An Answer for an Arrow. 3

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After the group had left It seemed like an uneasy feeling set over the camp. I laid back in my tent for a while, I didn't plan on falling asleep, but it hit me regardless.
It seemed like any other dream I had been having recently. I was surrounded by walkers, down to my last rounds, I dropped to my knees as they closed in, except this time, a bright flash made me look back up. The camp was charging in, firing rounds off, trying to save me. In front of everyone else, I caught a glimpse of a familiar handsome face. It was Daryl. He was charging in for me. The walkers fell left and right, Daryl reached me, scooped me up in his amazing toned arms and carried me off.
It seemed like we turned and he dropped me in a bed, he through his crossbow aside, grabbed my face and kissed me so passionately that my eyes fell closed, and I melted into the kiss. His hands were pulling me close to him, then went down my back. His right hands gripped my ass tightly and he lifted me up onto his hips. He stopped kissing me only for a moment as we fell back onto the bed. He leaned away from me for a moment and soft whisper escaped my lips 'Daryl' and he smirked giving me the most, fierce lustful look and moved to kiss me again...
My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly looking around. I was inside my tent. I ran my hands through my hair trying to shake that dream from my mind. I kinda smiled to myself, when the fact that he left hit me again and instantly pushed the smile from my face. I sighed figuring I should probably find something to keep me busy.
Outside people were going about their chores. I asked Dale where Andrea and Amy had gone and he told me they went down to quarry to wash some laundry. 'Perfect' I thought. I headed down, if there was anything that could keep me occupied it was the stupid laundry. Being by the water would help anyway since I couldn't just meander out into the woods.
I had just come down the hill and the woman were crowding around Carol, Ed was starting trouble no doubt. I looked up to see Shane and gave him a smile, he was about to wave when we heard a slap sound and next thing I knew, Shane was running over to Ed. I started running now, this wasn't going to end well. Shane had him on the sand, beating this man's face in, not that I disagreed, but he was scaring Carol. I grabbed his shoulders trying to pull him off, and just before he did he leaned down and said something.I finally pulled him away and walked him back down by the water.I let him catch his breath for a moment.
"You ok?" I asked patting his shoulder. He nodded and I rolled my eyes. "You almost beat him to death and you're ok?" I prodded.
"I'm Fine!" He shot back. I raised my hands and turned to walk away. "I'm sorry." He said. I smiled and turned back around, taking a seat next to him. "I just, I saw him hit Carol and saw red."
I nodded. "Its alright, he shouldn't put his hands on her like that." I said pulling out a cigarette.
He looked over and huffed. "Coarse you smoke."
"Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked laughing.
"Every pretty girl has a bad habit." I gave him a look of disbelief and he nodded. "Nah, its true." He insisted. "Noticed it ever since I was noticin' girls"
"Well its probably true then" I said laughing.
"So how you holding up?" He asked.
I shrugged. "Up." I said forcing a smile. "Thinking, trying to keep myself busy."
He nodded. "You said you was back when things...were ya know, normal?" I nodded. "I was thinking myself, ya see, its kinda a god send for Daryl to have found you. We got a doctor on hand now" He said laughing.
I smiled and nodded. "Doctors only as good as the tools she got to work with." I answered.
"Well maybe next time we do a supply run, you could go, make sure you get some things you need, ya know, common things you could use a lot."' He suggested.
I thought about it for a moment. "I supposed with the basics, I could treat, like regular injuries, broken bones, trauma, some of it anyway." I said. "Practicing my trade would be nice though." I shrugged. "Sure, if y'all got a place for a doctor, I could be that filler."
he nudged me. "You'd be more than just a filler little lady."
I nudged him back. "Im the best." I said in mock conceit.
He laughed and sighed standing up. I stood up with him and he slung an arm around my shoulders leaning on me dramatically. I laughed and walked with him like that back to camp. We were talking about whatever came to mind, Ill admit the conversation was nice. Him regaling me with tales from his dating days.
