:: I Don't Believe in Love...:: A Jeff Hardy Love Story (Chapter 1)

Created by MillyWweFan101 on Sunday, December 09, 2012

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~~~~Chapter 1~~~~
*Alarm goes off*
“Ahh gym time" I said happily. I love going to the gym early there’s not allot people there.
___Exiting Gold’s Gym____
Me: See you tomorrow James (the owner)
James: Bye oh wait Haidee oh guess what’s going to happen tomorrow
me: What tell me?
James: Mr. McMahon is coming over to find wrestler
me: YEA!!!!! I can’t wait I have been waiting for this moment for like 13 years
James: Yea I talked to him over the phone and I mention you and he said "I would like to meet her"
Me: Yea now I won’t get any sleep tonight I’m going to be so excited what time?
James: Umm 8:00 but you know business people like to come early
Me: Ha-ha okay I’ll be here the same time tomorrow By
James: Bye
~~~~ Just got home~~~~
Mom: So have you change your dream
Me: Nope I got my hopes up even higher Mr. McMahon is coming to the gym
Mom: Who is Mr. McMahon
Me: The head of Wwe
Mom: Ahh mija understand that it's a million to one shot that you going to get that job
Me: Okay mom if I don’t get the job I will go to college
Mom: I hope you don't get the job
Me: Your very supported I’m going to take a shower
** At Work**
I was so happy that I might get the job then I saw my best friend Emma come in
Me: HI!! Yea I know chocolate chip frappe
Emma: Hey Ha-ha you seem happy
me: Mr. McMahon is coming to Gold Gym tomorrow
Emma: Wow you spelled my name right?
I checked the cup and I began to crack up
Emma: Oh what did you put
me: Hahaha Anna
Emma: WHAT were does Emma sound like Anna
Me: I don’t know DONT JUDGE ME!!!
Emma: sucks for me ha-ha well text you later bye
me: bye
I went to sleep and woke up 5:45 I took a longer shower skipped to the gym and I saw James shaking Mr. McMahon’s hand
James: Oh hey Haidee this is Mr. McMahon
Me: Hello I’m a huge fan (with my hand out hopping he will shake it)
Mr. McMahon: Hello it’s nice to meet a fan (he said with his hand out) so why do you work out?
Me: Oh well since I was 5 my dream job was to work for you as a wrestler
Mr. McMahon: So you think you can handle being a wrestler
me: Yea
Mr. McMahon: Mr. James you have a ring hear right?
James: Yes I do
Mr. McMahon: Great Haidee can you meet me in the ring
Me: Yes sir
I went to the ring I was so scared but I put my game face on and Mr. McMahon came in the ring
Mr. McMahon: I’m going to have you wrestler Barbie Blank also known as Kelly Kelly
I was so happy because Kelly Kelly cant wrestler
Kelly: Hi
Me: Hi (we shook hands and began)
we locked I kicked her in the gut did a twist of fate while she was on the floor I did the peoples elbow I got up and I ran to the ring post and did a 450 splash and got the three pin. I got up grabbed Kelly's hand pulled her up and shacked her hand.
Mr. McMahon: Wow that was amazing how you did signature and finisher moves only
Me: oh thank you
Mr. McMahon: I need to just ask you a few question I want you to come over staple center when do you have extra time
Me: umm 11:50 till 1:35 but I don’t have a car
Mr. McMahon: Great ill call a taxi to pick you up
Me: oh Thank you
~~~~I ran home~~~
Me: Mom guess what
Mom: You didn’t get the job
Me: No I just need to go to staple center in a few and Mr. McMahon will ask me question
Mom: Well you’re not going
Mom: You lived under my roof So I can tell you what to do
Mom: Great
Me: Awesome I won't have to see you ever again
I took a shower and told Emma to come over
Emma: Hey what’s wrong
Me: I need help I got a job interview for Wwe but I don’t know what to wear
Emma: That’s easy mum remember that time you needed to dress as a lawyer for history well that jacket looked nice
Me : oh yea
Emma: And then wear a white undershirt and white skinny jeans
Me: Thank you Emma for eve thing I text you everyday
Emma: What are you talking about your going be here everday
Me: Well if I get the job I won't see you as often because I’ll be traveling
Emma: WHAT your leaving me
Me: Well......
*Honk Honk*
Me: Oh well that's the taxi wish me luck bye
Emma: I hope you don't get the job
I felt kind of bad for not telling Emma I won't see her everyday but she should have known
~~~ In Staple Center Lost~~~
Fucck were is his office I thought to myself I couldn’t find it I just covered my face not crying but like a face palm because I didn’t ask him where’s his office and the Matt Hardy one of my favorite Wwe wrestler's come up to me.
Matt: Hey what's wrong??
Me: umm I just can't find Mr. McMahon office
Matt: I’ll take you by the way I’m Matt Hardy.
Me: I’m Haidee Reyez
Matt: So why are you trying to find Mr. McMahon office
Me: Well earlier todayMr.McMahon went to gold's gym and I met him told him I wanted to be a wrestler he told me to get in the ring to fight Kelly Kelly I won oh by the way I used the twist of fate so I need thank you
Matt:Ha-ha well your welcome if you get the job if you need anything I’ll be here
Me: Okay thank you
I went to Mr. McMahons office he told me to sit down
Mr. McMahon: Okay I’m just going to ask you a few questions
Me: Okay
Mr. McMahon: How old are you
Me: 18
MrMcMahon: Full name
Me: Haidee Faith Reyez
Mr.McMahon: Any legal problems
Me: No
Mr,McMahon: How long have you been training
Me: 3 Years
Mr.McMahon: Ok now let’s get ready for your character what’s your ring name?
Me: Haidee or Faith
Mr. McMahon: Do you know what you want to wear in the ring?
Me: Yea
Mr. McMahon: Heel or baby face?
Me: Baby face
Mr. McMahon: What type of wrestler highflyer, submission ex?
Me: Highflyer
Mr.McMahon: Would you mind of having a romance storyline
Me: No
Mr. McMahon: Welcome Haidee to the Wwe family here’s your script
Me: Thank you
~~~Went Home~~~
Me: Mom I just came from my interview
Mom: did you get it
Me: Yep
Mom: Mensa porque blah blah blah
Me: Nothing can go wrong
Mom: if you come crawling back to me you would have to do everything I tell you
Me: Trust me I wont and now I can get that studio apartment I wanted
I go to my room call the owner of the apartment he told me I can move in tomorrow I love the look of it and it came with all the furniture but I’m going to buy new furniture because I don’t know what has happen it there. So u went to IKEA, Anna's Furniture, And Best Buy (just for an Xbox and ps30 and a motorcycle store to buy a motorcycle are this cost around 1,800 bucks I call in work and quit.

