~:~ I got raped by my bestfriend ~:~ [01] Introduction

hey this is my first story so it may be slightly bad. i dont know maybe it'll be good!! rate please so i know if i should make another story oh and message me if you really liked it!! thanks!

Created by kellyclarksongurl on Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Molly!! WAKE UP!! My mom hollered over her raspy morning voice.
I looked over at my alarm clock... 8:24 a.m. SHOOT!! I missed the bus.
I quickly got dressed in a blue tee and black sleek pants.
I quickly ran down stairs and snatched a breakfast bar from my twin brother, Dylans hand. Mommmm!! Molly took my breakfast bar!!! he is such a baby. Dylan, Molly has to go, your lucky enough to stay home today. But Mommmm!! DYLAN!!!
Fine. He let out a big sigh. Umm mom...
Me go to school......
Oh yes Molly, sorry. Bye Dylan, Bye Dan.
My father is Daniel DeFeno. He works in the Secret Service. No not kidding, and our house is GIGANTIC.
My mother, Lillyanna DeFeno is how you say a Stay At Home Mom.
So back to the story
9:00 a.m.
School started an hour ago, sigh. Miss DeFeno!! There you are!! Get in your class!
But I need a late- just shut your mouth and get to class!! You know Mr. Vaun hates it when your late!!
Miss Quintal is really bossy and grumpy all the time. Shes my 5th period science teacher.
Ahh, Miss DeFeno I see youve decided to join us. Yes sir. I took my seat like usual next to Marissa and Adam. FYI Marissa and Adam are the best friends ever!! And as usual also I got a note from Marissa it read:
Where have you been?!? Mr. Vaun is so ticked that your late!!! Well anyways wheres Dylan??Is he sick? Is he alright? Also I think Logan likes you. He keeps looking back at you and wondering where you are all the time!!
Write back,

Marissa likes my brother Dylan, but Dylan likes Marissas twin sister Meghan. And I adore Logan he like the hottest boy in the whole entire universe!!
So as usual I wrote back to Marissa:
Hey, I know we lost power last night and my alarm clock was a little off. Dylans fine he stayed home though because he begged my mom too-
Then another note flung at me from Adam it read:
Hey how was your weekend? Did you totally murder Dylan for reading your diary?
I wish I could have been there!!! LOL. My parents are going out in a couple weeks want to come over? Write back

I finished writing my note to Marissa then flung it at her ear. I think it hurt hear a little. Then I began to write to Adam:
Again another note, but I was used to this I got a lot of notes flung at me before one time I had 5 notes I didnt answer yet and it was like crazy Id finish a note, fling it at somebody and theres another note on my desk unread. So anyways this note was from...from... LOGAN!!! It read:
Im having a party Friday night... would you like to come? I put an invitation already in your locker. Ive invited a whole lot of people. So far theres 109 people coming. I hope Ill get 110....
Aww!! How sweet wait Friday, THIS FRIDAY???!!???
Thats in 3 days!!
Back to Adams note
My weekend was fine how was yours. Why were you out yesterday? I tried to murder Dylan but my mom said to cut it out and then punished us both. Sure Id love to come to your house. Guess what Logan just asked me to go to a party at his house Friday night!!Awesome isnt it!?!?!?!?
Class was over after that. I went to open my locker for the invitation. And there the delicate thing was lying on top of my science book. I opened it slowly and delicately.
Hey Its a party for: Logan McKeon
At:8967 Washington Square
When: Friday, 7:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
RSVP: Logan/Susie/Mark 503-436-2624
After school I finished my homework and called Marissa and then 3 way with Adam. I told them all about the sacred note and about the party they both got invited too YAYY. But I dont know why but then Adam said something I never thought hed say.. Heres the conversation:
Marissa- Hello?
Molly- hang on Marissa I wanna 3 way in Adam
Adam- Hello?
Marissa&Molly-HEY ADAM!!
Adam- ouch hey guys whats up?
Marissa- I dont know Molly called me like 3 seconds before she called you, Molly whats up?
Molly- I got invited to Logans party!!! and he hopes I can be there!!
Marissa&Adam-OMG!! We did too!!
Molly- I cant wait!! Its going to be awesome! Hes so hot!! AHHH!!
What Adam said that scared me
Adam- Fine!!! If you love him, then were not friends anymore!!*hangs up*
Marissa-... Wha???
Molly-Adam? Marissa? What was that all about?
Marissa- I have no idea but Im going to find out ill go over to his house call you later. Luv ya lots!
Molly- Ok, Luv ya bye!!!
What was that all about?
What was? Dylan had a huge smirk on his face, he was listening.
Oh, crap....
Rest depends on results
thanks for reading message me to comment

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