*I won't bite* ((Kiba Inuzuka)) 01 {Life with the Inuzuka}

Hi everyone! Next chapter! yay! Oh and rate/message please, it would be greatly appreciated, I want to hear how I'm doing! So I can improve, or keep doing my thing as usual. Well have fun girls and boys! (Probably mostly... or all girls. lol. But if you a dude, good for you! haha) Oh and btw, this story starts with a dream, for those who might be confused.

Created by morbidly7sarcastic on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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I was running down a long corridor, made completely of stone, and lite by only tourches on the walls. I could hear other foot steps just behind me. I increased my speed, trying to loose them as quick as possibly. I looked next me, noticing a young man running beside me; he had shaggy medium lenght, dull sandy brown hair and siver-gray eyes. His cheeks had four red fang markings on them, two on each side, parallel to each other. Almost like the Inuzuka but in their own pattern. A large wolf-like creature ran beside him, the creature had pure silver fur, and ran closely next to him. He had a serious look on his face, and his eyes shot to me, notcing me staring. "Emiko, we need to get out of here, their right on our tails, we have to think of something" he told me. I instantly nodded, "There is a window near the top floor, we can jump from there and scale the roof tops". It was so strange, it was like I was in my body, but had no control over what I was doing, or saying. Everything was involitary, it was as if I was watching a memory through someone elses eye. Though I knew it was me, this was my body, I had to be reliving a memory once again, like the last two times. We had finally reached the upper floor, where the large window I mentioned was, but just then I heard the man being tackled to the ground. He was pinned down by a man with with red hair, he seemed to have a lump on his back. And he pulled out a sharp object, holding it to his throat, he struggled desperately to keep it from himself. "AKIO!" I screamed, running towards him. "RUN EMIKO!" he screamed. "NO! I can't leave my own brother to die!" I kept running towards him, ready to pounce on the strange man. At that his eyes shot to the wolf creature, and quickly said "GIN! USE CLONE!" Gin, as he called it, cloned into Akio and grabbed me, and hopped out the window. "NOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed attempting to struggle from Gin's grip, but it was usless. As I fell downard, in Gin's arms, I heard Akio scream "SASORI!" and it was soon followed by a blood curttling scream. Tears flowed quickly down my face, but they were soon interuppted by the clone landing on the roof roughly, and rolling. I felt a sharp pain in my side, and looked back, they were still following me. A kunai stuck in my side, and I saw a man with straight black hair, and red eyes standing at the window, grinning evilly. The clone beside turned back into Gin. "Akio is gone" Gin whinced as he said this. Even though dogs were not supposed to be abe to speak, I couldn't completely understand him. I quickly jumped from the roof, retreating, because I knew there was no hope for my brother any longer. I ripped the kunai roughly from my side, and ran as fast as I could, Gin following beside me. I felt the hot tears run down my face as I ran. "Akio..." I whispered solemnly. I sat up quickly in my bed screaming his name. A dream? I thought, but it was so real. It had to be one of my memories coming back. Then it hit me, brother... my brother is dead. I began bawling heavily, curling up, and clinging my arms around me. Flashes of his face began to run through my mind, his smile, his laugh, his crying, him in pain. I recalled his face when we were young, he was obiviously older than me. I could not remember my home town, or parents, but now everything about my brother Akio flooded my mind. I remember every detail of him. Gin also flashed in my mind, every moment I had spent with him. The memory of when my brother Akio gave me Gin as a puppy, when I was very young. Us playing together everytime he save me. Somehow I knew he was mine, my companion, he beonged to me, and this was the first time I have been apart from him, beside when I was a very very young child. We were never supposed to be apart and now we were. Gin... what happened to you? The tears kept pouring, and there was no way I could stop them. My brother was dead, and I could not remembered what happened to my nin-dog Gin. Who were those men that killed him? Why were they chasing us. And what happened Gin?I couldn't recall. From the dream I remembered, both the red haired man that was ontop of Akio and the one who threw the kunai, had black cloaks with red clouds. But who were they? Suddenly there was a light knock on thee door, and I instantly wiped my tears, and silenced my cries. "Yes?" I asked, trying not to sound like I had just been crying, but if they had been there long enough they most likely heard it all. I quickly jumped from my bed, trotting to the door qucikly. I opened it to see Kiba with a concerned look. "Are y-you ok?" he asked, a worried expression on his face "I heard you scream, so I was worried". "I-I'm fine" I lied, the stuttering most likely giving you away. "O-oh, well breakfast is ready so-" he stopped mid-sentence and turned tomato red, all over his face. Huh? I looked down and realized I was wearing big white t-shirt that barely covered my butt, and ontop of it had I no