I could tell he liked to brag about his...adventures, and they made me smile anyway. He got to asking about what kind of "doctorin' " I did before the outbreak. I tried to explain my work but he didn't keep up as well as he thought he could and it made me laugh. Still though, Daryl was right there in my mind, he kept coming back. I was worried about him, but I had to carry on till he got back.
Shane and I sat down beside the fire and looked for some food to get into us. He had to get up and run to take a piss so I sat there of coarse. Lori took the moment and came over to take the seat Shane had just got up from.
"Hey" She said smiling. I nodded with a smile in return. "You seem to be holdin' up alright so far."
I nodded. "how are you and Carl doing?" She nodded in response. "I know it must be hard, just getting your husband back and all..."
She glanced around. "You and Shane seem to be getting along." She said with a serious look. I nodded, not quite getting what she was trying to say. "Look, I know him well enough to know that when he sees something that he wants, he gets this look in his eyes..."
"Its not like that." I said laughing. "He seems like a good friend...he's just trying to help." I said giving her the same serious look.
"Im just letting ya know is all."
"I understand."
She sighed getting up. "Hey if ya got some time, you mind running over some health lessons with the kids ya know?"
"Id be glad to." I said giving her a smile. "Just let me know when, I wouldlove to help 'em with an education. Seems like...with everything going on..the least I could do." She nodded and went back over to Carol who was sitting with her daughter and Carl. She looked over giving me a wave which I returned. Shane returned and we continued talking about stuff, and making up a little bit of food for everyone. He was asking me about my shooting, and what other skills I had.
"I mean, you got out of the city on your own." he laughed. "gotta have some kinda shot."
I laughed and nodded. "one of the better things my father taught me, and I just kept with it over the years." i said. It went like that for most of the day until Night fell. I didn't feel as though I would be much conversation for everyone, so I just retired to my tent. Being alone wasn't my first choice, but I kept thinking about Daryl. It was like I couldn't get him out of my head....
The next day, things went almost the same, she hung around, trying to fill her time with doing random chores, spent time fishing with Shane and talking just like they had been doing. Thinking about Daryl, and when he would be coming back, he had already been gone too long for her comfort, but all she could do is miss him and be here for him when he came back. Sonya was laying back in her tent, Thinking about what had happened yesterday.
What Shane had done, although a little rough for her taste, she couldn't say she disagreed with beating the living hell out of Carol's husband. He was a bastard anyway, you never put your hands on a woman like that, let alone your wife of all people. The dream she had when she was napping, came back into her head. His eyes, that look....her fingers twitched and she sighed running her hands through her hair. 'Daryl...' she remembered the sound of her voice when she whispered his name in the dream. She could almost feel his skin on her own, his hot breath against her neck.
She realized what was happening. A coy smile played her lips, knowing now what she had been thinking this entire time. Daryl was, in fact, an incredibly handsome man. She hadn't felt a man's touch in a long while, this was her body's way of letting her know that its about time. She sighed lighting cigarette. 'Maybe thats why i feel so attached to him...' she reasoned. 'i should probably put some distance there...complicating things further with sex is something I shouldn't be doing....' she closed her eyes briefly and Daryl's image ran through her mind again making them shoot back open. She laughed silently and shook her head. 'Damn it' she thought. 'this is gon' be a little harder than I thought' and with that she rolled on her side and continued smoking her cigarette.
Later that night Lori came to get her from her tent and brought her over to the fire. She sat down across from Lori, next to Shane. She nudged his arm with a smile and he laughed nudging her back. Lori looked on with a blank expression, shook her head from her thoughts and went back to the conversation.
"How you holding' up darlin' ? " Shane asked handing her a piece of jerky.
"Can't really complain." She began. "Hoping everyone gets back soon." she said looking down to the fire. Everyone was talking, forcing small talk and smiles. "Just, soon." She said again.
Shane nodded. "I'm sure he's fine." He said quietly.
