A Bow and Arrow Song {The Forbidden Love Between Human and Elf} (A Lord of the Rings Love Story)

We all know from the movies about how hard the love is between elf and human. Well here's a little story on it :) Rate, comment, share, or send me a message!

Created by ImaXXeatXXyeh on Thursday, November 01, 2012

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Name: Eruva of the Woodland Realm

Age: 1578(But obviously looks as though she is in her early twenties)

Weight: 108 pounds(only that light because she is an elf)

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Weapons: Bow and Arrow(most prized posession), twin blades, dagger

Race: Elf

Personality: Playful, cunning, unique, strong, likes to have a good laugh, sly, fights even when she has no fight left in her. She can get annoyed easily and quick to temper although overall a kind and open person, as long as you're on her good side.

Annoying traits: A bit impulsive, the type that acts first and thinks later, usually has an irritating habit of teasing people, a little hot headed, can drag on an argument past the point of necessary, stubborn, a but too rebellious

Good traits: Truly endearing, able to charm just anout anyone with her smile, funny and witty, able to bring a smile to anyone's face, never abadons a friend in need, strong willed and strong physically, good in battle, keen senses, knows how to make anyone laugh

Story: As a baby, Eruva was left in The Old Forest and parents were presumed dead. All that she had with her was a thin cloth wrapped around her and a maginificent handsome elf-made elk bow. She was found by Legolas' father, who was king of the Woodland Realm where he took the small infant and raised her as his own alongside Legolas. She grew up knowing Legolas as a brother and his parents as her parents. It wasn't until her 500th birthday(when she looked about 12) did Legolas' parents tell her the truth of her life. She became a supreme master of the bow almost when she could even hold it. She knew the bow was the only thing she had of her parents. That and the small green cloth. She could a target spot on from four hundred yards. She became obsessed with discovering her parentage, but failed to find anything.

Best friends, Legolas, Gandalf, Amaranthene(her horse)

In the present day she lives in the Woodland Realm and usually spends her days shooting tagets with her bow, talking long walks in the forest, or goofing around with Legolas. Though the consant pang of pain runs through her daily at the lack of knowledge of her true parents.

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