bra on. "O-oh s-sorry!" I apologized also turning beat red "It's o-okay" he said nervously turning his head, and a little blood started to drip from his nose, so he quickly grabbed it. "L-like I said, b-breakfast. But I would put more on, or my s-sister might maul you. She thinks petite girls like you are very adorable. Plus your already way too cute, s-so that would make it worse". He turned away quickly walking away, still red all over his face. I saw him turn and run to the bath room. I shut my door and ran to pick up my white dress. As I slipped it over my head I realized something; Kiba called me way too cute. I turned even more red, and put my hands on my face. He thinks I'm cute.. hehe..Ah! What am I thinking? I barely know him.. but he did save me, and he is really handsome.. with his shaggy brown hair, dog like eyes and his...AH! STOP THINKING! I slapped my face, trying to stop my pervy thoughts. I opened the door and exited quickly, walking down the hallway, I took more time to observe your surroundings. I noticed there three doors including mine, on the left the door was creaked open, and noticed it was obviously the bathroom. On the right was another door that was closed, and a sign on it that read "Kiba's room STAY OUT!". I giggled at Kiba's cute, but scratchy hand writing, and continued down the hallway. The i realized something; Kiba's room is right next to mine?! That means he heard not only the scream.. but me bawling... so embarassing. How can I explain that? Should I tell him my dream? about all the memories that have been coming back. Deep in thought, I walked into the kitchen. I saw Kiba practically inhaling his food, but he stopped to look at you and blushed, he quickly looked back at his food. I noticed a plate sitting on the table, presumably for me. I turned and saw a girl standing with her back facing you, she was doing the dishes calming. She had long dark brown hair, the same color as Kiba and his mother, but instead of shaggy and messy like the rest of her family she had it tied back in a ponytail. It was smooth, and soft looking, even though it was obviously very thick, like the all the Inuzuka I met. "Um, excuse me, is this plate for me?" I asked timidly. "Yes, hun that plates is for you" She replied as she began to turn around, "I made eggs, sasuage, and-" she stopped mid sentence as she fully faced ME. The plate in her hand dropped instantly on the floor and shattered. She didn't even seem to take notice to it, her eyes were intensy focused on me. "Hana?" Kiba asked, looking up at her, quiet shocked. She ran towards me gripping her hands on my face. She then said something that deeply confused me. "Akio?" her voice was questioning, and amost sounded desperate. "Akio?" I questioned, very confused. My brother? "N-no, it can't be...." she traied off. "My name is Emiko" I told her. Her eyes widened, and tears filled them. "Y-your his little sister... you look so much like him... identical..." tears began to streak her face, and she hugged me. The tears began to well up. She knew my brother but how. "Everyone didn't know where you went... what happened to you two?" "I-I don't know... all I remember is men with black cloakes with red clouds on them killed him... and he made my nin-dog gin clone into himself, and made him force me to escape... all i remember is running and running... and then nothing else. I don't even know where Gin is..." I explained. "The akatuski?! They killed him... so it's true..." she said letting me go and stepping backwards, leaning against the counter. "What's true?? I need to know what you know! Please!" I begged desperately. She sighed, and closed her eyes, and wiped the tears from her face. "You really don't remember?" she asked, I shook my head. "Maybe it's best that way... you can start a new life now...". "But Gin I need to fi-" I was cut off by her. "I don't know where Gin is... I never even met him... but I cannot tell you anymore... it's just for the best... I won't tell the hokage who you are... just start a new here.. trust me" she explained. "Kiba, I have to join mom on a mission, we will be gone for a quite some time. I trust you can take care of the household". "S-Sis? But I-" he began but was cut off by a stern look from Hana. "Yes, sister, I'l take care of the house". "Good, Emiko can stay here, just don't let her talk to the hokage about this..." she said looking down, and grabbing her pack from the counter. "But why can't I know? What will the hokage do?" I asked walking towards her. She turned back around to face me and said grimly, "If you tell anyone what you know, it could mean your death. Trust me, I'm saving your life". "W-What my d-death?! Then why are you doing this for me?!" I rose my voice in frustration. "For Akio, I owe him. This what he would have wanted." she explained. "Goodbye, and may god watch over you" she said turning away, and quickly receeding out the door. Kiba and I both stood in utter shock. So many strange things just happened at once, and I can't even imagine what Kiba feels. He must be so confused, probably more than I. "I've never seen my sister act like that... she is normally so calm and collected" he said still in shock. I sat down at the table next to him, just staring down at my food. "I can't believe any of this..." We both sat in shocked silence for a moment, but it was soon broken by Kiba "Well you better eat before it gets too cold.." he laughed awkwardly, and half-heartedly smiled. "Yeah" I looked at him and attempted to smile back.
