Hunter Vs. Vampire (A Vampire Love Story) Chapter 4

Alright, thank you for your ratings and veiws. I love you gys for supporting my stories. I finish this chapter quicker than I thought but I'm already started on chapter 5 and will be out soon (more like less than a week). Thank you again. Please enjoy this chapter and let me know if I should add anything to it or things. TTFN...for now. (=^.^=)

Created by tsailnas on Thursday, November 08, 2012

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Night ~Black’s Clan~


I still could not believe that Sam is babysitting me. Not that I cared…okay, maybe I do care. Rose had already taken me up to her room. I’m not being mean or anything but her room was much bigger than my dorm room I share with Lily. Her bed was able to fit at least four people, her bed sheets were girly pink and baby blue. Her bedroom walls were painted baby blue as well. Wooden floors and a computer with a desk. A huge closet with not very nice clothing as well. A window, same size as other windows, was my escape route out of here. I didn’t know why I wanted to leave. Maybe because I was scared or uncomfortable or something. Rose sat on her bed thinking. I stood near the window looking out from it trying to plan my idea out. Rose softly spoke.

“Zoey, do you wish to get out of this house?”

I was stunned “What?”
“Do you want to leave?”

“I…I…Rose, I don’t know. Really. I don’t know.”

“Then why don’t you sleep for a while. Then in the morning you can figure it out somehow.”

“Sure, why not. Good night.”

“Night Zoey.”

With that she went under her covers, with her pjs, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. I stayed up a little bit longer and made sure that she was fully sleeping. She was and I was out of here. I opened the window. There was a tree branch that was close enough for me to walk on. I stuck my head out, looked around for any trouble waiting for me. Nothing. I reached for the top branch and hoisted myself up. I gathered my legs together and step by step I was already making my way towards the trunk of the tree. I climbed down slowly and quietly. I jumped off a few inches off from the tree, landing gracefully on my feet and began to walk, more like slow walking making sure I wasn’t caught, but sure enough by the time I got to the middle of their lawn dirt ground. I was caught by one of them. An arm went around my waist and a hand to cover my mouth. I squirmed around but my captor once again was stronger than me. I was being pulled back into the house, up the stairs, and into a guy’s room. My captor shut the door, released his arm from my waist to lock the door and turned me around. My eyes widen as my captor was actually my babysitter…Sam. His face was soft but hard too. He spoke but only in a whisper that I could hear.

What do you think your doing?”

I laughed inside my head “What I’m doing is being in my babysitters bedroom, because that’s what I’m doing.”

“I’m serious Zoey. Where were you going? Didn’t dad told you to stay here?”

“I was going to the school and first off, dad? Really? You’re making it sound like were siblings but unless you want a slap in the face like Ren has then be my guess brother. F.Y.I: I don’t follow rules unless my father gives them to me.”

I winced remembering the slap I had given Ren. Sam was shocked as well, knowing that I…Sam continued away.

“Look, I know you have it bad with your family but that doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me. I’m so very sorry that you brother puts up with you every-”


Oops. I wasn’t really sorry but the way he put it was aching my heart even more than before. Sam put a hand to his cheek from where I slapped him. My head was looking straight at him, my hand was back at my sides, and my tears came down again. I put my hand to my face trying to hide them. Sam moved towards me and wrapped his arms around me. His embrace was hardly enough but it will have to do for now. He spoke calming like I was scared cat.

“Zoey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to come out. I swear. Look, I just-”

“Don’t. Just stop talking. Please!”

He did and I slid to the ground along with Sam. He sat down, his legs criss-crossed. He pulled me into his lap and my head was on his chest. I grabbed a handful of his shirt and he held me there like Ren would do every time dad would yell at me for doing something wrong. Sam stroked my hair and pressed his lips into my head. I was relax and soon feeling better than ever. I let go of his black balled up shirt and smoothed it out.