I woke up drove to the apartment I only took my laptop, clothing, few Wwe posters, few Wwe toy, and a photo album. The furniture movers built the bed and the couch and all when they left I drove to Staple Center. I went to buy a bottle of water and I saw Mickey James

Me: Hi on Haidee Reyez
Mickey: Hi I’m Mickey you must be the new diva
Me: Yep
Mickey: Do you have a match tonight
Me: Oh well I haven’t read my script yet I’ve been busy lately
Mickey: Yell read it
We went to my locker room to grab the script we went to her locker room I began to read it
Me: Oh I’m teaming up with The Hardy's vs. MNM
Mickey: Melina is a bitch to everyone
Me: Fuck, *continues reading*
I read a part that say "Shake Matt's Hand" "Try to shake Jeff's Hand He pulls Haidee in peck kiss her Haidee pushes away and walk away confuse" I did a wtf face and Mickey saw my face expression
Mickey: What’s wrong?
Me: Jeff Hardy has to kiss me doesn’t he have a wife or girlfriend
Mickey: He has a girlfriend for 12 year I believe
Me: I hope I won't be called a Home wrecker from all the fans
Mickey: Who cares I think they’re going to break up Beth has been mad at Jeff since the drug problem
Me: That sucks
*Knock Knock*
Mickey: Oh ill get that
She opens the door it was the Hardy Boys and Ashley
Mickey: Hey you guys oh let me introduce you to a new person in are Wwe family Haidee Reyez
Me: Hello
Ashley: Awesome a new punk diva
Mickey: Hahaha why are you here
Ashley: I was going to ask if you would like to go to the mall.
Mickey: OMG yes Haidee want to join us
Me: No thanks I hate shopping
Mickey: WHAT??
Me: I just don’t like the idea of buying clothes that I won’t even wear.
Ashley: That’s the fun of it
Me: No thank you
Mickey: Fine Matt Jeff keeps her company
They left
Matt: Hey Haidee and this is my brother Jeff
Me: Hi
Jeff: Oh you’re the girl we will be teaming up with
Matt: and the girl you have to kiss and get slapped in the face ha-ha
Me:Haha so what do you guys want to do
Jeff: how about just watch a movie
Me: Sure
So we just sat there watching a movie until Raw begins in the corner of my eye I can see Jeff just stare at me for a long time.
I changed into this

