The Follower of Herobrine {Chapter 3}

I am a nut for MineCraft, and have recently became intertwined with the thought of Herobrine, the "Ghost of MineCraft". I've downloaded the recent Herobrine Mod and decided to create a character based on the suspicious character. Here's what I came up with. I own nothing except the female character of this story. All rights go to Mojang. =)

Created by Necromantia on Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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Days had turned to months. Months had turned to years. The years became a decade. Notch has since stepped down since his brother had been thrown into the lava pits of the Nether and they destoryed the portal. It hadn't been opened since as they found a better way to remove the dead. Many players had passed on, and more took their places. The new leader was named Jeb, and he was now in charge of the players of MineCraft.

The old wooden and cobblestone buildings were replaced by more ornate iron and glass buildings. The roads were no longer gravel, but the stone that once stood with the buildings. Old wooden shops that were once so small shaped into large metal companies. The animals that were wild were now domestic and followed around the players like they were the only thing there to them.

The library that Notch and his brother had built was untouched for years. The spider webs were beginning to cover the nearly empty book shelves. The spiders had taken over the library, and often you could find a few mobs that snuck in to it at night. No one ever went into the library anymore, and the books that were left in it were just old books on the history of MineCraft.

The players all followed Jeb, as they had followed Notch before. Now, the elder was found in the mansion that each player had worked so hard together to build for him. He was still around, and had few guests, but those who seeked his wisdom would go to him. Almost all of his first followers that were still alive joined him and spoke of the stories of the new generation.

There was one who followed Jeb, but had always wondered if there was more to the world of MineCraft than what all the players were seeing. This one person always found herself stuck in legends and reading over different stories that were written about the worlds that they did not know of. She read of the End, the Ather and even the Nether. That was the one realm she wanted to know for a fact if it was real or not, but no one had ever made a portal in so long.

It was illegal to own at least 10 obsidian, and she never understood why. This girl only had 3 pieces of obsidion, and always found herself carrying a lighter with her. She had a small wooden practice sword in her inventory that she was using in her practices with her friends, Sam and Steve. She had already finished her session for the day as she sat back in her room.

Her room was empty, much like the rest of her small suburban home. The walls had no decorations, and there were no plants anywhere to be found in the house. There was no TV, nor was there a book shelf anywhere in her room. She was never home to do anything. The girl stood up from her bed and walked out into the more colorful and cheery world of MineCraft.

She walked about the city, her eyes weary on everything around her before she walked into the newer library. The books weren't as informing as the ones left in the abandoned building, and those were the books that no one was allowed to touch. Getting Steve to help her get in wouldn't even happen, but Sam wasn't smart enough not to stop her if she asked.

And that was exactly her plan. She walked towards the library and stared up at the grand structure. She looked up at the old stick windows and the old, breaking down wood that fell in blocks to the ground. When she picked them up, they had small cracks in them, so she piled them up against the wall to support it. She then looked at the door and grabbed onto one of the planks that was blocking it and wrenched it off.

A few more blocks, and the doors were opened. She looked into the vine covered building and saw spiders, skeletons and zombies all inside. She stared at them all and backed up so that she was still in the sun. She slammed the doors and ran to her home as the sun set. She was definitely gonna need some help.

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