She huffed. "Still think theres something there with Daryl huh?"
He laughed and leaned in close. "Not to sound too bold or nothin'" he paused. "But ya moan in your sleep." Her jaw dropped and she slapped his shoulder. They both shared a laugh and he shrugged. "Thought you was goin' straight walker in there girl." She covered her face in mock embarrassment.
She shook her head. "And exactly what were you doin' hanging 'round my tent?" She asked.
Now it was Shane's turn to stumble. "I have to do night patrols." he shot back quickly.
"uh huh." She said rolling her eyes "in the middle of the day?" she asked with a raised brow.
"Oh come on now." He said. "If i wanted somethin' from ya, you would know by now. Believe me." He said ruffling his hair a bit.
"I bet" Sonya said laughing.
Just then, a familiar scream brought everyone to their feet. It seemed like a bad dream, things started to move in slow motion. Walkers had invaded the safety of the camp. Shane and Sonya shared a look and she ran off, Shane called for her to stay close but she ignored him as he tried to get everyone together near the RV, as he began popping off rounds, head shots, once right after the next.
Sonya had to run all the way back to her tent, her guns were there. She got up to it just fine, but right in front of her tent were two walkers. She froze for a moment, then grabbed the nearest thing she could grasp, the support pole for the tent next to her own. She flipped it around, and ran in full speed ramming it through the first walkers face. There was resistance against her as she did. Once the walker was on the ground, she jerked the pole back, blood spurted from the walkers gaping head wound. She turned to get the other walker when it grabbed her shoulders forcing her backwards onto the ground.
Suddenly, as she was staring into the stinking mouth of a walker she became less brave. She started seeing everything from before, everything from her break from the city, the gnashing teeth, ripping flesh, the blood. She held the thing back from her flesh and began screaming for help, for someone, ANYONE to come to her aid. Finally she took a deep breath 'not tonight motherfucker' she thought shoving him back. As she rose to her feet it lunged for her again, but she held her ground, feet planted firmly, moved to the left, headlock, twist. A sickening crackle of bones and the thing fell limp on the ground. She picked up the pole again and rammed it through its head.
The screaming from the others brought her back to her senses, she rushed to her pack, grabbed her guns and ran back, popping off rounds as she ran. When she got there everyone was backed against the RV. She got frightened when she saw that so many people were missing. She saw Shane through the crowd of the undead. HE yelled for her bringing everyone's attention to her. They all beckoned for her to come over. 'Daryl...if there was a time to come would be it.' she thought. She stayed still for a moment. Nothing. She shook her head giving Shane a sad look.
"Save them!" She screamed. She started firing into the crowd and slowly they turned to face her. Soon she had most of the crowd slowly following her back to the wood line. The few that stayed behind at Shane and the others would be alright for him to handle. She turned full circle as they became faster and ran into the woods. Trees were only blurs as she ran past them. Finally she came to a clearing, the dead were catching up fast. SHe sighed deeply, closed her eyes for a moment and.....she smiled. She opened her eyes, drawing her other gun, duel wielding as she began popping off rounds. IF she was going out, it would be fighting.
Back at Camp Shane kept the other dead back, and just then Rick, and the others ran into camp killing the rest of the infected as they moved.
They finally reached the others to see what the status was. Daryl stayed close as he kept watch for any slower walkers. Rick hugged his wife and son as Shane was yelling for everyone to get inside the RV.
Daryl's attention shot to him at the mention of her name. "Where is Sonya!" He said shoving through. "What did you say?!" he yelled.
Shane sighed "We were surrounded, backed into a damn corner over here..." He stopped for a moment to breathe. "She lead the bigger part of them into the woods....her gun fire stopped a few minutes ago."
Daryl shoved him. "Why aren't you already looking for her!' he yelled. "Which way did she run?!"
"Daryl..." rick began.
