Jane the Killer

The story of Jeff's counterpart.

Created by MaggotXSlipknot666 on Saturday, August 25, 2012


On a hot summer night around 4:33 in the morning, as Jeff the Killer took another victim-- this time, a young wife, and also leaving her husband with a massive skull fracture as a result of blunt-force trauma, the only one to survive was the couple's 4-month-old baby that police have discovered crying in its crib. Along side the child, police have found a letter which was written on the back of a paper grocery bag in a black sharpie marker, and a Motorola Droid, faintly illuminated under the baby's blanket. The babysitter who was locked in the closet during the time claimed she smelled the lingering odor of women's cheap perfume and found body glitter on the baby's crib. But who was it from? Police were able to decipher the writing on the grocery bag and here's what it said:


if you are reading this, know that no matter how many innocent victims you claim or how much innocent blood you shed, I'm still coming for you in the end. All of the men and women you so viciously slaughtered and disemboweled, I beat you to it. I killed them not because I hate them, I imagined those victims were you as I took their lives. It was the mere vision of you that made me kill them. I never did like you, you greasy-headed, grinning, smug, ignorant son of a bitch. My black eyes may look like I'm void of vision, but I'm not stupid. Just remember, the night that you creep into a poor girl's bedroom, you're gonna fall head over heals down the fucking stairs with your guts caught on the broken glass of the window that I smashed you into. Tonight, when I reach you, evil will battle evil, winner kills all, and the only one who will not get out alive is you. I'm coming for you.


Jane the Killer

On the Droid phone, one of the officers found text in all caps, in red, with Jane's picture... Below is her face which she captured on the phone:


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