One Direction Preference: He Cheats

this is a random dark imagine i wrote for tumblr. Im sorry if you don't like the endings. I just think it isn't right for you to forgive someone when they cheat on you...if they really loved you, they would have stayed faithful...sorry! ok, TO THE STORY!

Created by Skittlerz18 on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Niall: I had stayed at a friends house last night. Niall went out with some friends and i didn’t want to be woken up when he came home. I knew Niall would probably be crashed on the couch when i got home, and i better be a good girlfriend and help him with his hang over. I quietly unlocked the door, not wanting to make much noise because he would most likely have a headache. The morning sun cast shadows along the floor in strips. They danced as i walked across the living room. Niall was nowhere in sight, so apparently he was well enough to make it to the bedroom last night. I better go check on him, just to make sure he’s fine. I made my way down the hallway where our shared bedroom was. The door was slightly ajar and i creaked it open even farther so i could peek my head in. My breath caught with what i saw. Niall was on the bed, fast asleep with some blonde girl. The sheets wrapped them in a secure cocoon, outlining their intertwined bodies. The girl’s head rested on Niall’s chest, rising and falling with his steady breath. He had one arm wrapped around her shoulder casually, almost as if she were his girlfriend, and not me. Their clothes were cast to the sides, just like my feelings. I choked back a sob, which resulted in me making a slight squealing noise. I covered my mouth with my hand as Niall stirred. His bright blue eyes opened slowly, shading his eyes from the sunlight that fell through the window. Tears sprang to my eyes as he made eye contact. Niall looked confused, almost shocked that i was in tears, but the blonde head resting on his chest must have caught his eye. “shit, (y/n).” He grumbled. The girl stirred too, but moved her head so it was resting on the bed instead. My bed. I was suddenly hit by a wave of disgust. Not only did he do this, but he did it inourapartment. Inourbed. Niall shot out of bed to the door, but his consumption of alcohol from the night before hadn’t completely faded because he stumbled a little. But that was all i needed. I turned on my heels, heading straight for the door. “(y/n)!” he called. “wait! it’s not what it looks like!” He had caught up with me and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. Rage coursed through my veins, how dare he think he can touch me. I turned on my heels, facing him. “Oh, really!? so, you weren’t just wrapped all up in that girl in there?” i pointed towards the hall. “You didn’t cheat on me?! I find that extremely hard to believe, Niall!” I exclaimed. His blue eyes swam with regret, pleading me to understand. I loved Niall, i really did, but i couldn’t do this. I couldn’t trust him after this. I took a step away, almost as if being near him was painful, which it was. My eyes burned with unshed tears, my chest ached, and my throat was scratchy. Niall took a small step towards me, reaching out slightly. I held my hand up in protest. “Don’t.” I turned, taking 3 long, and confident strides to the door. The door handle felt too familiar under my fingertips, the door too welcoming. “I’ll be back for my stuff tomorrow.” I said to the door. I was relieved to hear that my voice sounded more confident than i felt. “Babe…” Niall croaked. His voice was thick with emotion, emotions that i didn’t want to hear. Regret, hurt, sadness. That only made it sting even more. “I am not your babe.” I said, turning the handle to the door. I walked out the door, just as Niall walked out of my life. For good.