He shoved his hands away. "Which way!" He yelled to Shane. Shane sighed and pointed. Daryl was off, following the way Shane pointed. The last thing he heard was Rick saying to follow him. He wasn't waiting, if she was still alive, she needed him.
Daryl ran, and ran and ran. 'Damn it woman." He yelled in his head. 'Why the hell didn't she stay with the crowd?!' he was getting more furious by the second. His breathing rapid, but steady as he ran. Suddenly he came to a clearing, the smell of rotting flesh hit him immediately. 'Sonya' He approached, not believing what he stumbled on. 'oh Sonya'
Before him, lay a mass of dead walkers, all around him. He moved carefully, silently, making sure that he wouldn't come across any that were still moving. Suddenly he saw her. He almost stopped breathing when he saw her, laying there, amongst the dead. He dropped his cross bow leaning down to her body. He hesitated several times, before he laid his hand on her face softly. No movement. He sobbed to himself as kept his hand running through her hair."Sonya." he sobbed.
Just then she jumped grabbing his arm, violently shoving her gun to his head. "Stop" He yelled grabbing her gun. "Its me!" He hissed through the dark. "Its me, Its Daryl." He repeated again and again until her eyes grew softer and she sighed. He pulled her tired body close to his, lifted her, blood-soaked, into his arms and carried her back to Camp.
When he came through the woods, e very one was beginning to clean up. He walked to the RV, everyone staring at him, wondering no doubt if she was even still alive. He put her inside on one of the beds. He kneeled next to her sitting his crossbow down. He went to remove the guns from her hands, and she pulled way fro him again. "Ssh." he moved slower and she seemed to calm down as he took them from her. "You're alright." He said softly.
"What about Shane, the others?!" She panicked. Daryl looked away from her 'Shane....' he growled in his mind. "Daryl?!" She prodded.
"they're fine." he said shortly. She sighed laying back into the pillow.
"I had to get them away.." She mumbled.
"So your dumb ass ran off into the woods?!" He yelled. She said nothing. "next time you wanna save somebody why not think about saving your damn self!" She looked up into his eyes and he looked away. "Just..." He growled. "Just be more god damn careful." He said. "I gotta go help the others. Get some rest." He said and walked out.
He sighed outside and realized Andrea was leaning over the body of her sister. The others were beginning to get to work. Daryl also began setting to work, furiously. 'so much for running to me...' he thought as he began piling bodies.
The familiar feeling of daylight on my eyes shook me from my sleep instantly. I leaned up and looked down at my clothes. Tears threatened my eyes...last night had really happened. I wanted so badly for it to be a dream. Just then Dale walked over to me handing me a glass of water which I took gladly.
"That was either a brave thing to do, or a very stupid thing to do last night." He said sadly.
"I had to make a decision." I said simply. I ruffled my hair.
"Well, Im glad you're back. This is the second time Daryl had to bring you back to us ya know." He said and left me alone. 'Daryl...' I almost forgot, he was the one to find me. He brought me back, he carried me back here, he put me in bed. I jumped up and headed outside, I instantly regretted it. Next to the RV
Andrea was kneeled over her sister's body. .I went to move to her when she raised her gun to me. "Just leave me alone." She ordered so I went away from her slowly.
All around me, people were trying to clean what was left of the camp. The guys were pilling walker bodies to be burned, others were gathering our dead. The people we lost last night. Daryl hit my sights and I began going to him. It didn't even seem like he noticed I was up and about now, I walked up behind him as he put a pick axe through a walkers head. I touched his shoulder softly and he turned around to look at me. I went to say something but he just nodded and busted another head.
"Daryl..." I started.
"Your welcome." He said sighing. "How you feelin'?" he asked.
"Im alright." I said shortly. Our first conversation came back to my mind. "I wasn't bitten or anything, I could barely stand when I was done...Im sorry you had to come get me again..." I said looking to the ground.
"No one made me come get you." He said turning to face me. Glenn took over where Daryl had left off. "They told me you ran off, Had to go and find ya or you woulda been hurt...or worse." he said wiping his lower lip with his red hanky.
