Our Paths Shall Cross Again (A Yami Yugi / Atem Love Story)

I have never done a story about the Pharaoh before so I decided I should. before Yami Marik and Marik, my favorite character was actually Yami Yugi. So please message and rate. I would love to hear what you all think :)

Created by TaylourIshtar on Monday, November 12, 2012


Name: Taylour Night (Alter Ego Atemmi Night)
Age: 17
Looks: Deep purple eyes and long straight brown hair with blond highlights.
Millennium Item: The Eyes of the Nile (It was created by Atem after the other millennium items especially for Atemmi.)
Personality: Taylour Is very child like, bubbly, and shy. While Atemmi, like the Pharaoh is Taylour's stronger half, but also is fun, bubbly, and has an overall kindness to her.
Deck Type: (Seeing as I have this type of deck myself an that not a lot of dueling will actually take place) Magicians and Magic Deck (Soul card is Magicians Valkyria)
History: Taylour found the Eye of the Nile on a trip to Egypt she took when her father went exploring there. She became very attached to it and found that it held a power that she could never fully understand. Atemmi was the Pharaoh's "love interest" thousands of years ago. She was a princess who was training to become a magician. Like how Mana is the Dark Magician Girl, she is Magician's Valkyria in a way. She was trapped withing he item when Atem was trapped within his own.
Talents: Atemmi can sing where as Taylour is not as good. Taylour can write and draw like Atemmi though. Atemmi is an amazing dueler as well.
Likes: Everything about Egypt, Music, dueling, and animals.
School: Domino High, they are going to live in things like dorms which the rooms will go as followed:
Taylour/Atemmi, Yugi/Yami, and Marik/Yami Marik

Joey, Tristan, and Kaiba

Tea, Duke, and Bakura/Yami Bakura

-I'm thinking Marik and Yami Marik will play a big role in this because they are tombkeepers. Yami Marik will somehow return from the Shadow Realm

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