Forbidden Fruit ₪ Modern Itachi Uchiha Story ₪ №.2

This is my second entry for DreamingDancer's "It's a College Life" contest | Itachi Uchiha | Friday Night & Coffee | AU | Word Count: 787

Created by IBecomeSoNumb on Monday, November 26, 2012

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Forbidden Fruit Modern Itachi Uchiha Story ₪ №.2


Chapter II


A few days had passed since Amelia’s midterm examination, and unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to push what had occurred with Professor Uchiha from the depths of her mind. She replayed the situation several times throughout her thoughts and even entrusted her problem with her roommate, Hinata Hyuga; however, Amelia just couldn’t come to terms with what had happened. The dark-haired woman was lost and confused; during their conversation earlier in the week, Hinata had considered the fact that Amelia could have feelings for her handsome professor. She immediately shut down her roommate’s remark without hesitation, but now that she thought back to the way she reacted towards her professor’s gestures, Amelia wasn’t sure what she felt anymore. She couldn’t forget the warmth that radiated from his touch.

It was Friday night, and considering that she had several papers and assignments due the following week, Amelia found herself walking through the darkness that engulfed the campus towards the resourceful—and silent—library. It was only ten o’clock in the evening, but Amelia’s dormitory was already blaring with loud, horrific music from parties hosted by her suitemates. She couldn’t deal with all those distractions, thus why Amelia was willing to face the cold October night alone. Her cheeks were flushed from the chilling wind, and her eyes were alert as her gaze scanned her obscure surroundings. Amelia’s only been in school for a mere month and a half, but she had heard enough horror stories that her walk to the library was slightly beginning to fill her with anxiety and fear. She didn’t want to be one of those girls who disappeared in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

She didn’t want to be forgotten.

Amelia faced no troubles as she arrived at the library; the glass door slowly closed behind her as she pulled her leather gloves off, rubbing the feeling back into her numb hands. With a smile spreading across her rosy lips, Amelia greeted the receptionist at the front desk and quickly made her way to a remote and abandoned section of the library. She was swift and silent as she unbuttoned her sleek, black pin coat and pulled the gray, knitted hat from her head. Amelia was ready for the numerous hours she would spend working on her assignments that night as she took a seat at a secluded table and pulled her MacBook Pro from the depths of her book bag. It wasn’t long until Amelia was lost within her paper, her hazel gaze glued to the bright screen.

A couple of hours passed by in no time and Amelia’s fingers flew across her keyboard as her essay about discrimination in the workplace for her Women’s Studies class was near completion. She leaned back against her chair, a small smirk pulling at the corners of her lips as she ended her last paragraph with a strong conclusion. Her eyes sparkled as she confidently saved the paper onto a flash drive, putting it aside to be printed. A sigh slipped through her lips as she pulled out her Intro to Psychology textbook, slowly flipping to the page she had left off at the previous night. “Well, that turned out to be an unpleasant pain in my ass.”

“I bet it was. You look exhausted and out of it, so I thought I’d stop by to say hello.” The reply had been unexpected, causing the young woman to jump in her seat, her alert eyes trying to find the source of the charming voice. Professor Uchiha emerged from behind a row of bookshelves, two cups of coffee in hand as he took a seat across from Amelia. The dark-haired woman froze in her spot as the air seemed to have been knocked from her lungs. She had been certain that she was alone in that section of the library; she was obviously wrong as she tried linking words into sentences.

“Professor Uchiha…uh…I wasn’t expecting you to be…”

“Please, Amelia. You may call me Itachi. The formalities are unnecessary.” His voice was dark and smooth, and a small smile played across his lips as he carefully pushed one of the cups of coffee across the table. She was hesitant to take it, but evidently was seduced by the warmth of the drink as it slipped past her lips. Itachi watched as she consumed the coffee with gusto, his smile widening once she realized his attention. He found himself attracted to the woman most when she was embarrassed, her flushed cheeks adding a bit of color to her pale complexion. “Considering you never showed up during any of my office hours, I think now is the best time to have a little chat.”

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