Demon's Slave

Created by xXRustyRedd13Xx on Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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'Alexandra Where The Hell Are You?!' I Heard As I Tried To Run Farther Away From Him.... Him As In Blake He Was A Neko And Also My Best Friend That Was Until He Sold Me To A Demon Named Wade. 'My Most Trusted Friend Sold Me To A Demon Wow Whats Next ?' I Thought To Myself As Tried Climbing The Tree In Front Of Me. 'Hey!!! Stop!!! Get Over Here I Own You!!!' 'Shit Its The Demon' I Said Aloud Trying To Get Away From Both The Demon And Neko Chasing Me.I Still Wasnt Sure Why Blake Sold Me I Mean We Knew Each Other Forever Iknow Him Like The Back Of My Hand Or I Thought I Did. It Just Wasnt Like Him He Used To Be So Nice And Sensitive And Now Hes So Rude And Aggressive.By The Time They Made It To The Tree I Was Already High Up Looking Down On Them...I Wasnt Sure They Could See Me. 'Get Down Here Now!!! I Own You!!!' The Demon Kept Yelling As If I Would Obey...Wait Dont Demon Have Wings???....Shit Uhm Please Rate Or Something So I

Could Know If I Should Make Another Part

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