steven replied and I looked at him and smiled then looked at the Pokemon egg. The egg then hatched and I clapped my hands together and said, "Oh I wonder what Pokemon it is!" then I looked to see a male Pikachu with a cute little tuft of fur sticking on his headsitting on my bed in replacement of the egg. "A Pikachu! That's awesome! And so cute!" Bianca said and she squeezed Pikcahu's cheeks and he shot a thunderbolt at her. "Pikcahu! That's not very nice!" I said and Pikachu looked at me then jumped on my shoulder and nuzzled into my neck. "Thank you. Now apologise to Bianca." I said and Pikachu looked at Bianca and said, "Pika. Pikacuhu. Pika." and hung his head down andI smiled and grabbed a Pokeball out of my bag. Well Pikachu, do you wanna go in your Pokeball for the first time?" I asked and Pikachu nodded and he pushed the button with his nose and went in the Pokeball. It shook a few times then clicked. "I got a Pikachu!" I said then called out Pikachu. "Now it's time to chooseour Pokemon." I said to Cheren and Bianca. Then Steven and our mom walked downstairs and into the kitchen. "Well, this is ______'s house, so she gets first pick!" Bianca said and Cheren replied, "Naturally." and I walked over to the box and untied the ribbon. I opened the top and I looked inside and saw the three Pokeballs. I reached for the one that was sitting on a green pillow and said, "I choose Sinvy!" and called out Sinvy "Sinvy" she said and I smiled at her. "Hi Sinvy. This is Pikachu, my other Pokemon. Why don't you two go and play for a little bit?" I said to her and she hugged my arm then nodded and jumped on he bed with my Pikachu. "Then I choose this one! Oshawatt!" Bianca said and I smiled. "It's ok. I wanted Tepig to begin with anyway." Cheren said with a smile. Then Bianca had a look on her face that I knew meant trouble. "Bianca...What are you thinking?" I asked and she looked a me with a smile. "That we should have a Pokemon battle! I challange you ______!" she said and Cheren and I tried to get her to rethink it since it's inside. But she wouldn't take no for an answer. "Cheren, you be the judge" Bianca said and we took our places at opposite sides of my room. "Sinvy, ready to battle?" I asked her and she nodded and jumped in front of me in battle position. "You start ______." Bianca said and I smiled and said, "Snivy, use Leer! Then Tackle!" I said and Sinvy ran up close to Oshawatt and used Leer and made Oshawatt cringe. Then Snivy Tackled Oshawatt and made him slide across the floor. I smiled at Snivy and who good we were doing for our first battle. "Oh no! Oshawatt, use Water Gun!" Bianca said and Oshawatt got up and shot a water gun at Snivy. "Use Vine Whip to dodge it! Then use Leaf Tornado!" I said and Snivy used her Vine Whip on the floor to launch herself into the air and dodge the Water Gun. Then she used Leaf Tornado and Bianca said, "Dodge it Oshawatt!" with panic in her voice and I smirked and said, "Full power it Snivy!" and Snivy then made the Leaf Tornado bigger and it almost swallowed my room in leaves. I smiled and said, "There's no dodging that Bianca!" and the move hit Oshawatt and knocket him out. I smiled and Snivy jumped onto my other shoulder seeing as Pikachu was on my other one. "Oh Oshawatt! Are you okay?!" Bianca asked her Pokemon who nodded and stood up. "I think you should look around the room Bianca." Cheren said and we both did. My room was destroyed. I hung my head down with a sweatdrop and said,"I think we got a little out of hand. How did footprints get on the ceiling?!" I asked as I looked up then at Snivy who just smiled. I smiled too and then Cheren said, "Since your room's already a mess, I guess it wouldn't hurt if we had a battle right ______?" and I nodded as Cheren took Bianca's place and I looked at Sinvy and said, "Do you wanna battle? Or can Pikachu have a turn?" and Snivy and Pikachu looked at eachother and Snivy used Vine Whip to lower Pikachu onto the ground. "Thanks Snivy. That was a very responsible decision. Return." I said and she went into her Pokeball. "Now Pikcahu, let's see what you can do!" I said and Pikachu nodded and stood ready. "Come on out Tepig!" Cheren said and called out his Tepig. "You get the first move." I said to him and he nodded. "Use Defense Curl! Then Ember!" Cheren said and his Tepig used Defense Curl and started to use Ember. "Pikachu! Use Iron Tail to bounce that Ember back!" I said and Pikcahu did so and then the Ember bounced back onto Tepig. Tepig fell backwords and Cheren stood there in awe and I said, "Now use thunderbolt Pikachu!" and he did so. Tepig still got up, ut was really weak. "Now finish this