Liam: Liam sat silent on the couch. His eyes looking down at the floor in deep thought. He looked like a sad puppy, and i wanted so badly to cheer that sad puppy up. “What’s wrong, babe?” i questioned. I took a seat next to him, peering into his face, concerned. “Babe, I-I have to tell you something.” Liam said. He didn’t look at me, which i thought was odd. “yes?” i encouraged. Whatever Liam was going to tell me was obviously hard for him. I ran my fingers up and down his back, comforting him. “I’m so sorry!” his head fell into his hands, and his shoulders slumped. His body shook with sobs. I continued to rub his back, but was confused. What could he be this sorry about? “Sorry about what, Liam?” I gently prodded. Liam waited a moment, regaining his composure enough to the point he could talk. Slowly, he lifted his head from his hands and looked me in the eye. His cheeks were wet with shed tears and his eyes sparkled with ones yet to be. His bottom lip quivered the slightest bit and he bit it to make it stop. “I cheated.” He whispered. My heart stopped. I must have misheard him. “Pardon?” i asked. “I..I cheated.” He repeated, even quieter this time. I let my hand fall to my side. I wasn’t mad, or disappointed, or even shocked. I was confused. I sat in silence for a minute, looking at the floor, unable to comprehend what i was supposed to be thinking right now. “Why?” I finally asked. Liam let his head fall back into his hands in defeat. “I don’t know! I just…I don’t know! Your perfect! And i fucked it all up. You are everything i ever wanted, and i ran off, wanting more! I’m so sorry!” He wailed. I sat there as he wept. I didn’t cry, or tell him it was alright. No, that was the last thing i wanted to do. I slid myself farther away from him. I suddenly felt like it was my fault that he did this. That i wasn’t good enough, and that’s why he cheated. There had to be a reason, but i just wasn’t sure i was ready to hear it. “When?” i asked, still looking at the floor. If i looked anywhere else, i wasn’t going to be able to do it. Looking at Liam was a big risk, there was a chance that if i looked into his eyes, i would forgive him because i would see the regret in them. But if i looked at him, i might also hate him, dispite what he did, i didn’t want to hate him. He was a good guy, and I had no intentions of him becoming my enemy. “While i was on tour.” His voice caught. I kept my eyes on the floor, and he did the same. “We had a good show, and I was pumped…she was there, and you weren’t…” He trailed of, his disappointment in himself was clear. “Will you..will you ever forgive me?” I sucked in a deep breath, finally mustering up enough courage to look him in the eye. I wasn’t going to cry because it wasn’t worth it. Liam face was pale with shame, his eyes were puffy from crying and his nose was running. I couldn’t hold this against him…but i also just couldn’t forgive him. At least not yet. “I will, someday.” I started. “I’ll forgive you, but…just not now.” I said truthfully. Liam nodded, but more tears fell. Deep down, he knew that this was for the best. “Are you going to leave me?” He asked. Another tear ran silently down his cheek. A tear for every memory, right? I nodded. “Yeah. I am.” i said. Liam nodded again and wiped at his eyes. “I knew you were gonna say that.” I took a shaky breath. It felt like someone had ripped a hole in my chest, and it suddenly hurt to breath. “I guess its for the best.”

Louis: Louis and i were having a movie night together. He had gotten back from tour 3 days ago and we both agreed to spend as much time together as we could to make up for theseparation. I couldn’t help but be annoyed because Louis seemed to be attached to his phone the whole night. I once glanced up and he was smiling at it. I felt as if i was over reacting, but i thought he would at least turn it off so he could spend some time with me. “What movie do you wanna watch?” i asked as i knelt in front of the flat screen. I scanned the shelf, looking for one that we would both enjoy. I didn’t get a response. “Lou?” i asked, turning around. Louis looked up from his phone, startled. “What?” he asked, confused. I tried my best not to roll my eyes. “what movie?” i repeated, trying to mask the annoyance in my voice. “Oh, uh…friends with benifits?” he suggested. I nodded, deciding that i better let him watch whatever he wanted. The D.V.D. player clicked as i put the movie in. I plopped myself back down next to Louis, not thinking anything of it when he shut his phone off as soon as i could see what he was doing on it. I rested my head on his shoulder, it felt good. I don’t know how i got through 6 months without Louis. But it felt right to have him home again. “I’ll be right back, gotta pee.” Louis announced, halfway through the movie. I shifted, allowing him to stand up. I paused the movie, allowing me to hear his footsteps fade away as he walked to the bathroom.The T.V. was the only light in the room. The night was dark and quiet. The T.V. was quiet as the characters were frozen in mid conversation. I stared at the screen, taking in every detail of the frozen moment. I jumped when Louis phone buzzed loudly on the coffee table in front of the couch. The bright little screen lit up the room, and i realized why they didn’t want people texting while