~Naughty Hinata! (A Naruto short story)~

This is my first story.. please read and rate.. Hehehe.. Arigato!!

Created by shiroi-usagi on Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One bright Tuesday morning, Kurenai brought Kiba and Akamaru, Shino and Hinata to a beach. Everyone was there, and everyone was wearing their bathsuits.
Kurenai : Okay, today, were gonna have fun! Forget about practice okay?
Kiba : Aww.. this is great! Cmon Akamaru! Shino, dont just stand there!
Shino : Okay, I guess..
Hinata strolled along the beach, while looking at the little waves. Suddenly, she spied something shiny on the shore. She ran towards it.
Hinata : A hair pin? I wonder who's its owner.. Never mind, I'll wear it first.

... back to the beach...
Everyone was having fun. Itachi and Kisame were surfing along the waves. Kurenai and Asuma were chatting under a tree. Kakashi was reading Icha Icha Paradise. The youngsters were having a beach volleyball match.
Sakura : Aaaahh!! Sasuke-kun! He's so great!!
Ino : Shut up, Big Forehead! You're distracting him.
Sakura : (anime vein pops)
Temari : Cut that out, you two. Wow.. it's impressive that Shikamaru worked hard for
this match..
Ten Ten : Ganbatte Neji-kun!!!
Naruto : The girls are only watching at Sasuke Huh! I'll show them!
Then, Naruto purposely hit the ball towards Sasuke and it hit him hardly on his stomach..
Naruto : Haha.. bull's eye! Perfect!!
Sasuke : You cow!
Naruto : I'm a cow but I gotcha! Haha!!
Shikamaru : Huu nasty.. that hurts..
Gaara : (anime sweatdrop)
Sakura : Naruto!!! How dare you!!
Ino : Kill him!!!!
Soon.. Naruto was chased by Sakura and Ino. Meanwhile, Sasuke was still groaning in pain. Later, he sat on a bench while rubbing his belly. Suddenly, Hinata came and sat next to him.
Sasuke : What do you want?
Hinata : Is that hurt?
Sasuke : Do I look okay?
Hinata : Well then, let me hurt you more!
Hinata punched Sasuke's stomach, laughed and ran away. Sasuke instantly fell to the ground, holding his stomach.
Then, Hinata went towards the beach. She did a lot of naughty stuffs. She went to Kakashi and tore his book. She swam towards Kisame and pulled his legs when he was surfing. She pulled Ino's hair and accused Sakura. She also spreaded a news saying that Shikamaru kissed Temari.
Hinata : It's fun to be bad!! I shall be bad from now on.. Hahaha!!
Lee : Whats wrong with you? Miss Hinata, are you okay?
Hinata : I'm okay enough to fill your big mouth with sand!
Soon.. Lee's mouth was full with sand.
Neji : We have to stop her. She's out of control..
Naruto : Yeah.. but how? And where's that pathetic Sasuke?
Sasuke : I'm o..over h..here.. My stomach.. hurts.. She..hit..m..me.
Sakura & Ino : Sasuke-kun!!!!
Kankuro : Pity him... Hinata really did a great job..
Kiba : How can we stop her? Ive never seen her so naughty..
Shino : Me too
Temari : She's a brat!!!
Gaara : Be calm.. I saw something weird on her hair. A weird looking hair pin to be
Ten Ten : She never wear a hair pin before
Then, every grown-up came.
Itachi : Hah.. Sasuke.. She got you nicely.. Very good..
Kisame : What's so good about that? I almost get drowned just now!
Kurenai : You're a fish boy.. You should be okay.
Kakashi : She tore my precious book
Kurenai (anime sweatdrop)
Asuma : Hey.. that hair pin looks familiar..
Gai : Really? I dont know about that..
Asuma : (anime sweatdrop)
Kisame : Now I remember.. that hair pin was cursed. Anyone who wears it shall do things he or she wanna do.
Kakashi : So thats why she's been acting badly.. We need to take that pin.
Gai : Leave that to me! (thumbs up, teeth shining)
Gai easily took the pin off Hinatas hair. Then, Hinata looked at everyone.
Hinata : Why? What's wrong? Do I did something bad?
Kurenai : Very bad but thank goodness you're okay now.
Hinata : I'm so sorry.. Oh dear, I must have ruined the day..
Kurenai : No, youre not.
Naruto : Aww.. c'mon! Lets forget about this. How about another volleyball match?
Soon, everyone was playing-even Hinata. Oh, bad girl, Hinata!

That's all.. Please rate.. Arigato!!!!

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