"I see." I said sadly. "I didn't mean to make you worry..." I started.
"Look, can we finish this another time?" He asked cutting me off. I felt awful, but I nodded. He went to turn around but I grabbed his wrist softly, he turned back to me and I wrapped my arms around him wether he wanted it or not.
"I know its late, but I am so glad you're back." I kissed his cheek and went to see what I could do to help.
It took a long time, and an emotional tole on us all, but finally, we were done...well almost. We all stood in a circle, trying to discuss what to do about Amy. I found out she had been bitten last night, and died. Andrea wouldn't let anyone get near her, she wouldn't let us do what needed to be done.
"i don't understand why we're even discussing this." daryl chimed in. "we could take her out from here." he said pointing. "Hell i could nail a turkey between the eyes from this distance."
"Then have her go crazy and shoot people?" i asked. He huffed, throwing his hands up in defeat. "maybe someone should just talk to her..." i suggested. "I mean...its her sister...'' I said looking to Dale.
Rick turned to him too, "would you be able to do it?" he asked him
Dale sighed. "I can try." he approached Andrea slowly, she let him kneel next to her and I moved closer to Daryl.
"Can we talk now?" I asked him.
He sighed and nodded. We let Rick know that we were going to walk to the quarry so I could clean up, he let us go on the condition we get back as fast as we could.
Down by the water, I splashed water into my face, washing the blood from my skin. "I am sorry." I said looking to Daryl over my shoulder.
"Nothin' to be sorry for." He said shortly.
I sighed coming out of the water and took a seat next to him. "I had to make a decision, a fast one, jut seemed like the right thing to do..."
"You coulda got yourself killed!" He yelled getting up away from me. 'I thought you was dead when I found you like that! All covered in blood, barely able to keep your eyes open!" He yelled.
I felt a tear fall from my eyes. "I didn't know what else to do!" I yelled back. He got quiet. "I wanted so badly for you to come up over that hill and save me." I sobbed. "but you were all gone!" I yelled. "I just had to keep them safe!"
"Yeah?!" He yelled. "What about you?!" I wiped my eyes. "Who was keepin' you safe? HUH?!" I jumped at his voice. "I didn't see Shane runnin' after ya" He said plopping down on a rock and lighting one of my smokes.
"Daryl..." I began. "Im sorry. Honestly..." I sighed. "Im glad it was you that found me, not Shane." He stayed quiet and I moved closer to him. He looked into my eyes this time, its the first time he didn't look away from me. He lifted one arm, and I moved to him. I put my arms around him softly and he wrapped his one arm around my shoulder.
"IF you need help" He began. "Come to me. Shane or nobody would be able to protect you like I could, ya hear?" He said sternly. I nodded against his chest. I closed my eyes when I felt his rough hands brush against my arm, it was like any horrible feelings Ive been having, melted away with his tough. "Lets get back. rick wanted to talk to everyone, somethin' about leaving."
"Leaving?" I asked, still against his chest.
"There were walking inside Camp Sonya. We were attacked...its not safe here."
I nodded and we started back up to the Camp, he stayed close to me the whole way, we finally got to the crowd as Rick was explaining the plan. The plan that we would be attempting even though JIm had been bitten, even though Amy had died, the plan that would uproot us and take us to the CDC. I didn't care, if Daryl was going, there was no decision, I would go as well.
It didn't seem real that we would be leaving. I packed my things inside my tent. I put my bag on my back and walked over to the cliff's edge, looking down to the quarry. This really is a beautiful little camp, its where i found friends, where i found Daryl. I pushed my hair out of my face and I felt a hand rest on my hip. I turned around and Daryl was telling me to follow him. It only made sense that I would ride with him. I wanted to anyway.
I climbed up into his truck and sat my bag on the floor. Shane came over to my window, I rolled it down a little to see what he wanted.