in a movie theater. I let my curiousness take over as i looked at the contact displayed on the screen. ‘Briley’ the new text message said. I didn’t know that Louis knew someone named Briley. Was she a new manager or stylist? But why would a stylist be texting him this late into the night? I didn’t want to snoop, but i was also curious as to who Louis had been texting all night. Was it her? Maybe that’s why Louis didn’t seem the same. I picked up his phone, glancing behind me. The bathroom door was still shut, so i guess i could sneak a peak…I opened the text and immediatly regreted it. ‘Hey baby, wanna meet me at my house tonight for a round 2? xx’ the text read. My stomach twisted painfully. Louis was cheating. He had a friend with benifits. I let my finger slide across the screen to see what Louis previous text to her was. ‘i miss you baby. Wish i could hold you in my arms right now’ it read. Sent at 11:07. I was putting the movie in then. He texted her this when i was sitting right there. How could he do that? I felt something wet slide down my cheek, i reached up instinctively and wiped it off. I was crying. “Babe? Are you-?” Louis stopped shortly. My head shot up and i dropped his phone, my hands shaking. I hadn’t heard him return from the bathroom. “How could you.” I stood up from the couch. More tears ran down my cheeks, but my voice was steady. I was too pissed for it to be weak. “I-I didn’t mean it,” Louis started. I looked at him in fury. “You didn’t mean it? i saw those texts, Louis! you were apart of this too! youwantedher remember!?” I shouted in rage. Louis’ face fell, he knew i was right. “Your right.” He said. Him admitting it felt like a slap across the face. He knew what he was doing, and he still did it. “I can’t do this.” I held up my hands in defeat. I walked to the door, grabbing my keys, planning to escape. Escape the home that i once knew, the man that i once loved, and the lies that had been our relationship. I just wanted out. I felt as if i should make a smart ass comment to him about how he should be happy that he can have Briley all to himself now, but the cut was too fresh. Instead, i through the door open and made a break for my car. I hoped in the drivers seat. I didn’t know where i intended to go, or when i was going to get my stuff, but i wanted out of there. Louis stood on the front steps, shaking his head in defeat. ‘i’m sorry’ he mouthed as i put the car in reverse. But i didn’t see it, or rather, i chose not to see it.

Zayn:“Zayn! What is your problem!?” I yelled at him across the kitchen. Zayn stood on the other side of the kitchen table, his hands gripping the chair in front of him, almost as if holding on to would calm him down. “Nothings wrong! I don’t know why you are making such a big deal out of it!” he bellowed. I crossed my arms in front of my chest, I didn’t believe him. Zayn had been acting different ever since he returned from tour. He seemed almost distant, never wanting to be near me, and just now, I tried to kiss his cheek, and he slid away from me. I felt like an over-protective girlfriend, fighting for her boyfriend’s attention, but something was off. Usually when Zayn came home from a long trip, he would want to hold me, but now, he was just pushing me away. “No! I know something’s wrong!” I spat between clenched teeth. “Just tell me and I’ll try to fix it!” Zayn’s jaw clenched and unclenched as he thought. His eyes burned with fury, and I tried my best not to flinch with fear. I wouldn’t let him know I was scared. “You want to know what the matter is?” he hissed. “The problem is, you so. Damn. Clingy!” his hand slammed loudly against the wooden chair. “I want just a little bit of time to myself, but no! You have to have it all!” his voice was like venom, poisoning my heart. My eyes widened in shock, was that really the reason? “Zayn, you have been away for 5 months. I didn’t see you at all! And you expect me not to want to spend time with you?” My voice was much softer now, and hurt was thick in my trembling voice. I didn’t bother to mask the pain I felt. “Is that not fair?” I asked. I backed away from the table, trying to get away from the tension. My back thudded against the wall behind me, I was still too close to Zayn. I just wanted to get away, to cool off. Maybe everything would go back to normal, we would say we loved each other and all would be well. Maybe… Zayn’s expression stayed as hard as stone, his eyes bored into my soul, making me squirm under his gaze. I was suddenly afraid. What if he hurt me? He seemed pissed enough to. The wall was cold against my sweaty hands. “Want to know something?” Zayn asked. His voice was softer, but his gaze wasn’t. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat that began to form. “What?” I squeaked. