Best. Vacation. Ever

An avengers Proposal oneshot for Imgonnahugyou

Created by Get0Nerdy0with0itXD on Sunday, August 26, 2012

Joanna stood in her bikini above her boyfriend, Tony stark, twirling a volleyball on her finger “You up to get embarrassed again Stark?” She asked. Tony groaned, getting up, bruising probably forming on his back “When did you get so good at volleyball?” He asked, his question earning chuckles from the rest of the Avengers. She laughed, tossing the ball behind her in favor of wrapping her arms around his neck “That’s not the only thing I’m good at” Tony smirked.

The rest of the avengers team looked at the two. They were perfect for each other, that was obvious. They were exactly alike, and who does Tony love more than himself? But they didn’t used to be like this. When they first met each other, their personalities were so similar they hated each other. Only, when one day that Bruce walked into the lab to find them making out did the cat jump out of the bag that they actually had feelings for one another.

Tony pulled his girlfriend down next to him, sitting on the beach and looking out at the ocean. She snuggled into his chest and looked up t him, studying his face. He seemed to be waiting for something…She shrugged it off, looking out across the Miami coastline. The couple sat there until the sun started to set, when Tony jumped up, pulling her with him “c’mon” He said, almost dragging her down to the shore line. Thor, Bruce, Steve, Clint, and Natasha looked on curiously at the m. Tony stopping right at the shoreline. “Oh my god. Is he-” Natasha started to say, sitting forward. Her question was cut off when Tony got on one knee, showing Jo something. “Do you think she’ll say yes?” Clint asked, his interest captured as well. That question was answered when Joanna flung herself at Tony tackling him into the waves

“I love You” She said, the waves splashing them, but she didn’t mind “Well yeah, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have asked you” He chuckled, brushing some of her dark hair out of her face. She smacked his shoulder “I’m serious! I really love you” She said, touching her forehead to his. “This is the part where you say you love me too” She prompted when he said nothing “I just proposed, doesn’t that say I love you enough?” She shook her head, “Nope, I need to hear it” He chuckled, rolling so hey were both on their sides “I love you, Joanna Grace Lewis, or should I say Stark?” she laughed grabbing the collar of his t-shirt and pulling his lips to hers. They broke apart when a bigger wave crashed over them, soaking them. They both laughed, getting up. They were about to walk back to everyone when tony stopped “Oh, and by the way…” He said, pulling the ring out of his pocket and slipping it onto her left finger. “I expect you to be wearing that a lot” He whispered, kissing her temple. She smiled, wrapping an arm around her fiancĂ©’s waist “I don’t have a problem with that”

Tony chuckled, kissing her lightly.

Best. Vacation. Ever
This was super fun to write, Thamks to Imgonnahugyou For requesting!!Hope you liked it!!

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