"You gon' be alright Sonya?" He asked.
Daryl put his arm up around my shoulders on the back of his seat. I smiled and nodded. "Just want this to be over with." I said.
He nodded. "Just give a shout if ya need anything" He said and then went to his own vehicle.
I looked back to Daryl, His eyes stayed fixed on Shane, as if a hawk eyeing his prey from the sky. I pulled my legs up onto the seat and laid against Daryl's arm for comfort. He looked down to me and huffed. "Comfortable?" he asked.
"I can move if ya want." I said looking away from him.
He put his fingers under my chin, turning me to face him again. "never said it bothered me ya know." I nodded. "gotta stop putting words in my mouth woman." He said shaking his head. I went back to laying against him, I was still pretty jarred from the attack still.
I wanted to fall asleep, but fought it so hard. Every time I closed my eyes I saw those horrifying images race through my mind. I felt a rough hand lay over mine for a moment. "You're safe, you can go to sleep if ya want, ain't nobody driving my truck besides me anyway."The sound of his voice, just instantly made me feel tired.
I knew I was safe in this truck, even if we were surrounded and low on ammo, i think I would still be able to sleep just knowing Daryl was near me. The look he was giving Shane did eat at me though. I shrugged it off as an authority thing, Daryl didn't hide the fact that he didn't like Shane, didn't make it better that he used to be an officer either. I pushed it from my mind, laid my hand over Daryl's and slowly gave in to a troubled sleep.
~Daryl's pov~
I watched Sonya as she stood looking out over the quarry. 'women' I thought shaking my head. I looked over towards everyone else. Shane. Shane was watching her too. I wiped my bottom lip and he started coming over to me. 'oh fuck me' i thought leaning against the RV. He finally looked up to me and sighed.
"Daryl...I didn't mean to let her go...I had to keep the walkers back and she....she just ran off man..."
"And you was just gon' let her stay out there, that it?" I shot back.
He shook his head. "Its not like that, I wanted to go after her..."
"well you ain't gotta worry bout her, I can go after her if she needs it." I said sternly.
"It ain't like that.."
"I don't care what its like." I shot back. "The fact is I had to pull her out of harms way again, because of you this time." I said pointing in his face.
He huffed, kinda almost laughed, this ignorant cocky prick. "Well you didn't want anything to do with her last time I checked."
"And what?" I started. "You just gon' move in on another pretty girl while the mans away?" I asked with a venom in my tone, I had to let him know I was serious.
"The man huh?" He asked. He took another glance back to sonya, I couldn't tell why that made my blood boil. It just seemed natural, keeping her safe... "Id keep a closer eye if I was you then. Women...they change their minds ya know." and with that he walked away.

Fucking prick. Challenging me, he doesn't know who he's fucking with. I went over to Sonya, I stood behind her. Looked like she was busy thinking anyway. I looked over and saw Shane looking again, I laid a hand on her waist and she turned to look at me. I lead her over to my truck, didn't exactly ask if she wanted to ride with me, just assumed, but she got in anyway. I wanted her riding with me.
I went around and got in on the driver's side and Shane approached my truck. 'Cant take a hint I see.' I thought as Sonya rolled her window down. I didn't want her to even notice him, but what Could I do. Im not one for mushy talkin' stuff.
"You gon' be alright Sonya?" He asked. I huffed and looked right at him as I put my arm up behind her shoulders on my seat.
"Just want this to be over with" She told him. Her and me both. I wanted this asshole away from my damn truck.
He nodded, glanced at me, then back to her. "Just give a shout if ya need anything." And with that he walked back to his piece of shit. I kept my eyes on that snake till he was in his car. I could see already what this was gonna turn into. I glanced down to Sonya as she curled up on the seat leaning on me, I couldn't explain it any better than any other dumb hillbilly, but i could tell...she was worth fighting over, fighting for...and Ill be damned if I ever lost a fight, and I don't aim to lose now.

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