GamKar Fanfiction (Yaoi/Homestuck)

This is fanfiction for 13, about the two Homestuck trolls Gamzee an d Karkat. It's a fluff yaoi, so it's nothing 'big' in innapropriate conent. Please do not report, if you don't like it don't read it :o) Thank you ad rate if you want! PART ONE!!!!!!!

Created by Gamzeemakara13 on Sunday, September 23, 2012

It was another day on Alternia, it being gloomy a bit as usual. But it was a different feeling and emotionfor Gamzee Makara. He was doing his usual sopor dosage and Faygo drinking, in a pretty good mood. "HmM.." He hummed softly, sliding a handful of sopor into his mouth. He had his phone next to him, it then beginning to ring with his theme of circus music. "Oh..It'S mY mOtHeRfUcKiN' bEsT-fRiEnD." He smiled like a goof, picking the device up with his spare hand and clicking 'ANSWER'. The text message read, "HEY GAMZEE...TEREZI WAS SAYING THAT YOU WANTED ME TO COME OVER. IS THAT TRUE?" He then just typed back, "YeAh, ShE's AlL uP aNd RiGhT. :o)". He waited a few minutes, getting another message. "OH. WELL, I GUESS IF YOU DON'T MIND IF I COME OVER SOON? LIKE FIFTEEN MINUTES?" He just thought about it, answering back with a yes and a ':o)'. Karkat then did'nt answer back but said to himself "FUCKING DOPE" and shook his head, smiling slightly. (As if he ever wouldshow his smile) About twenty minutes, Karkat was rushing because he knew he was five minutes late in his hoodie that was black hoodie and grey tight jeans as usual (though the hoodie was different), and knocked on the other's hive door. The Capricorn answered the door, smiling. "HeY bEsT-fRiEnD." Karkat rolled his eyes, "YEAH, YEAH. SORRY I'M LATE."..Gamzee shrugged. "It'S fInE, nO mOtHeRfUcKiN' sOrRyS." He hugged the Cancer, though knowing the shorter was touchy. "HEY, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" He frowned slightly. "BuT yOu'Re SuCh A WaRm ThInG." He then nuzzled his neck, Karkat then beginning to purr softly. "WoAh.." The subjuggulator looked at him. "SHUT UP, YOU HEARD ABOSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING." He blushed a light red, looking to the side. "I dId'Nt KnOw YoU cOuLd Do ThAt.." Karkat blushed even deeper. "JUST SHUT U-" He got cut off, Gamzee having kissing him gently. "UP..?" He blushed a dark red, having finished his sentence in a question. "GAMZEE..WHA.." He was in a bit of shock. "WhAt?" He smirked slightly, wrapping his arms around the other's waist, picking him up and sitting down on the couch that was against a wall, the Cancer in the Capricorn's lap. "G-GAMZEE!" The other buried his face into the taller's chest. "Hm?" The clown tilted his head slightly. "NEVERMIND.." His face was a light red. The make-up faced troll was obviously interested in the other. He had been since first glance, more than his other friend Tavros, having not as much love for him than Karkat. He thought about Karkat all the time, loved talking to him via anyway possible like text, computer, or just talking in general. "WHY DID YOU PUT ME IN YOUR LAP, GAMZEE..?" He looked up at him, raising his eyebrow slightly. "BeCaUsE." Did'nt even give a reason at all to the mutant. "THAT DOES'NT MAKE ANY SENSE, WHAT THE FUCK?" He frowned a bit more than before, it having been there this entire time. "i DuNnO, jUsT fElT lIkE iT." Well, that sorta was a reason. "WHATEVER."..Gamzee then just smiled and tilted the other's chin upward, kissing him softly again. Karkat this time did'nt really mind, maybe even liking it. The indigo blooded troll wrapped his arms around him once again, kissing him deeper. The mutant moaned softly, his cheeks a bright red. He wished he did'nt show his color of blush still, it being unacceptable to the other eleven trolls. His ancestor got killed for it, so he can understand the reason why he should be scared to show it. But long ago, when Karkat first blushed and Gamzee saw, Gamzee did'nt judge or anything. Just smiled and said 'WhAt A mOtHeRfUcKiN' cOlOr BlUsH yOu GoT' in admiration. Ever since then, Karkat mostly did'nt care, but still had a bit of guilt about the whole mutant thing... "Nn.." Gamzee moaned softly. He then pulled back, having half-lidded eyes. Karkat just stared into the others eyes, then snuggling into his neck. (Will be continued, thank you for reading! :D)

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