I straighten and looked up but not towards him. “Sam, I’m sorry about your face. I just…I-”

“Shhh. I know. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. That was my fault. I should’ve known my limited and my place. I forgot that your life is harder then mines. Forgive Zoey. Please.”

“Still, I shouldn’t have slapped you like that.”

“Once again it was your built up anger. Your anger is clouding up the nice you.”

This time I looked at him. His eyes were a soft green with gray flakes. I loved his eyes. His hand went on my face slowly and softly stroking it. He pushed strains of my hair away from my face and leaned in. I closed my eyes as his tender lips closed on mines. I loved his lips and this feeling. My arms went around his neck while his was on my back pressing me towards him making my lovely kiss deepen. I ran my hands through his black long hair (only so long, that it only reaches his neck and covers his eyes). He licked my bottom lip for entranced and I gave it to him right away. His tongue met mines and he massaged it. He explored every inch of my mouth. I was filled with his passion. He didn’t let go for me to even breath. I thought I never fall for one of them but I guess I have. It’s like we were meant to be or some-

“That’s not what I wanted to see.”

We both turned and in the door way was Shane.




1:45a.m ~Sam’s room~


Shane was totally going to get killed for interrupting my kissed with Zoey. He smiled a little and Zoey lowered her hands onto her lap. I was pissed. I liked her, no, I loved her. I saw Zoey blush. She was adorable when she blushed. She stood up and helped me up as well. She stood near me like she was scared but she knew that Shane was friendly. Well, sort of. Shane shook his head and sighed.

“What if dad found out that the Zoey’s babysitter was making out with her?”

“He doesn’t need to know. I’m not her babysitter.”

“Uh-huh. Sure, but babysitter, watch the baby very carefully because Logan wants the baby as well.”

“Your crazy and that’s not true.”
“Dude, I can see it in his eyes every time he looks at her.”
I looked at Zoey, who looked at me. She smile slightly and I shook my head. “Then we’ll show him that she’s not going to get hurt.”

“Careful big brother.”

“Always am.”

“Uh-huh. Well, good night Zoey. Sam. I’ll let you get back to you make out session.”

I rolled my eyes and he left with the door closed behind him. I turned Zoey to face me, she looked tired. I could see in her eyes. Redness around her eye started to show up. I gave her a hug and she returned it. I bent down my head to ear and whispered.

“Time for the baby to go to bed.”

She pushed me a little just to see my face. Her eyebrow rose like she questioned my talking. Which she did in a way. She reach up and kissed me. It was quick and nice, but a babysitter deserves better than that. I leaned down and crashed my lips onto hers nice and sweet. Her arms snake around my neck and mines around her waist pulling her closer to me. She ran her fingers through my hair and I cradled her head. I pushed her towards my bed and she fell right on top. I got on top of her and unravel her scarf she was still wearing. By the time the scarf almost exposed her neck she stopped me from going any further.
“Zoey? What’s wrong?”


“Then let go.”

“No.” She said softly. I used my other hand and pried her hand of mine. I finish unraveling the scarf and saw the vampire bite mark still on her right side of her neck. It was noticeable but I could understand why she would cover it up. Besides that, she was also wearing a cross chocker. I looked down and met her gaze. She knew what I was thinking and shook her head ‘no’. It wasn’t silver. I touched the cross necklace. It was warm and cold to the touch. My fingers went from the necklace to the bite. I traced it and she winced a little. I bent over and gave her a long sweet kiss. I move that kiss to the corner of her mouth, to her cheek, her cheek bone, jaw line, and down her neck. I was trying to find her weakness spot and-


Found it! I kissed it over and over until she grabbed my hair gently and pulled me back to her lips. I broke and she was happy that I did because she was breathing heavily. She looked beautiful with her hair spread out on the bed. Her necklace, and her outfit. Her outfit was the best part. She was too cute. She slid out from under me and took off her shoes and went under my covers. She opened a spot and patted it. Motioning me to come and get my ass in bed. I took off my shoes and socks and crawled in bed with her. She snuggle close and I wrapped my arm around her. I kissed her head and she went to sleep. I went to sleep after I replayed all the events that happened. I loved every minute of it. I gotta say, having her for three days might not be so bad. I went to sleep after my replays of Zoey and me. Good night Zoey.



