Cry (Cryaotic) x Reader Chapter 1


Created by puppywoof on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You had met him when you sent him almost never ending fanmail and positive comments on nearly all his videos. He genuinely thought you were really supportive, therefore, he started talking to you(Which, by the way, you FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT at). When the two of you became good friends, Cry started to play video games with you online.
It started out that you were playing "Garry's Mod" with your internet friend, Ryan. Otherwise known as the famous Youtuber "Cry". It was a horror game, and you were getting a little freaked out, but you didn't scream or anything. You didn't want to seem lame in front of Cry.
"GOD DAMN IT CRY." you said loudly when he "accidentally" killed you with the crowbar he was holding. He laughed the slightly-wheezing laugh that you had come to love."Sorry, ohgod! Didn't mean to!" he apologized. "No problem- WHOA HOLD THE PHONE! What's this thingy?" you asked, making your character walk up to what look like a hole in the ground. "C'mon, Cry! Go down this hole!" you said."Okay! And that's what she said!" he laughed, and he jumped down with you. On the screen, all you saw was pitch black."Dude, Cry? What's going on?" you asked, wondering if this was a glitch."No idea, but-" he started, but before he could finish, something appeared on both of your screens. It was a kind of grayish-swirly thing, the swirls moving around in complicated patterns."The fuck?" both of you said in unison. You reached out your hand and put it up to the swirling thing. To your surprise, your hand actually went through the screen! It felt ice cold, really strange. Then, you felt what felt like another hand. Both you and Cry shrieked, and you yanked your hand back."Umm...(y/n)?" Cry said. "Was that your hand or something, or am I just nuts?""Yeah!" you replied, getting freaked out but excited. "Do it again!" You stuck your hand through, and this time when you felt the hand, you squeezed it."Hullo, friend." Cry said, squeezing it back. You grinned in response, and pulled on his hand, leaning in towards the screen. He pulled yours, with equal strength, and you both pulled yourselves forward until you felt yourselves going into the computer screen. Cry pulled your hand using all his strength, and you felt your body follow your head through the screen and into the swirls. You squeaked when you felt yourself beginning to fall, and you clutched onto his hand tighter. You were surrounded by a hazy dark gray. Cry, however, couldn't pull you up, and he fell in through his own screen. The two of you tumbled over each other and down into a surrounding, quiet darkness.

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