Beneath The Crimson Moon (An Alucard story) 9. Air Plane Rivalry

Here you are my faithful readers, chapter nine; where the beast of jealousy finally raises it's ugly head. i'm hoping to post a couple more chapters this evening; just in case i'm unable to do so later for some reason. Rate, Message and Enjoy

Created by SaphiraRyuuka on Friday, August 17, 2012


After I made the necessary preparations, I made my way to Sir Integra’s office where Walter was briefing Alucard and Pip on the situation. When I got inside however, they stopped their conversation to stare at me. “What?” I asked and Walter continued. “It’s the Nazis again; you would think they learned their lesson fifty years ago.” he said as I stood next to Alucard. “I remember that day well, you and I slaughtered every Nazi we could find.” said Alucard and Pip rolled his eye. “Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s been fifty years.” said Walter and Alucard smirked. “Growing old sounds so awful.” he said with a grin. “Alucard!” I hissed and elbowed him in the ribs, making him glance down at me with a wicked smirk. “Nonsense, now onto the reason why I called you both.” he said to Pip and Alucard. “We have found that Millennium is hiding out somewhere in South America, therefore Sir Integra has ordered you both as well as miss Saphira and miss Victoria to eliminate them.” he continued, as Alucard adopted a malicious grin, while Pip had a serious look. ‘Time to show the Draceling that I’m far better than any human.’ Alucard thought. ‘If Saphiras’ going to be there, then I have to give it my all no matter what.’ Pip thought while looking at me out of the corner of his eye. ‘South America…home.’ I thought with a happy sigh as soon as Sir Integra opened the door, drawing our attention from our thoughts. “I assume you understand the situation.” she said as we nodded before she continued. “You have one objective and one objective only…Search and Destroy. Now go.” she said as Alucard removed his hat and bowed. “Yes master.” he said as he vanished from the room. “Yes Sir.” Pip and I said as we saluted her, before leaving the room. “Hey Saphira, I’m going to head out to the plane alright?” Pip said as he turned from me and started down the hallway. “Alright.” I called as I went to look for Seras. ‘Where the hell IS that girl?’ I thought angrily as I search for her for over an hour. ‘The police girl is already here Draceling.’ Alucard thought to me in an amused voice. ‘And you didn’t bother to tell me this WHY?’ I growled at him. ‘It’s far more amusing to watch you wander aimlessly then to tell you that she was here all along.’ he said with a smirk. ‘Asshole.’ I thought bitterly. ‘But you love me.’ he chuckled, making me blush a dark red that no one saw; thank god. ‘I’m not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole.’ I thought as I made my way to where the plane was waiting for us, more specifically…me. ‘Then how about an eleven foot pole?’ he asked jokingly. ‘Shut up.’ I thought and he laughed. As I made my way to the plane I was met with a very strange sight; Alucard and Pip were glaring daggers at each other so fiercely that I swore I saw sparks. And if looks could kill, poor Pip would be dead and gone fifty times over. The sight was so tense that I had to make a joke out of it to try and lighten the mood. “You know, if you guys love each other that much, why don’t you make it official already?” I asked and to my horror, they settled their glares on ME. “Hehehe…umm…well I tried to make this situation a little more pleasant, so I’m just gonna…go.” I said as I dashed into the plane. After about ten minutes we were ready to take off and begin our mission. I looked around for Seras, but still didn’t see any sign of her. “You know, I plan on getting you back for that snide little comment Draceling.” a voice hissed in my ear, making me jump and hit my head on the roof. “So your back to calling me Draceling now?” I asked, rubbing my sore head as Alucard claimed the seat next to me. “Only in public.” he replied as he drank a glass of blood. “Aww is little Ally embarrassed of calling me by my name?” I asked and loved the look on his face after that. “Ally? Since when do you act like a child?” he asked me. “Well, we ARE heading to where the Silverclaw organization comes from. I guess you could say its home to me, well besides Hellsing anyway.” I said as Pip sat in the seat across from me. “By the way Alucard.” I started, making him look at me. “Hmm?” he asked. “What’s with the suit?” I asked with a laugh as he changed his usual uniform to a black and red tux. “Under cover, I will be easily recognized otherwise.” he said as I smirked mischievously. “You actually combed your hair too, how long did it take you to straighten out THAT bird’s nest?” I asked with a smile as Pip laughed, and Alucard glared. ‘Far too long that I care to mention, I’m lucky to have no bald spots.’ he thought as I fell out of my seat laughing. ‘Damn, you heard that didn’t you?’ he thought to me as I rapidly nodded with tears running down my face. “What? I wanna know, especially if it’s that embarrassing to you Alucard.” Pip pressed as Alucard glared fiercely at him. “Not now Pip, I think we have teased Alucard enough for today.” I said as Alucard returned to his drink. “You’d better tell me later Saphira, that way I can blackmail him.” Pip whispered as he hugged me, making Alucard tighten his grip on his drink, causing the glass to break. “I think you have overstayed your welcome human, I will warn you ONLY once, keep your distance from my Draceling; and you will live longer.” he growled, causing Pip to retaliate. “Who the hell gives YOU the right to claim her as YOURS vampire?! She should have the choice whether or not she wants to stay with you. And I’m not afraid of you or your threats, so what will you do about THAT vampire?!” Pip challenged, as they got in each other’s faces. ‘Oh…shit, they BOTH like me…I like Alucard but I like Pip as a brother. If this continues, someone’s going to get hurt because of sheer JEALOUSY.’ I thought with wide eyes as they continued to fight over me. “Alright that’s enough children; we are all adults here so let’s ACT like such.” I tried but they wouldn’t listen. “What makes you think you’re better for her than me?!” Pip growled. “I won’t be killed by some weak vampires like YOU almost did human, be grateful Saphira showed you mercy. Why she decided to save you is something I’ll never understand.” Alucard said with a glare. “She saved me, because she loves me.” Pip said with a triumphant grin, making Alucard turn his vicious glare onto me. “Is that true?!” he questioned while looming over me. ‘Alucard, YOU’RE the one I care about. It’s true that I love Pip, but only in a sibling way; nothing more.’ I thought to him and he seemed to trust my answer. “See it’s true, she can’t even say anything, especially when you’re threatening her like that you demon.” Pip shouted, making me glare viciously at him. “You two need to chill the fuck out! YOU Pip need to stop getting so offensive whenever Alucard is around me. And YOU Alucard need to ignore human comments…all they do is piss you off. So both of you need to get your heads out of your asses and get over it!” I yelled, making them both stare at me in shock as I used my shadows to separate each of them to each half of the plane. ‘Holly shit Saphiras’ scary when she’s mad.’ Alucard and Pip thought at the same time as I decided to sit at the back of the plane, away from their childish acts of stupidity. ‘Alucard.’ I thought to him and his eyes flicked over to me. ‘Wake me when we get there alright.’ I finished. ‘Very well, just remember I’m still going to get you back for that comment.’ he said, making me roll my eyes. ‘Lovely, I can’t wait.’ I though sarcastically and he chuckled. When I finally got comfortable enough in my seat I crossed my arms, rested my head on chest and went to sleep. Unfortunately, that was all that was needed to influence Alucard to claim the seat next to me and pull me to him like a child with a teddy bear. So here I am, using Alucard; the No-Life King as a pillow and completely aware of it, even if Alucard doesn’t know that. What I DIDN’T know, was at the front of the plane; a certain mercenary was shaking with rage, while furiously plotting a way to get a certain vampire away from the dragon with whom he has fallen for the minute he saw her. ‘How dare he?! Look at him, using her for his own enjoyment. How much longer will it be before you start hurting her you damned monster?! Just you wait Saphira; soon enough Alucard won’t be here to torture you, and when that day comes, you and I will be free to do as we please, as leaders of the Wild Geese.’ Pip plotted to himself as he watched me snuggle against Alucard’s side, and loathing every second of it as we flew closer and closer to our destination, and the enemy that started this whole mess.

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