How to react or keep patience, if someone insults or makes mockery on Islam, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), The Holy Quran or Almight

Dear Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers. You all have been noticed about the mockery film of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) "Innocence of Muslims". I request the Muslim brothers to keep patience and react like how our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to react like.

Created by dontcrosslimit on Saturday, September 15, 2012


The only purpose of mine is to show what did our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised us how to react or how to keep our patience when anyone mockers or insult him and Almighty Allah. Our impatient reaction may misguide the non-Muslims and this reaction may become a barrier for them to learn the Islamic teachings. Let them learn Islam what it actually says and teaches us. We most of the Muslims also do not know our religion clearly. Read the Holy Quran and Hadith more and more. Peace is hiding there. Reveal it. May Allah bless us all and give Hedaya- Ameen.

Please check the following link for details where there it described about the American Film "Innocence of Muslims" where Muhammad the Prophet pbuh has been insulted.

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