~Neji Oneshot~

This is my Second Oneshot and the second thing I'v ever written!!! So far my other one has five stars and 74 readers!!! I hope this gets as many.

Created by SasukeXRaven on Sunday, November 25, 2012

Name: Koyuki Nakahana
Age: 16
Crush: Neji
Personality: Kinda shy at first but can be really fun when you get to know her
Likes: Music, acting and sleeping
Dislikes: Fangirls, fanboys and fish

I was running through the Village. Not really paying attention. I saw a few Fangirls screaming over Sasuke. I hated them all. Then I saw a few over with Neji. I sighed softly and looked up at him. The last thing I ever Expected was him to pick me over all of them. That would be 1 out of a 1000 nd. I bit down on my lip and started getting a few thoughs. I wondered what he would do if I walked up to him and started talking. Would he just straight out Reject me like all of the Fangirls or talk back? I was really shy. Especially around him. I wouldnt be suprised if I fainted. Knowing myself I probably would...Wouldnt hurt to try though. I walked over at him and his attention immedently snapped to me. I blushed slightly and waved. "H-Hi." I stuttered like his Cousion Hinata.
"Hey." He muttered looking over at Koyuki. He saw her around a few times. To be truthfull he always was looking at her. How she could be shy and later on she could be more fun and hyper like Naruto. He already knew that he had a crush on her. He just never knew how to Admit it. He pushed his long hair behind his back. Getting a little irratated that the Fangirls would try to touch it. He hated their guts. All they did was annoy people and hope that they could get a guy by hopelessly flirting with them. He liked nonfangirls...Like you. He knew that he just gained another reason for him to like her. He sighed and looked up at up and kissed you softly. "Sorry girls I'm going out with a Nonfangirl...As long as she accepts." He muttered feeling his heart wrench at the though of her not acceting him. He looked over at you worriedly and bit down on his lip neversly. He thought at you would Flat out Reject him. He didnt know why though. He was always like that. Always thinking that someone wouldnt care for him. Exept for his looks like his stupid Fangirls. He smiled slightly. His first smile in a long time. Even though it wasnt big. He knew that it was a start. A start for a new him. And new Relationship. As long as you accepted.
Koyuki watched as all of the Fangirls Scattered after that. Not really caring at all. "I-I would love to." I muttered gripping his hand. "Y-You arent kidding are you? O-Or was I just a reason to get rid of the Fa-." I got cut off by a sweet pair of lips catching mine.
"Shut up." He muttered after he pulled back.

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