Soul eater (fan fic)!

Have 3 POV"s Mya (me) Dorian (my bff) and Angel (Dorians GF and my good friend) about how we live each day with fucked yup lives there btw are just the bio's

Created by Mzanimeluver on Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Mya - Weapon(sword)

Age: 15


Hair: dark brown tied in pinktails with a yellow ribbon when not in braid stright mid back

Hieght: 5'5

Body: Big boobs (like Blairs)

Clothes: strapless shirt sweet heart neck line (hot pink) black mini skirt with leggings and black high heels


Crazy, bit unstable, ocd(like Kids) funny, innoppropeit at times, scracastic, bitchy,caring protective of friends,loud and always there for people when needed.

Past and family and friends:

Past- Parents died cause of witches attacked them when mya and akito were kids. Mya and Akito do nott get along well (story will explain more) Everytime these sibilings see each other thay almost kill each other.

Family: little brother Akito, Dorian and Angel,

Friends: Maka, Soul, Black-*-star, Tsubaki,Blair, Liz,Patty,Death the kid (has a huge crush on him)Sprit,Stiaen, Shinigami

Dorian Grey - Mister

Age: 16


Height 6'0

Hair: Black neck length

Body: Tall

Clothes: All black clothes, long black trench coat, with right sleeve rolled up and left arm completly wrapped


Calim most of the time, has bit of a temper, funny perverted at times,protective of his Gf and Mya (cause there like brother and sister) sarcastic,can be loud, a fighter likes to bug Mya about her crush on kid

Past, Family Friends:

Past: doesnt knw much cause he really has no memory of it only thing he has to connect him to his past are the symblos on hishands and back. Was found on the steps of the acadamy trianed and was paried up with may when he was 13

Family; Foster father and master Stien, Mya and Gf Angel

Friends: Maka Soul, Tubaki, Liz Patty, Death the kid,Blair, Black-*- star( but later in story at fist not so much take awhile for them to get along)Sprit,Stian, Shinigami

Angel: Cat with way to much magic power(In a way like our Blair)

Age: 17


Hair: long black, blond tips and blue bangs

Body: big boobs (again like Blairs)

Clothes: Bomber jacket, red tube top, white short shorts, and black combat boots


Loud, outgoing, funny, love to use her magic, sarcatic, always in a good mood, likes to sleep, hyperactive at times. Also likes to bug Mya about crush on kid

Past ,Family and Friends:

Past: not know at this point

Family: Bf (dorian),and Mya

Friends: Best friends Blair, Maka, Soul, Daeth the Kid, Liz, Patty,Tusbaki, BLack-*-Star, Sprit,Stien, Shinigami

if i can find pics of them i will put them on but for now this is what i can do:D plzz message and rate it would be a big help for us

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