I'll Get You Someday~Harry Styles Love Story~Part 5

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Created by CloudyDayDreamer on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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OK!!! SO PRETEND THAT THIS IS THE 11TH DAY YOU'VE BEEN IN THE U.K OK?! Oh and skyler and eleanor already met.

" You wake up 6 in the morning, you wonder why so early. you just hop in the shower and do your morning routine. You look at your arms and still have tiny scars from your light cuts in middle school. When you cut u used school scissors and did it lightly. It barely bled and was never deep. It just looks like scratches. You find scissors and lightly glide the blade on your skin. It makes just a little bit blood run through your arm. You wash it off and see it already around 7. You hop back in your bed and get your laptop. You go back on twitter to see all the bad comments. You see you have a couple more few followers and see that Eleanor wrote " Hey everyone, will you please stop saying bad things to ______? She doesn't need anything like this right now. They're just friends :( " You smile at that and retweet. You back to the home page and see just a little of nicer tweets and some mean ones. You go on Skype and Skype with your other best friends Megan. Converation: Hey Megan!" "Hey _____ I miss you!" " I miss you too!!! So hows things been" "Good, So i seen some things with you and Harry Styles!" " Yah i met him in the plane and now i'm at his house" " Your heck lucky normal things don't happen to normal people" " I am normal! -ish!" " Haha *yawn* I'm getting sleeping imma go off now" " Well this was a nice 5 seconds of talking to you!" " BYE! " " bye meg" You go off and watch some comedy movies until around 1. You hear a knock on the door and go up and get it. You come face to face with Eleanor. You haven't seen her in a couple of days.

" What were you doing still in bed?" She says

" Watching movies" You say sleepy

" I'm gonna take you shopping today, to get your mind off of things"

" Ok well let me just get ready" You say. You go into the bathroom brush your teeth,comb your hair then curl it and change into http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65684701 . You say bye to Louis, Harry and Skylr are still sleeping. El drives to the mall and there are some flashes.

" Did you eat lunch yet?" El asks

" No i just stayed in bed" You say

" Ok let's go get lunch first then."

" Ok" You guys go to the food court and you get some pizza and Eleanor get a salad. You guys got to a table in the back and start talking.

" So you know i told you what i use to do in middle school"

"Yeah, but don't tell me you started, please?"

" Yeah * slightly lifting your sleeve and showing her* but it's fine"

" Did you just do these? ____ don't do this it's not good and the paparazzi might catch it and put it in a magazine"

" Yeah i know but i just have to hide it"

" Why did you even do it again?" She says putting your sleeve down.

" The fans, the comments, a lot of things. But you don't have to worry."

" I have too! Your one of my closest friends now, and what do you think harry will say or skyler?"

" I'll just hide it from them and Harry won't care were not even together"

" But harry really cares about you, he's been telling his mum, Louis, the guys and Louis has been telling me all about you. Don't tell anybody this, but Harry wanted to take you too meet his mum next week."

"Really? That's sweet"

" Yeah, They told me not to tell anyone, but i wanted to tell you so you can get ready for it."

" Ok thanks, so do you wanna go around the mall now?"

" Yeah, sure" you guys get up throw away your trash then head out of the food court. You first go to H&M and buy a couple of sweaters.


It's been about 6 hours and you went to Aero, hollister, A&F Hot Topic and other stores,and now your going to Forever 21. Once you walk in a shirt catches your eyes.

" Look Eleanor! I love harry styles, and i love louis tomlinson shirts! Lets gt them!" you say

" I thought you and HArry weren't dating" she says confused

"We aren't, i just think it's cute to wear."

"Sure you do." She smirks

You guys find your sizes and pay for them. You then walk out of the mall and she drives back to the guys' flat. You grab your bag and walk into the house while saying bye to El.

" Hey where did you go?!" Sky asks

" The mall with El"

" WHY DIDNT YOU TKAE ME! I want to go shopping!"

" whoops? you could go tomorrow"

" Are you still gonna go?"


" YOU SUCK!" she stomps up stairs and you go to put the bags int your room. It's 8 so you make some dinner for yourself. The guys aren't home and you wonder where they were. You finish your food and go on your computer. You see that you and Eleanor are already on the internet from you guys shopping together. It's the usual thing on twitter, the hate. You wanted to go do what you did but remembered what Eleanor said. You just close your laptop and take a nap on the couch which turns into sleeping there the rest of the night. You wake up at around 9 and no ones down yet. You get up and walk to your room. You walk into Skylers room cause you heard walking in there

" Hey Sky" you say sleepy

"Hi what are you doing in my room?"

" Stuff i fell asleep downstairs, when did the guys come back home?"

"This morning, hey remember at the airport when we wre talking about what we wre going to see?"

" Yeah?"


"Oh You were right,ha" You notice that her bags aren't unpacked " Why are your bags packed?"

" I didn't want to tell you this but i'm leaving tomorrow."

" WHY? I thought this was a vacation for both of us!"