Time skip.... It had been a month and Kiba's mother and sister had not returned home. Though they had sent letters telling him they were ok, and Kiba's mother made sure to mention not to try anything nasty on me. He would snort and roll his eyes when he read this, and show me also. I would simply laugh and shrug it off. Over the last month, Kiba and I had become very close. I've met lots of other people my age, but Kiba was still by far my best friend in Kohona. I don't know if it was because he was the first person I met here, or maybe because he save my life. I'm not quite sure the reason, but something drew me so strongly to Kiba, it was like since the day I came here I couldn't stop myself from being attatched to him instantly. We were inseperable, almost more than him and Akamaru, his nin-dog. I was a little envious a times that he had a nin-dog, it made me miss Gin. I always just shook the thought from my head, and tried to be thankful a I could spend time with Akamaru. He helped heal the wound of Gin being gone. Though he could never takes his place, a great nin-dog like Akamaru helped me so much. I've had little memories hear and there as the times past, but never anything too significant. I still could remember where Gin was, or what village I came from, or even my parents. At this point I was wondering if I had any parents, I mean by now they surely would have looked for me. I also noticed when I was walking around town Tsunade, the hokage of Kohona, would give me weird glances. I would always just shrug it off, and obey what Hana told me, to stray away from the hokage as much as possible. Since Shino was sent away on a top secret mission, I replaced him for the time being on their team. Kiba, Hinata (his other ninja team mate), and I would practice often in the forest, but for some reason we were not sent on many missions lately. I had a feeling it had something to do with the hokage's weird stares. Maybe she knew who I was, or just didn't trust me. Either that or no missions were avalible for the time being. Kiba and I were slowly making our way to the forest for training, Hinata was not with us because she had plans. What plans I wasn't sure, but I never tried to pry with Hinata, she would never tell me muchh because she was so shy. Kiba and I soon reached the forest and began sparing. I had recently found out some of my old abilities. As we trained all the memories of my fighting came flooding back to me. My body sometimes react on it's own, as if I done the fighting techniques so much that they were like instinct. It's as if I went on auto pilot. "Ha, your getting good! Your almost good enough to keep up with me now!" Kiba grinned, "But I won't let you get there! I'm still getting better as well!". "Well see about that!" I said lunging at him. He threw a kunai at me, and it hit directly in the chest. I poofed up in a cloud of smoke and dissapeared. "A c-clone?!" Kiba exclaimed suprised "Oh shi-". He began to turn around, but I lunged at him from behind, tackling him to the ground. I half laid ontop of him, holding his hands to the ground. "Damn, you really are getting good" he smirked, "but I'm still better". He lanced his fingers threw mine and pulled closer to him, leaving my face just centimeters from his. I blushed red all over, and he grinned at my embarassment. While being distracted by his flirtatious move, he flipped me over, so he was laying ontop of me now. Our faces still so close, lips nearly touching. I laughed, "So do you do this to all your enemies? Distract them by perverted moves?" I smirked. "No, just you" he grin widely, before passionately putting his lips against mine. My eyes widened, and I was uutterly shocked. Though somehow, I was not fighting back, I was enjoying it. I complied with his kiss, letting my lips melt against his. I could feel him smile into the kiss, and he begged for entry with him tongue, I allowed him to enter. We began passionately kissing, and he released my wrists and moved his hands; one on my cheek and the other on my back. I flipped him on his back again, releasing my self from the kiss, and pinning his wrists down like before. "Hey!" he shouted angrily, struggling to get me to release him. "What? Mad that I won?" I stuck my tongue out at him "Guess i'm the better-". I was cut off as he leaned up and kissed me passionately again, but soon released. Staying just inches from my face, and staring at me lovingly. "No I was mad that you stop kissing me" he said smiling. I blushed a deep red, and I couldn't help but smile. "Your lucky your so cute" I laughed, released his wrists, and began kissing him again. I allowed him to go back ontop of me again, this time willfully, and quite gladly. ;) He smiled into the kissed once more, and slipped his arms around me pulling me closer. Just as tongues began to come back in the equation, I heard a voice. "Hey! Get off my Emiko! Nasty dog boy!" an all too familar male voice yelled angrily. I looked up to see someone I had been longing to see for what felt like forever.
CLIFF HANGER!!!! That was a loooong chapter so I knew I had to end it somewhere! Plus the first chapter did not have too much romance/lovey-dovey/hot Kiba action so I had to continue the story longer to slip it in XD. Starting to put the puzzle peices togther of who Emiko is? If not the next chapter will reveal alot, that will most likely connect most the strings. Who is Emiko seeing? Can you guess?? Hehehehe... well until next time boys and girl! T-t-t-that's all folks!

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