Morning ~Sam’s Room~


The sun was out and ready to play while I was in bed with Zoey, who by the way is still sleeping. She looked so peaceful and innocent. Her body was facing me and my arm was around her waist. She didn’t move or woke up form her sleep just yet. I lifted my arm from her waist and pushed back strands of hair from her face. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the nose. She swatted at my face. She seriously SWATTED at me! I did a ‘I roll on you on purposed because you made me mad’ on her. I flipped my body back and over Zoey’s body. I heard her gasped, trying to push me off.

“Sam…get off…too…heavy…can’t…breath.”

“Oh sorry what was that? Did you want me to get off of you?”

She put her hands on the bed like she was going to flip me over but I knew she was too weak to do even just th-

“Oof.” I said as I laid on the ground with Zoey on top of me. She turned over with her necklace and bite mark showing. Her hands at the side or my head. Her legs were separated over my body. She bent down and kissed my forehead. I was shocked to even think that was it from her. I was expecting a sweet good morning kiss but no!

“I’m so not letting that past by.”

“Eh? What do-”

I pulled her down into a real kiss. That was mainly from me but whatever. I pressed my lips harder on hers. An arm went around her back and neck pulling her down even more. Her belly pressed against mines her hair was a curtain that covered up the show that thirteen and under couldn’t see. My hands rub against her sides, pulling up her shirt a little. She pulled away a little to breath while she whispered against my lips.

“Not now. Sam, it’s was too early for this now.”
I growled lightly but she ran her sweet fingers threw my hair. My door was being knock on and soon someone barged in without us stopping for a bit. I heard a gasp

“My god! I’m telling dad that your groping Zoey.”

Zoey stop and look up. She blush tons of shades of red. Rose stood at the door with a shocked impression. I rolled my eyes and yet my kiss was disturbed once again. Zoey stood up and helped me as well,again. Rose was still specking but only towards Zoey.

“Why are you in here?”

Zoey stood quiet before answering. “It’s your brother’s fault! So don’t blame me.”

“Hey, don’t blame me. I was only watching you.” I said and Zoey looked back at me.

“Oh, yes, of course sweetheart. If you want me to kiss you again, then your taking blame here.”

I hated this now but it was worth the kisses. “Alright, it was my fault.” Rose groaned out loud.

“Why are you here though? Were you trying to escape or something?”

“Yeah, but once again it’s your brother’s fault.”

I laughed but Rose was really mad at me. She used her sort of loud voice at me and said “Sam, your so mean sometimes. I mean really. Zoey was like the only girl I’ve ever talked to and now you’re her boyfriend? What the hell? It hasn’t even been a day your having her all to yourself.”

“Rose, calm down for a sec, okay? Look, Sam is being Sam, but we can still hang out. If you want.”

Zoey said I walked up to her and covered her neck which showed her bite mark. She looked at me and nodded in a ‘Thank you’ nod. I smiled. Rose spoke again

“Are you sure? Would Sam even let you go out of his sight?”
“I don’t think that’s going to be happening but we’ll make use of him soon. I’ve got plans.”


I turned Zoey around and kissed her right in front of Rose. Rose rolled her eyes and stomped out of the room saying something that I couldn’t catch. Once Zoey and I broke from our kiss, we picked up my messy bed from earlier.



