Mermaid In A World Of Transformers: Chapter 3

It's been too long since I've published. HERE YOU GUYS GO!

Created by MGthehero on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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The one with flames on her head ran up to me and stood there, looking at me with awe. I kneeled down and ran my webbed fingers through her flamey hair. I held it close to my face, gazing at it. She let me look at it for a couple of seconds before she started to talk incredibly fast.

I tilted my head to the side and tried to make sense of what she was saying. Strange carriages pulled up and changed into more creatures like the green and yellow one. I gave a shriek and jumped into the water, hiding below the dock.

The flame-headed human jumped into the water and took one of my fingers pulling on it. I followed her to the surface but would go no further than my head barely above the surface.

A black and tan creature dove into the water and I panicked, leaving the human at the surface and diving down deep. I quickly and easily swam along the rocky bottom. I got used to my new size and power so soon I felt like I was swimming just as before I changed.

I swam through a hole between some pipes that my new body size didn't fit through. I tried to get free but I was lodged in tight. I squirmed and the tan and black creature appeared in my face.

I raised my gills threateningly and bared my sharp teeth. He held up his hand and gently placed it on mine. I froze with my eyes huge. He did the same with my other hand and curled his fingers in mine as best he could.

He began to gently push as I slowly slid backward. I felt myself pop free and I swam around the pipes and hugged him tightly. When he was released, he carefully slid his fingers down my tail and looked at the scales and fins.

I let him and looked over his figure. All the other creatures floated down and I swam up to them, looking them over. "Tzi adihr!" [Come on!] I swam forward, pulling some of them along.

I stopped when I realized that the flame-hair girl was not with them. I swam to the surface and grabbed her gently. She took one deep breath when I pulled out one of my blue hairs. I made a necklace of it quickly and placed it around her mouth, allowing her to take oxygen from the water.

I pulled her down and held her small hand as I brought them to my underwater home. It was a good sized cave. I led them to one part that circular and the walls smoothed down. I pushed them into the center as I swam in circles, the water spinning with me.

Soon it created a vortex that spun around the bots and in the center the water drained out as the surrounding walls of water surrounded them. My blurred form added to the magical effect.

I slowed down and the water returned to normal. Vivace took my hand and half-dragged me through the water, eager to show me his home. The others followed and when we got out of the water I staggered to my feet still not used to the whole walking thing.

I followed them and watched them change into their other forms and I stumbled through the city, doing a terrible job at walking. The red and blue one changed back and put his arm around my waist to support me.

I looked around the city with wonder. The land-dwellers made amazing landscapes. I was startled by all the carriages and land-dwellers moving about. Optimus carefully guided me around them and stopped when a bunch of police cars pulled up with their bright lights cutting through the night.

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