True Love (After Death)

This is something I saw on Facebook and it just makes me want to cry . . I feel so bad for that old guy. :( That cashier sounded cruel.

Created by blackrabbit107 on Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today at Walmart I met a guy that was 7 dollars short for a dozen roses he was paying with cash and tried to use his card and the girl yells out your card is decline!!! People down other lines were just staring at the guy! He was all red he started tearing up! I only had enough cash to buy my things but I told him wait here! I ll see what I have in my car! I found a ten ran back in side and said h ere sir! He said thank you 100 times gave me a hug! And said today is my 75 anniversary! While walking out I was joking and asked you must be 100 years old! he said close 95!!! He told me, son try and die at the same time your true love does because its the worst feeling being alone! He told me his wife past about 23 years ago from cancer!! I walked him to his car! He said thank you some more and on my way to my car I broke down crying! The way the cashier treated him. I'm glad I was there to help him out!

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