Masks, D.Gray Man Drabble

Uhh... Well I kinda surprised myself with this one. It's... Dark. It's a D.Gray Man Fanfiction Drabble, about the masks Allen hides himself behind, and how hard he works to keep the others from seeing. It's AU, slight spoilers and swearing.

Created by annamnapolitano on Monday, October 15, 2012


A stifled sob.
That ass Tyki! Trying to pull up those thrice-be-damed memories!
He stared down at the sink, letting his white hair cover his eyes.
He would not-Would not!-look up at the mirror. At HIM.
He chuckled weakly.
Most people would think him crazy. He, Allen Walker, afraid of his own reflection!
Yet there was more to it than some stupid little fear. When he looked up, he always saw what he was so scared to become.
To him, a line of crosses showed across his forehead, a dark shadow looming over his shoulder. But the thing that scared him the most was his face, set in a cold smirk.
It was so wrong!
He took a deep breath. He had to go. Any longer and the others would worry.
He straitened up, pulling up that happy, smiling mask he always wore, before walking out.
No need to worry them any more, right?
"hey Allen! You okay?" asked the sole girl of the group, frowning.
He 'smiled'.
"I'm fine Leenalee. Just fine."

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