Through the fire we rise(CatoHungerGames)Chapter 8: Friend or foe

Memo: Sequl to We'll leave this place, we'll change this world(CatoHungerGames). ALL banners in this chapter are made by the great DaughterofAnarchy. Visit her profile here: She writes very good stories, especially do I love her Walking Dead story.

Created by dollsanddiamonds on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Chapter 8: Friend or foe

Before Cato can answer my shock comment, I hear Vamos take a step forward, his voice cold and quiet as he speaks, "I was wondering when you would break your mask, Cato. I already told Snow, I never trusted you. I knew I was right all along".

Even though my whole face, especially my cheek, hurts like hell, I cant help but stare up at Cato, my eyes big. A small gasp escapes my lips as Cato avoids looking at me. Instead he turns his back to me, his attention back to Vamos.

"I dont understand", I go on, my voice barely audible. I dont think they even heard me.

Has he been working for Snow all these time? Is he one of the soldiers who have taken control over my home district? I feel the blood leave my face as I realized that Cato is the one who whipped the innocent boy. He killed that farmer boy and he didnt even do anything to stop it.

"How could you?", I ask quietly, and even though my voice comes out in a whisper, I know Cato heard me this time because I see him look quickly at me before he turns his attention back to Vamos. He didnt answer my question.

I suddenly feel arms around my body, and I recognize Katniss holding around me, "Oh my god, Lenka, are you alright?!"

"No", is all I manage to breathe out. I have never been so shocked and hurt before. Peeta is by our side in a second. He lay a hand on my shoulder as he glares up at Cato, even though Cato is standing with his back to us, "What the hell is wrong with you?!". But Cato doesnt answer his question either.

"I dont care if you never trusted me", Cato says coldly to Vamos, "Snow did and thats all that matters. This thing, this agreement, is between me and the president and it is none of your business".

"Then I will gladly inform you, Cato", Vamos replies back slowly, "that I made a little agreement with Snow myself. If you were to fail, if you were to let us down, Snow gave his permission that I will be the one who punishes you. So, how about we start right now? In front of the lovely Lenka, right?".

Before Cato can reply back, I suddenly hear the gasps and suprise shouts from Vamos's and Smith's army. I glance around, alarmed, but then I small smile forms in my face as I spot Mason. He is supporting himself between two of his own soldiers as he makes his way over to us, and I recognize the familiar face of Boggs as he walkes out from between some trees, closely followed by none other than president Coin. They are both holding weapons in their hands, and so are the warriors behind them.

And in almost every tree top that surrounds the camp, I see Coin's many scouts and they all have their arrows pointed at ever single capitol soldier who are standing down here. How the hell did they find us? But then I remember that Mason mentioned that he informed Coin what has happened to us. Wow, she really came here fast. And even though I dont like her, Im grateful she's here. We have the upper hand now. About time.

I feel Kat and Peeta help me up back to my feet again. My eyes is still on Cato. He still isnt facing me. He should be ashamed of himself.

"What is this?", Vamos glances around, his dark eyes shows nothing but pure anger and for a second there, I think I see a flicker of amusement in his eyes, as if he is actually giving Coin and her men some credits for finding him.

He glares at Cato again, "I ask you this one time boy, are you with us or are you with them? And there's only one right answer to that question, Cato, and you better chose that one".

"What if I dont?", Cato spits out as he starts to raise his sword.

"Then", Vamos answers simply, "I'll kill you".

He then, out of nowhere, whips the rope forward. I scream in surprise as Peeta and Kat quickly pulls me back, causing us all to trip and fall back on the ground. But the whip never hits us. As I open my eyes, I watch with big eyes as Cato has grabbed the rope in his hand. I can see that he is bleeding slightly from his hand, but he ignores it. He pulls it, hard, causing Vamos to lose grip.

"What is going on?", I whisper, "I dont understand".

"Me neither", Peeta replies back, his eyes big as well, "is he with them?".

Just as Vamos is about to raise his sword and attack Cato, I hear the sound of what sounds like a bullet and the next second, Vamos screams out in anger as he falls forward onto his knees. I see that he has been shot and as I turn my head, I see a satisfied smile in Boggs's face as he blows his gun. I cant help but let a low chuckle escape my lips. Peeta is smiling weakly too.

"Are you alright, kids?", Boggs shouts as he makes his way over to us. He holds out his hand and I grab it, letting him pull me up.

"What happened to your face?", he asks gently as he lightly touch my swollen cheek.

"Vamos", I mutter back, causing his eyes to darken.

"That bastard!", he curses as he turns to look at Vamos, who is clutching his leg. None of his men are coming for his aid, because they know if they try anything, the scouts will shoot their deadly weapons. Vamos is staring at us with a deadly look in his dark eyes. I have a feeling he is marking us. I wonder what Coin is going to do with him. He deserves to die, but somehow, I know it will not be human of us to just slaughter him here even though he gladly will do it to us if he gets the chance.

"What kind of coward hits a girl?!", Boggs adresses him coldly as he crouches down in front of Vamos. Vamos only spits on the ground, a sneer on his lips.

I feel my heart jump slightly as Cato turns slowly to look at me. I cant help but stare into those ocean blue eyes as he stares at me, a soft look in his eyes. He takes a step forward, but just then, Peeta does the same and he does not look happy.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Cato?!", Peeta demands angrily, "have you been fighting with them? Is that why you left?!".

"Peeta", I begin quietly, but Peeta just glances at me quickly, sighing irritate, "He is a traitor, Lenka. A traitor!".

I dont answer back because I honestly dont know what to say. I mean, the evidences speaks for themselves. We have watched Cato whip an innocent boy, we have seen him with Vamos's army and after hearing Vamos's words earlier, I know Cato helped them attack district 12. God only knows what other horrible things he has done. But why? What happened to him? This isnt the boy I fell in love with during the game.

