Zane one shot- Redakai- don’t hold your breath

heya, yeah this is my first one shot and my friend kept rushing me so it's probably crap but hey just read and find out, this is about Zane from redakai. also i wrote it whilst listening to don't hold you breath by nicole sherzinger or however you spell it so this is based on that song... yeah no hate mail please

Created by thisissonotmyname on Sunday, October 07, 2012


“who do you think you are? I’m the leader, I’ve known you most of my life… I practically own you! How dare you even think of calling me a jerk! I’ve found your diary, and I’ve seen everything you think of me it’s about time you learn how to treat me!” ky shouted, he’d dragged me to the training area so no-one would hear what he was saying. “But if you act like this with me, what am I meant to do! And I’m your girlfriend, not something you can own!” just as soon as I finish the sentence, my cheek burns and a loud slap echo’s through the air. I slowly turn my head to look at ky as he shouts at me again. He’s never hit me, never… I thought the arguing would fade, I thought he would stop acting like this, I thought he would hug me and say sorry, I thought he loved me… I thought I was right.

“Are you even listening to me!?!” he yells in my face. “you know what?! I’m sick of listening to you! I’m sick of being treated like dirt! I wished you would act like you did before, but now I wish I’d left with Zane like I should have!” I scream back at him. He stand’s there shocked, “Lynn… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I don’t know why I…” I think I’ve finally broke through, too bad its too late. I turn and walk away, “Lynn!” I hear him shout, sounding desperate. I turn only to get hit in the face. I then realise it was a trick, I never broke through… he’s changed. I feel blood trickle down my head, and taste it in my mouth. He’s gone way, too far. I wobble to my feet, just to be knocked down again. “your mine!” he hisses sharply, stomping on my leg and raising his hand for another blow, “Ky? Are you down here? We can’t find Lynn!” I here Maya’s voice ring through the silence. While Ky’s distracted, I quickly stand and limp away, I run to the side of the monastery and find a small ship for one, Mookie made it, just in-case one person had to leave quickly, or visit family. I quickly get in and start it up. I see Maya, boomer… and Ky round the corner. Maya and boomer look confused, and Ky looks cocky, he thinks I’m coming back. Don’t hold you breath, Ky. Soon enough, I can see lokars castle. I just hope he’s there. I land swiftly and stumble out of the ship, apparently, I was rather loud and all the E-teen’s rush around the corner and are all shocked to see me beaten badly. “Lynn?” I hear a familiar voice question, “what happened?” I move my head slightly and wince in pain. “z-zane? It- it was… Ky” I fall to the floor, but he catches me. “what?! Why?” “I don’t know…” my eyes fill with tears. “Ky?” I hear another E-teen ask, “but he’s meant to be good, right?” Zane picks me up bridal style and turns to carry me inside. “Zane! You can’t take her inside! She’s from team staks!” someone yells. Zane growls, “well, I knew her from the monastery, we worked together a lot and she’s never lied to me before so why would she start now!?” he shouts back. “she’s still from team staks!” someone else yells. “no, she’ll be one of us now…”Zane says slowly, the walks me inside where I black out.

My eyes flutter open to see a room I‘m not familiar with. “uh? Where am I?” I ask and jump when I hear a rough voice speak out. “your in my room…” I snap my head towards the voice. It’s Zane. “what did ky do? Tell me everything” he asks, scowling at a wall. I lower my head slightly. “we we’re arguing a lot more than most people do. He took me to the training area to shout at me, I’d called him a jerk as a joke and he got pissed. He also stole my diary and read it… I’d said all my thoughts about how he’s been an asshole recently, I argued back and he slapped me-” “HE WHAT!?!” Zane yells, interrupting me, “JUST FOR THAT!?!” I turn and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. He didn’t calm down, but stopped yelling, “continue…” he forced out. I give him a nervous glance and carry on. “I was thinking he never hit me before, and he realised I wasn’t listening and yelled at me, I told him I was sick of listening to him, and that… that I should have left with you like I wanted to,” Zane lifts his head to stare at me in shock, “he seemed to snap back, and he apologised I turned to walk away but he shouted my name so I turned around… he hit me in the face, it was a trick then he beat me more saying, ‘I was his‘-” Zane interrupts again. “you were never his…” this confuses me, “what?” suddenly Zane lunges at me pinning me to his bed. “Z-Zane?” “you were never his! You were always mine! Always!!!” he shouts, glaring at the sheets next to me. My eyes widen, “I know you don’t think of me that way, but I don’t care, your mine whether you like it or not!” my eyes soften as I look at his face to see him fighting tears, too proud to let then fall. “Zane…” “before I was kicked out of the monastery, ky told me… he told me he knew I liked you, that he had read your diary and found out you liked him, he said he would pretend to love you to break me even more! I then always had to beat him at everything, just to prove I was better than him, better for you… I am better” he trails off. I lean up slightly, “Zane?” he opens his eyes, “Zane, please… kiss me” his eyes widen as he stares at me, then he leans down closing the gap. This kiss is so much more, it means so much more than the little kisses Ky gave me. I just had a little crush on Ky, before I found out what he was really like. This is more than a little crush, I always regretted not leaving with Zane. It was after Zane left that Ky started showing his true colours, but I never left him because I was scared of how he would react, and I had no-where to go… I thought Zane hated me. He should have. When we brake the kiss, Zane looks at me, “what happened after he said you were his?” I look away from Zane. “he stomped on my leg, which was why I was limping, and he was about to hit me again,” Zane visibly flinched, “when Maya called for Ky, this distracted him from me and I had the chance to move, I got to the side of the monastery and found a small ship, the one I came here in. Boomer, Maya and ky came around the corner. Boomer and Maya looked confused, ky just looked cocky he thinks I’m coming back… I’m so not, and you know the rest, I came here to find you hoping you weren‘t mad at me” he looks confused. “mad? Why would I be mad?” I sigh, “because, yes I had a small crush on ky, but I’d had one on you longer, I felt like I was betraying you when I didn’t leave with you… I’m sorry Zane” he pulls my head to his chest. “lets forget that now, lets forget him, your mine and I’ll always protect you… and I’ll never hurt you” he leans back down and kisses me again. Yeah, don’t hold your breath ky, you‘ll be holding it longer than you think.

Crap I know, but my friend keeps bugging me!

Caddie= Well you never write anything! I have to bug you or you won’t write anything! Anyway could you maybe write something about *starts ranting about anime’s, TV shows and boys.

Me= anyone got a gun? A knife? Anything? *glares at Caddie.

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