10:00a.m. ~Black’s Clan~


Sam kept messing up the bed every time I made it. I hit him playfully and he laughed. I never heard him laugh, but it sounded nice. Once I pushed him off and he landed on the ground with a thumped I started to laugh. I finally finish making the bed. Sam still on the floor and me well, trying to step around him didn’t work out well. He grabbed my ankle and I tripped and fell on the ground. Sam flipped himself over and started crawling after me. I scooted away laughing, reaching for the door. I was able to open the door but Sam’s arms went around my waist. I ended up dragging my body and along with his body on top of mines. I pulled up forwards little by little then giving up because god he was too goddamn heavy for me. I continued to laugh and he smile against my back. His hands crept up my sides and went in front of my belly closing in on my breast. If I let him, I didn’t.

“Sam. Get off…your too heavy. Hey! Watch those hands of yours mister.” He laughed again and I called for one of the brothers or Rose.

“Oh mi god. Logan! Rose! Get your damn heavy brother off me!” It was a good thing that Rose and Logan’s rooms were close to his. Logan and Rose opened their doors at the same time and damn they’re fast. Their eyes were shock to see Sam clinging to me. I reached for them and Logan grabbed me arms while Rose grabbed Sam’s feet. Sam groaned and mutter something.

“No fair Zoey. You cheating by getting help.”
“Oh. I’m sorry honey but I was trying to get out of you room not be tackled by you.”

“Sweetheart, I thought you wanted to play with me.”

“Ha! In your dreams!” Logan finally called Shane. He came running down like there was an attack or something. On his way down the stairs he skipped the last step and Sam and the rest of us started laughing our heads off. Sam still not letting go though. Shane did a pathetic laugh and help Logan out. Shane grabbed my other arm. They both pulled and finally Sam’s grip loosened. I used my upper body strength and pulled more. Sam finally let go of me and flew into Shane and Logan. They caught me and Rose and Sam fell backwards. Sam groaned. I got up quickly and ran the stairs. I heard Sam yell that I was in big trouble with him. It could wait later. I slowed my pace down and walked into the kitchen. Damon was drinking coffee. I was really surprised that he’s even drinking coffee. He smiled and I smiled back. His smiled soon went away and I remember that I didn’t have my scarf on. Shit! He stood up slowly and I step back. Sam had just entered the kitchen and he saw me back away from Damon. Sam put his hands on my neck to cover the bite mark. That didn’t help. Damon came closer to me and unwrapped Sam’s hands from my neck.

“What happen? Did my boys do this to you?” He gazed at Sam. My eyes widen.

“No! No they didn’t hurt me. I was doing dad’s task and I made a slip that’s all.”

“When did this happen?”

“Two days ago. I’m fine. Damon look I’m fine.”

“That’s when you met Sam?”


“Sam better keep your eyes on this one. She’s not good on being still.”

“Ouch. That hurts.”
“It’s true.”

I nodded. Sam grabbed my arm and we went up stairs. I stop at the top of the stairs. Where the Sam-o-war happen. Sam looked back at me. He looked at me concerned. “What?” He asked me. I looked at the ground and he came closer to me. He cupped my cheeks with both of his hands and asked again “Zoey, what’s wrong?” I stared into his eyes and held his hands. I said quietly so that no one else could here beside Sam.

“I need to go back to the school.”

Sam looked stumbled a bit, but quickly answered. “What for?”

“I need to get some new cloths for the three days that I’m here.”



“I said no. Couldn’t you just ask Rose for some cloths?”
“Her cloths won’t fit me because there too small. She’s petite you know, just her size not her height.”


“I won’t be long anyway-”

“Your not going alone. I’m coming.”

I stared at him. I shook my head ‘no’. “Did I forgot to mention that is a school full of vampire hunters?”

“Uh no. No you didn’t.”

“Then don’t come. If you know then don’t come.”

“Like hell I would let you go by yourself when there’s vampires running around trying to kill you. Last time I checked you left your stake in the last vampire battle you had.”

“Shit…” I muttered. Sam smiled and held out his hand. I took it and we both went together. To my school, where there’s Ren, Ren’s friends, my friends, my best friend, and well vampire hunters! Could have gone better.

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