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure he would be able to hear it. “While I was on tour,” he moved around the chair and began pacing. His eyes looked at the ground, never making eye contact. The way his shoulders slumped made him look exhausted. Of what? Me? Was I really that bad? Maybe I was clingy…I didn’t think that wanting to spend time with my boyfriend when he had been gone for months at a time was bad? But according to him it was clingy… “I…uh…” He rubbed his chin. He hadn’t shaved in days and it made a scratchy noise. He looked up at me, his eyes had softened dramatically, and I was shocked. He was just pissed to no end just minutes ago, and now he looked almost…sorry? “I cheated on you.” his eyes grew watery with tears. I was too shocked to say anything. The wall was the only thing keeping me upright. The room seemed to spin around me, and my head was buzzing.He cheated. He cheated. He cheated.Was all I could think. My legs gave out from under me, causing me to slink down against the wall. I curled my knees up to my chest and rocked back and forth. I bit my lip to keep me from crying. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. Deep down inside, I knew that something was wrong ever since Zayn started pushing me away. Maybe it had occurred to me that he had cheated. Maybe somewhere deep down I knew that there was a chance he did. I shouldn’t be shocked, I really shouldn’t, but it still hurt. Zayn stayed away. He didn’t try to comfort me, or tell me he was sorry. I knew he wasn’t. Not after the way he pushed me away. I wondered who he cheated with? If he thought it was worth it. Zayn backed up against the far wall, away from me. That was fine with me because I didn’t want to be near him. Zayn slid to the floor, his glossy eyes staring off into space. I just wanted to get away from him. I took a deep breath, steadying myself, and stood up. I wanted out. Out of this this kitchen, out of this house, and out of this relationship. I needed to get away, and I did so as fast as I could. I went our bedroom, and grabbed a suitcase out from under the bed and began to stuff it with clothes. I wouldn’t be getting everything. I could do that later. Right now I just needed stuff for over night, that’s all I planned on getting right now. My vision was clear. Tears didn’t fall, that was a waste of energy. I didn’t want him to see this had hurt me, which it did. I loved Zayn, but he didn’t love me enough to be faithful. There was no chance of me forgiving him. I wasn’t going to put up with this shit. I wasn’tthatdesperate. I walked back into the kitchen to grab my keys off the table. My footsteps echoed off the tile, which was the only sound in the now quiet house. But our fight echoed in my mind.He cheated.That’s all I needed to think about, and I was leaving. Zayn was still crouched on the floor by the wall. He didn’t look up, instead, his glossy eyes stayed locked on the floor in front of him. He didn’t say anything as I left, and he didn’t have to. My intentions were clear. As I walked out the front door, all I could think about was how he didn’t love me. And I wondered if he ever did.

Harry:I wanted to surprise Harry by showing up at his hotel while he was on tour. I hadn’t seen Harry in 2 months, and the suspense was killing me. Sure, we had talked on the phone for hours, texted and skyped but i missed it wasn’t the same. I had called Liam up a couple weeks ago, asking him if i should surprise Harry or not. Liam agreed almost too quickly, saying that Harry had been talking constantly about how much he missed me and how it would be a pleasant surprise for me to come. Liam had helped me plan the whole thing, informing me when and where they were going to be, and here i am, at their hotel in the U.S. My footsteps were muffled by the carpet in the hallway. I counted in my head, trying to calm my speeding heart. Would Harry be glad I came, or would he wish that I stayed home, waiting for him? Would he even have time for me while he was on tour? What will his reaction be? The nervous questions hung in the air like fog around my head, making my ears buzz with anticipation. 309…310…311…312. Liam’s room. I lifted my fist and knocked softly, so soft, i wasn’t sure if he would hear. Footsteps echoed on the other side of the door, and soon it was being swung open. “(y/n)!” Liam exclaimed, embracing me in a friendly hug. I smiled into his shoulder. It was times like this that made me really miss the boys, and the late nights we would have at each other’s flats, watching movies and playing games. Tour was over in a couple weeks, and we could do it then. But for now, i would have to hand on to every moment i got with one of them. We were like a family, and i loved them. Even Kevin. I pulled back from Liam, smiling widely. “Liam!” i said with the same amount of enthusiasm. Liam chuckled, “It’s been too long.” He shook his head, but smiled at me. My stomach twisted with anticipation again. “It has.” i agreed. “Pft! and why am i keeping you!? you probably want to go see your boyfriend! silly me!” he slapped his forehead with his palm. I giggled in agreement. He reached just inside the door to grab something and turned back to me. “Here’s the key to his room, it’s just down the hall there. 