Breath of Life (Naruto) 8

Created by VintageMetalBabe on Monday, September 17, 2012

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It was a little weird being in his house again. Last time I was here was for a party years ago but surprisisingly I remembered where everything was even if I was drunk. I looked down at the sleeping jounin besides me, noticing his mask wasn't on - i was always curious to see what was under it - slowly and soundlessly, I grasped the bed sheet on the side. Plan was to just lift it instead of sliding it off since with that his sense of feeling would alarm. Slowly, I began to lift up the blanket...
"Ouch!" I said wincing it pain from the grip on my wrists and the intense pressure on my legs.
Kakashi was now hoovering over me, a small cloth wrapped around the bottom portion of his face, eyes glaring into my frightened ones. He must've sensed me in the room the second I walked in and thought of me as an intruder. His legs holding me down and his left hand holding my wrists above my head, his right hand holding a kunai to my throat.
"K-Kakashi-kun! Get off of me!" I demanded.
He quickly took note that it was just me and got off me with a blush on his cheeks making me smirk on the inside. He was such a dunce sometimes but that's what made him a good guy.

"S-sorry Chou-chan! I didn't mean to. Are you okay?" Concern dripped from his lips as he touched my neck.

"I'm fine, now come on! We're late to meet our team!" I yelled at him.

He mumbled some things and trugged off to the bathroom to get ready which surprisingly didn't take long. Kakashi picked up his 'Come Come Paradise' and we left his apartment. While walking to the academy, I was greeted with hellos and good days as usual. Since I was well known as the Hokage's assistant and an ex-ninja, I guess I was somewhat praised for all of that.

~Hataka Kakashi

As we walked I kept catching glimpses of Chou. She was really kind and had a way with kids, it amazeses me sometimes how such a rough fighter could be this kind hearted. Most ninja that are like her usually are cold-hearted and don't give a damn about anyone.

"Kakashi, we're here. Wanna go in first?" Chou asked me.

I looked above my book and noticed we were already at the classroom door which made me groan slightly, putting my book away I grabbed the handle door. The chakra shifted in the room meaning something was going to happen but hey, I didn't care all that much as long as Chou wasn't harmed.

Opening the door a small eraser fell on my head, adding chalk to my already silver hair.

"My first impression on all of you.. you're a bunch of idiots." I said, gazing at the eraser in my hand.

The kids faces were priceless in a way of it's own. I felt a small nudge on my side and looked over to see Chou slightly glaring at me. Sighing deeply, I told everyone to head upstairs to the roof. Chou and I obviously made it up there first so we took our seat on the railing. The children soon made it and sat down across from us. I made them do their introductions which was interesting. When the Uchiha mentioned killing a certain someone, Chou shifted uncomfortably from the certain idea of who it is.

"Uh sensei.. shouldn't miss Chou introduce herself too?" Sakura asked me.

I looked over at Chou and she only nodded.

"My name is Chou Kaguya. I like many things and dislike very little. My hobbies.. I really don't have any come to think of it. And my dream is to become Hokage one day and to bring peace to all the nations."

The Uzumaki kid glared at her slightly for 'copying' his dream. But Chou always had that dream ever since she was younger, or well, since I can remember.

"Good, you're all different in you're own ways. Tomorrow, meet me at the training ground 4 for a survivaly excerise."


I hardly listened to what Kakashi had to say about the little test for tomorrow. I wasn't the one testing them for I would just be observing them. Once everyone was dismissed Kakashi poofed away leaving me with the kids. Naruto tried getting Sakura's attention who was trying to get Sasuke's attention.

"Hey!" They all stopped and looked at me.

"How about this, I take all of you guys out. We'll go to the training grounds after I buy Naruto some ramen on the go, I'll train Sasuke a little bit while Naruto finishes, train Naruto a bit and then me and Sakura can have some girl time. How does that sound?"

They seemed to agree to it as the all got up to follow me. I smiled and we all headed out the academy builing and towars Ichiruka Ramen.

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