" Yeah i know but my boss said that i had to go back to work on monday, so i'm leaving tonight"

" Oh. I'm gonna miss you"

" Me too." You go to your room , shower , do what you normally do, and change in to your pjs. You go downstairs and eat breakfast with Louis and Harry.

" I took a picture of you sleeping" Harry says. You almost spit out your cereal because that sounded weird.

" That doesn't sound like a peed at all!" say say sarcastically

" Harry always does that to girls" Louis says. Harry shows you the picture and say" You look Beautiful"

" Thank you!" You say " So Skyler leaving tonight"

" Why" they ask

" Cause her boss said she has to go to work on monday."

"So are you leaving too" Harry asks

"If you want m to -" you were cut off by harry saying quickly " No! WE WANT YOU TO STAY!"

"Ok then." you say smiling


Now it's the time where you guys drive off to the airport. You go to the waiting room and wait for Skyler to leave. an hour later she has to go on her plane.

" Bye Sky" you say sadly

" Bye ___" she then leaves and you head out of the airport. The car ride was silent. Then you guys arrived home. You just went straight up to your room and skipped dinner. You didn't want to be alone in the house ,with your best friend. You wanted to leave so you wouldn't be alone. You just fell asleep.

Harry's POV

i woke up around 10. Today was the day. Today was the day i would ask _______ to be my love, my girlfriend. I had things set already. That day i was gone with Louis i planned out everything. I showered changed and did what i would normally do. ____ was still sleeping. I walked into hr room to wake her up but whn i saw her face, her cheeks were covered in tear stains. Her laptop was still on so i looked at it. It was plane tickets back to her home. Is she really going to leave? i thought. I just closed the laptop and tried to wake her up.

"_______ wake up." I gently said

" yeah?" shee said

"Do you want to go on a date with me?"

"Sorry Harry but i just can't think straight anymore"

" Please? Tonight? I had things planned for us."

" Um… ok" She said getting up with her arms.HER ARM! They had a bunch of scars on them.

"Love? what are these on your arm?" I said grabbing her arm

"Nothing" She pulled hr arm away quickly so i wouldn't see.

" No, babe let me see."

"No it's nothing"

"You could tell me."

"No i can't your not gonna care anyways" That made me a little angry that she said that.

"Babe what have you been doing?" I took her arm out of the blanket and she tried to pull it away. When I saw it i ask

"Why?"i paused "I can't imagine you doing this to yourself!" I let go of hr arm and waited for her to say something.

"I just…. did" was all she said. I could tell she was trying to hold back tears but it just made her eyes look watery. I don't want to see her cry. I don't want to be the reason she did it. I just needed her to explain it. I want to do the right things. What was wrong? And then i just kissed her.

Your POV

When i was about to cry Harry just kissed me. His lips were indescribable. Perfect,amazing, beautiful. It was a passionate kiss for awhile. We broke apart after a couple of minutes. I was speechless.

Harry's POV

That was an amazing kiss.

"wow" i said. I panicked so i said " I should go out" I just walked out.

Normal POV

You were very shocked. When he left you couldn't stop smiling! You wanted him to ask you to be his girlfriend but you just thought you were not worthy enough to have him. You got through the day until it was 5. You brush your teeth took a shower did your hair, makeup and changed into this


You thought you'd look amazing. You just wanted to know if Harry would like it. You were sitting on your bed thinking about where he would be taking you and if you over dressed. You weere caught out of your thoughts when you heard knocking on your door. You opened it to Harry wearing a tux. He look handsome.

" Wow, You look Amazing" He said

"Thank you! You look very handsome too!" You said hoping it wasn't very cheesy . You too walked out of your room and into Harry's car.

"So where are w going?" You asked

"It's a surprise. " He said

"Ok" you were smiling.

"You look really beautiful" He says

"Thanks!" you say. 20 minutes pass and your at an expensive restaurant.

"Wow harry this is expensive you don't have to take me here" you say

"No love, it's fine, anything for you" he says. he takes your hand and goes into the restaurant. He tells the waiter his name and he tells harry to go up the stairs. You were a little confused that there was a second level but just went along with it. When your there Harry says " Surprise!" You are shocked. Your on the roof of the restaurant and it's and AMAZING view. It's all set up with lights roses everything is PERFECT. You go over to HArry and hug him.

"Thank you Harry this is perfect! " You say

"Just wait till the end" he says. The waiter comes and you ordr your food. The waiter comes back with your food and drinks.

" Wow Harry, you didn't have to do all of this for me!" you say

" It's fine love, i just wanted every to be perfect." about 35 minuts pass and your done with your food. You and Harry are now looking over the city lights when Harry says" Hey love, look over there * pointing to that direction* can you read that for me? " He asks

"Yeah sure" You squint at it and you mouth drops your shocked, it says "_______ will you be my girlfriend?" Your wide eyed speechless. You can't speak and when you turn back to harry, he's on his knees holding a bunch of rose for you." Please?" He asks. You take the rose and kiss him.

" Does that answer your question?" You say. He just smiles and kisses you again.


of chapter 5….. I'll have chapter 6 up in a few days… hopefully. MESSAGE ME PLEASE!

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