315,” he pointed to a door a ways down. I nodded, turning back to Liam. “If you need anything, just let me know.” his smile was friendly, as always. That was the thing i liked about Liam. He was a good friend, and was willing to do anything for you. From sharing blankets on the floor of Louis’ flat while playing truth or dare to helping me plan a trip to surprise his best mate. I loved him for it. “Thanks, Liam! i really appreciate it.” i said, and meant it. Liam nodded. “I know you do, but go see your boyfriend!” he nudged me towards Harry’s room gently. I laughed and his persistancy. “Have fun! but not too much fun, i don’t want you to disrupt the other residents.” he winked at me, wiggling his eyebrows. I felt my cheeks flush at what he was implying. “shut up, Liam.” i said, only half-heartedly, laughing slighlty. Liam nodded towards Harry’s door again. “yeah, yeah. Go get ‘em, tiger!” he encouraged. As i took the couple steps to Harry’s hotel door, i felt my heart rate quicken. I shouldn’t be so nervous about seeing Harry, but i couldn’t help it. If Liam said that Harry wouldn’t stop talking about how much he missed me, it must be true, right? My hand shook as i slid the key into the slot and waited for the light to turn green. I glanced back at Liam’s door, only to find that it was shut, just as it was before. I heard the door click, signalling that i could go in. I quietly turned the nob, letting myself in. The walls were painted a faded red. The blinds were opened, letting the sun shine in. I felt my cheeks flush, but i wasn’t sure why. From excitement, maybe? I looked around, expecting to see Harry in the suite’s kitchen, making a delicious something like he always does. But he was nowhere to be seen. Liam had texted me, telling me that he had seen Harry walk into his room, not even 10 minutes before i arrived at the fancy hotel. I was just about to head back to Liam’s room, when i heard something that sounded like a faint laugh. I cocked my head to the side, listening closely. Maybe i just imagined it. I turned to the door, ready to leave when I heard it again, louder this time. It sounded more like a giggle. A woman giggling. My hands started to sweat. Was Harry…? No. He wouldn’t. The laughs were coming from a door to my left. Harry had a big hotel room with a living room and a kitchen, and I assumed that behind the closed door was the bedroom, which only made me even more nervous. My stomach twisted as i walked to the door. I wasn’t sure if i wanted to know what was going on behind it. Was Harry in there? But i needed to find out. The metal of the knob was cold against my sweaty palm. I took a shaky breath, unsure if i should open the door or not. But the womanly laugh rang out again. I opened the door, just a crack. My heart sunk. There he was, with some girl tangled in his legs. I didn’t know what to do. Do i open the door farther, revealing that i’m a witness to the crime Harry just commited, or do i leave, sparing myself the ugly confrontation. Before i could make up my mind, Harry’s head turned towards the door. He must have seen it open slightly. His green eyes met mine through the crack that revealed his lies to me. He sat upimmediately, the girl too. “(y/n)?” He asked. Tears sprung to my eyes, falling one by one. I turned away from the door. I really didn’t want to do this. Not now. I heard him jump out of the bed, nearly sprinting after me. I made my way to the door as fast as my shaky legs would let me. I grabbed the handle, so close to my escape, but Harry was faster. His hand pressed the door firmly, forbidding me from leaving.I didn’t want to turn around to face him, how could i look into the green eyes i loved so much? “(y/n), please look at me.” he spoke softly, but not innocently. I slowly turned around, keeping my eyes on the floor, only making the tears fall faster. He was still wearing pants but no shirt. I could tell. The girl was nowhere in sight. I assumed she was still in the bedroom. “hey,” he said softly, lifting my chin up with his finger, forcing me to look at him. I look at his lips as he spoke, those same lips kissed me millions of times, but less than 2 minutes ago, they were on another woman. “what are you doing here?” his tone wasn’t harsh, but shocked. Another tear slipped down my cheek, onto his hand. “I came here to surprise you.” i stated harshly. “But i’m leaving now.” i tried to turn away from him, but my body was frozen. “babe, nothing happened.” he said. I looked at him in disbelief. “Oh really? Somethingwasgoing to happen if i didn’t walk in!” i protested. Anger was thick in my voice. Harry’s green eyes were full of regret. “I…” i failed to think of something to say. I nodded my head, “that’s what i thought.” I turned and opened the door, and he let me. In a way, i was disappointed he didn’t try to stop me. If he really loved me, he would have stopped me. But then again, if hereallyloved me, he wouldn’t’ have done it. My chest tightened. was i the reason he cheated? was i not good enough? was i a bad girlfriend? I let my shoulders slump as i walked back to the elevator. I would miss Harry. The Harry i fell in love with, the Harry that told me he loved me as he kissed me. I wouldn’t miss the Harry that cheated on me, and let me walk out of his life like just another girl. But maybe that’s all i was to him. Just another girl. I pressed the lobby button in the elevator, wiping my eyes. i refused to cry over him, because that was a waste of energy. I kept expecting Harry to run down the hallway after me, yelling that she came onto him. Saying that he loves me with his whole heart, and that nothing can keep us apart. But who am i kidding, this isn’t a fairytale. It doesn’t have a happy ending. As i looked at Harry’s hotel door one last time, i realized that all love stories don’t have happy endings.

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