"Looks like you have a lot of questions to answer", Boggs informs Cato, his voice harsh. Before Cato can say anything, Boggs makes a small gesture with his hand and two soldiers quickly walk up to us and grab Cato, forcing him to crouch down in front of us.

"Cato", I send him a pleading look as he sits in front of me, his eyes on the grass.

"What are you going to do with him?", I ask Boggs, my voice shaking. Boggs sends me a long look before he replies back quietly, "Nothing at the moment. Dont worry, Lenka. We arent like Vamos and his army. We dont kill people unless they give us a reason to. For now, he is going in the prisoner cage".

"You have a cage?", Katniss asks shocked. Boggs nods, "Yes, we do. And Im sure our little traitor boy here will have a lovely time there until we find out what we are going to do with him".

I watch as Cato is been dragged away by Boggs's men. For one second there, I want nothing more than to run after him, to know what the hell he has been up to, but as I take a step forward, I feel Peeta tug on my arm. I glance at him, startled, "What?".

"Dont, please", he says quietly as he looks at me, "he isnt worth it, Lenka. We just saw that he will always be a career. You cant change that".

"I need answers, Peeta", I go on quietly, "there's something wrong-"

"There's nothing wrong with him", Peeta interrups me sharply, "but he has chosen another way. He chose to fight with Snow instead of against him. He chose to fight against us, against you".

"I cant believe that", I only shake my head as a small tear leaves the corner of my eye, "I mean, it doesnt make sense".

Peeta doesnt reply back. Instead we just stand there and watch as Cato is being thrown into a huge cage. Coin closes the door and locks it. She seems very pleased. She then orders her men to capture every single capitol soldier.

I stand there as Coin's army take back the control and forces the soldiers from the capitol to stand in line near the forest. I dont even bother to find out what she is going to do with them. I see Boggs forcing an injured Vamos into one of the cages, the one next to Cato's. Cato is sitting with his back to me, but we both know that I will demand answers from him sooner or later. And he will answer me, he owes me that.

I wonder if he is still in love with me, but I kind of doubt that. I mean, if he truly like me, if he is in love with me, wouldnt he have chose to stay with me? Instead of fighting against me and my friends?

"Are you alright?", I hear Kat ask me. I slowly turn to face her and she has a worry look in her face.

"I dont know", I tell her honest, "I dont know what to think of this. I dont get this, Katniss. Why was he fighting with them? I promise, that is not the guy I fell in love with".

"I know", she replies back quietly, "I trust you on that, but I dont trust him. But I guess you will have to talk to him to find out why he chose to-"

"Isnt it obvious?", I suddenly hear Mason say somewhere near us. I glance to our right and I see him sitting on a tree stump, just resting. He is holding a pack of ice against his neck.

"Are you alright?", Katniss asks him. Mason just sighs, "I'll survive. Im just glad I managed to inform Coin what is happening. She saved us just in time".

"Where were you?", Kat goes on quietly, "did you see how they punished those innocent people?".

He shakes his head as he glances up at us, "No, I didnt. They locked me inside one of the tents and one of the soldier was about to execute me when Boggs stopped him and killed him".

"What do you mean its obvious?", I interrupt, a slight glare in my eyes. I dont like the way Mason judges Cato so easily, but then again, I guess he has every right to. Mason rolls his eyes slightly at my comment, "Havent you opened your eyes yet, Lenka? He's from district 2, which means he's a career. Some things simply dont change".

"You dont know that", I mumble back, "you dont know him at all, Mason".

"I know him enough to know that he has no problem killing", he hisses out. I send him a dark look, "And you dont?".

However, Mason dont get time to answer my accusation, because Boggs shows up with some food, "I guess you kids are hungry. Coin are taking the soldiers back to the district, to force them to rebuild things back up again".

"What?", Peeta asks, furrowing his brows, "wont that take months?".

"Yeah", Boggs nods, "thats why they are starting right now as we speak".

"And Vamos?", Kat asks. Boggs points to the cage, "He'll be there until Coin figures out what we are going to do with him. We cant kill him yet and we cant let him go. He is a danger to us all".

"So what's the plan?", Mason shots out, "are we going to rest here for the night?".

"We have to", Boggs explains as he starts to hand out fruits to each and one of us, "the men are tired, they have been travelling a lot today. But tomorrow, we will pack our stuff and head towards the capitol. It wont take long before Snow knows that we have captured his best man, and once he hears about it, he will send out some strong forces out here and search for us".

"How did you escape?", Peeta asks Boggs before taking a bite from the apple, "we heard they took the control back in our district".

"They did", Boggs says darkly, but then he grins a little, "but Coin and her army came and rescued us. And now we came and rescued you guys and our next target is the capitol. Hopefully we will be there soon. We might have to visit some other districts and help the people there, but that should be no problems. A lot of people are supporting our rebel, so we will always meet friends and supporters no matter where we travel now. Snow is losing the control over the people".

"That's great!", Katniss says proudly, "its about time someone stood up". We all nod to her comment.

I hear Boggs and Mason start to discuss their plans, but I am not paying attention to their conversation. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but my thoughts are somewhere else. My eyes are on the cage where Cato is sitting. I can see him turn his head slightly and for one split second, our eyes meet but he looks down again quickly, as if he cant look at me after everything he has done.

I know exactly what I am going to do tonight, when everyone are asleep. Im going to visit Cato and Im not leaving until he answers my questions.

ALL banners in this chapter are made by the great DaughterofAnarchy. Visit her profile here: She writes very good stories, especially do I love her Walking Dead story.

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