The Hardy’s went out then my Music began to play Boom by System of the Down I came out began to jump up and down every time it says BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you heard cheers you got in the ring smiled waved and did a back flip then MNM came up and I can tell Melina already hates me. It was Matt Vs. Mercury first Melina began to scream which got annoying then Johnny hit Matt without the reef looking so Jeff went it the ring and began to beat up Johnny I went around the ring grabbed Melina's foot fringed it so she can fall in her face on the mat I got on the turnbuckle and did a back flip which landed perfectly Matt got the three count I went in the ring shake Matt's hand Matt when on the turnbuckle did the V1 sign while I tried to shake Jeff hand but Jeff grabs my hand pulls me in and kisses me but it wasn’t a peck kiss that which actually needed to happen he actually tried to put his tongue in my mouth but I pushed away slap him and walked away
Jeff came in to my locker room
Jeff: Hey that was an awesome match
Me: I know right
Jeff: So where are you going after this
Me: My house and sleep on my new bed
Jeff: Can I join you
Me: Don't you have a girlfriend
Jeff: Yea
Me: Ha-ha sucker
Jeff: how about you
Me: what about me?
Jeff: Well do you have a boyfriend
me: ha-ha Nope I don't trust men
Jeff: Why
Me: When I was 12 my dad left my mom for a gringa
Jeff: What's a gringa?
Me: White person in Spanish
Jeff: Oh well not all men are like that
Me: That's what my fist boyfriend and he left me for a cheer girl
Jeff: well than has not a man
Me: And your man??
Jeff: Yea
Me: Oh really because you just come in my locker room and asking if you can sleep in my bed even thought you have a girlfriend yup that's a man.
Jeff: what I was out in spec
Me: Bye Jeff!!
Jeff: No wait Mickey wanted for me to ask you something.
Me: What?
Jeff: She was going to ask if you like to go to a club to party to becoming a new diva
Me: Nope I don't like clubs
Jeff: Wow your weird
Me: better than being normal
Jeff: True ok well here’s the address for the club and were be there 11:30
Me: Bye
I felt kind of bad for being a dick to Jeff I think I need to be nicer to my new co workers, Ugh I’m going to the club just so I can apologize to Jeff and actually hang out with Mickey hey I'll invite Emma so she can still hang out with me. So I decide to call her up.
Me: Emma do you want to go to a club and meet some of my co workers.
Emma: wait you want to go to a club?
Me: Yea
Emma: would you wear a dress?
Me: maybe come over to my new house ill text you the address
Emma: Ok
She came over and was wearing
She got me a dress from hot topic and I actually liked it but a little shorter
We went to the club and I saw Mickey
Mickey: You came!!!
Me: Yea I felt bad and I wanted my friend Emma to come
Emma: Hi
Mickey: Hey
Me: Hey Mickey where’s Jeff
Mickey: I don't know he came with Beth and they got in a fight
Emma: Who's Jeff?
Me: A co-worker I need to find him
Then I saw Matt coming
Me: Hey Matt this is my friend Emma
Emma: Hi
Matt: Hey
Me: Matt where's Jeff
Matt pointed at Jeff I told Emma that I'll be back I ran over to Jeff covered his eye he turned around and smiled
Jeff: Hey I thought you didn’t want to come
Me: I didn’t but I felt bad for ditching Mickey at the mall, I felt bad for not being able to be with my best friend everyday and...
Jeff: and because you wanted to have fun
Me: No I felt bad because I was acting like a dick to you earlier today
Jeff: Oh it’s okay
Me: So what happened with Beth
Jeff: I don’t know I was dancing with her and she saw someone else and left
Me: That sucks you want to dance
Jeff: Sure
so we went on the dance floor we just laugh and then we were really close to each other but then Emma said she was tired and too lazy to drive home I wanted to hang out with Jeff and Matt more so I asked them if they wanted to hang out at my apartment they said yea so we drove to the apartment. Emma just laid in the couch hogging it all up and Matt sat on the other chair so me and Jeff laid on my Bed matt fell asleep so did Emma and me and Jeff just joked around the whole night. We knocked out I woke up first but I feel back asleep because I didn't want to cook for them. I woke up an hour later and I just see Jeff staring at me with his green eyes.

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