My Teacher Is A Vampire ::Episode 6::

Created by Animelovergirl103 on Sunday, December 09, 2012

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''Wait Alex stop.'' Aki (Mr.Watanabi) put his hand over mine stopping me from writing the next problem down. ''Did I mess something up?'' I asked wondered. ''No.'' He said softly , he brushed my hair back.

''Alex , I love you.'' He leaned in.

'''re starting with me again.'' I pushed his face away.

''But you never answered my question..about me being your boyfriend.'' He purred.

'' I thought we were just kidding should be happy I even did that..I'm not gonna let you own me. Especially not a vampire.'' I coughed. ''I think I just barfed a little.''

I stood up walking out the door. ''I'll see you later , bye..Aki.''


''I'm so glad you're back Akira.'' I smiled as I walked in with her inside the classroom.

''Ahem..'' Aki coughed.

''What do you want Aki?'' -.- I groaned.He gasped. ''You can't say my name during school hours.''

I sighed. ''My bad.''..''What do you need, Mr. Watanabi?''

''Oh nothing I just wanted to look at your face.''

I clenched my fist. ''If I could just hit you right now. I swear. It's not gonna work , nothing you try to charm on me is gonna make like you..more than a sensei.''

I stomped all the way to my seat.

''So what'd I miss while I was gone?'' Akira asked. I waved my hands around. ''Nothing much. You're always here when there's drama.''

We fist pounded.

..After class, the day was pretty much over. I was tired as ever so I went straight to my dorm and since Akira had missed a week or so..she headed off to the library to study.

'' Ahh.'' I relaxed on my bed. The bed sheets were cold which made it feel so good on my cheeks.

The closet door opened slowly. I stood up from bed slowly. ''Akira?''

Some one's breath touched my ear, but when I turned around no one was there.

I caught my breath.I must of been going paranoid.

Knock knock.!

''Come in Aki , I know it's you , Akira never knocks.'' He smiled as he came in. He sat next to me on the bed. He waved his hand in front of my face. ''You look like you just saw a ghost..''

''Maybe I did.'' My eyes had no emotion what so ever.

'' I still wanted to check up on you even though there's no more problems coming around to harm you..I just thought I'd see if there's anything you want to talk about.''

I shook my head. ''Good night.''

''Night.'' He closed the door behind him when he left.

''I'm glad he's gone..I was getting tired of waiting..''

I jumped. ''Who said that?''

Something pushed me back down. '' Be quiet , before Aki comes.''

''You remember a boy named Damon , don't you?''

His body finally appeared in plain sight in front of me.

I gasped.

''Shhh. Don't tell him or he'll die too. I found a way,,, to kill him when I was away trying to get stronger.''

''Fuck off ! I'm telling him either way.''

''Are you sure you want to risk him dying?'ll benefit me , because I'll have you to myself. But I was trying to be nice.''

I hope he's just saying this to scare me

''Good night.'' He kissed me while I was in shock.


'' Alex , why don't we have lunch together?''

''..Uh no..I think I' alone today..for some reason..'' I mumbled the last part.

''Is everything okay?'' He asked.

''Everything's fine!'' I smiled widely.

Almost everything..

''Alex you showed up in the garden. You know I've missed you for very long.'' He walked up to me.

'' I have a present for you.'' He took something out of his pocket.

''It's a ring.'' He said as he opened the box , sliding the ring onto my index finger.

''Do you like it?'' He asked.

''Uh..yes. It's pretty.'' I smiled slightly , even though it was fake. I was scared to death being in front of him.

''Come on it's almost sunset..'' He sat me down next to me. '' I didn't tell you before but I always like coming out to look at the stars..''

..''...What type of demon likes doing that.?'' I asked quietly. ''Me..I'm nice and calm when I want to be.''

''Hmm.'' I looked at the sky looking at the stars appear. I looked back at Damon. I don't feel as scared when he's calm.

I should really learn to be fearless or else I'm gonna mess myself up.

''Alex don't move.'' Damon kept leaning and I kept backing away. What the hell did he think he was doing? He's scaring the hell out of me..

I thought he was going to hurt me , I thought I had said something wrong before that he didn't like. But all my thoughts had stop when my ending point came , when my head the grass , of course.

I sighed as I closed my eyes. He only wanted a kiss.

I shouldn't say it like that. Getting a kiss from a demon is just as worse as getting kissed by Aki. But I can't fight back , I have no idea what's hiding behind the back of his disturbed mind.

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