up with Quick Attack!" I said "Use Tackle!" Cheren said and Tepig did so. The two Pokemon clashed together and a huge flash went off and I looked around for Pikachu. "Pikachu!" "Tepig!" Cheren and I said and we turned our heads everywhere to look for them and the dust cleared. Pikcahu was standing over a fainted Tepig. "Tepig! Are you alright!? You battled really hard. Thanks." Cheren said to his Tepig and returned him to his Pokeball. I looked at Pikachu and said, "You too Pikachu. You did a great job." and he hopped on my shoulder and I smiled. "I think that we should go thank the Proffesser. I'll meet you two in front of the lab." Cheren said then walked downstairs. "I'm going to swing by my house really quick and tell my parents I'm leaving. Then I'll meet you both there." Bianca said and went down as well. I looked at Pikachu then at the ceiling. "How did footprints get on the roof?" I asked again and shook my head and walked downstairs to find Cheren and Bianca apologising to my mom about my room. Then they both left. I walked over to my mom and said, "We had our first battles mom! And I won both of them! And it's all thanks to Snivy and Pikachu." "I know. I could hear the Pokemons cries from clear down here. I'll go clean up your room ______. Don't worry." mom repleid then walked upstairs. I heard her yell, "How did footprints get on the roof?!" and I laughed and walked outside and to the lab. Cheren was there tapping his foot. "Bianca's still not here. Can you go see where she is?" he asked and I nodded then ran off to Bianca's house. On the way there, I ran into Trip, my friend and rival. "What are you doing here ______? Shouldn't you be on your way to choose your first Pokemon? Is that a PIKACHU!?" he asked and looked at my Pikachu and he hid behind me and hugged my legs. "It's okay Pikachu. This is Trip and he's a friend." I said to him and he climbed on my shoulder and Trip pet him and smiled. "Where'd you get a Pikachu ______?" he asked. "Oh my brother gave me the egg. He just hatched this morning. He's pretty powerful for just being hatched." I replied and Trip smiled at me and said, "So who'd you choose for your first Pokemon?" and I pulled out my Pokeball for Snivy out. "You'll have to find out in a battle Trip. Which one will you choose?" I said. He smirked and said, "Well, I guess you'll have to find out when I get it. I'll see you at the lab _______." then he walked off after taking a picture of me and Pikachu with his camera. I smiled then walked in Bianca's house to see her and here dad arguing. She turned to walk out then she saw me. She hid her face with her hat then said, "It's ok. He's just too overprotective. Let's go." and she grabbed my hand and walked out. We went to the lab to see Trip and Cheren waiting for us. "Did you pick yet Trip?" I asked and he shook his head. We all walked in to see a boy with black hair and a Pikachu on his shoulder talking to Professer Juniper. "Hey Professer." I said as we walked up and she and the boy turned to see us. The boy looked at me with wide eyes and then smiled when he saw my Pikachu. "Well if it isn't _______, Cheren, Bianca and Trip! What are you three doing here _______?" she asked looking at me. "Oh, we wanted to thank you for the Pokemon, Professer Juniper. We already had our first battles and everything!" I replied with a smile then I saw the boy look at my belt, at Snivy and Pikachu's Pokeballs. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Trip. Why don't you go on and choose a Pokemon from the three over there?" Professer Juniper said and pointed her hand towards a big container with three Pokeballs in it. I smiled when he chose a Snivy. "Good choice Trip. May I ask yu three to show Ash here your new Pokemon? You as well Trip." Professer Juniper said and I nodded. "Snivy, I choose you!" I said and tossed up Snivy's Pokeball and she came out and landed in front of me. She smiled up at me then looked at Ash. "Come on out Oshawatt!" Bianca said and Oshawatt landed next to Snivy. "Tepig, let's go!" Cheren said and Tepig landed on the other side of Snivy. "Snivy! Stand by for battle!" Trip said and he landed next to Oshawatt. "Wow! They all look so powerful!" Ash and the Professer said. I smiled and then the Professer said, "I guess you all are wondering why Ash is here. He came from the Kanto region and he wants to travel this region and wants to be in the Unova league. He only brought over his Pikachu from Kanto so wiah him luck! He's also helping you all with the Pokedex!" and she handed me, Cheren and Bianca our Pokedex's then she handed Trip his.

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