Five Minuets to Midnight: A New Years Eve Short Story

hello sorry I know this is late and it's the second and not the first but I was soooo busy!! Anyway, here's a little shot of what happed on New Years for some of my story characters, I plan on publishing a quiz later that's a bit more fun... stay tuned...

Created by Binxie on Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Quote of the Day:
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves


Taylor's Point Of View:
Christmas was amazing; the English countryside had been breath taking.
It had been the first time Elie had agreed to celebrate it, or so Cayce said. I was so busy enjoying the winter wonderland to really notice the distance he’d been putting between us. I had been so wrapped up in my own happiness that I forgot an essential part of it, him. When I look back on it I suppose it’s better that I was able to enjoy the holiday, able to ignore the iciness of his demeanor when others were around us. It’s nice to look back on the good memories now that everything’s gone to hell. When we got home it was another story, it then became blatantly clear.

For one, he hated meetings of any sort, yet he was using them to stay out all hours of the night leaving me in the care of Astor, Miguel had opted to stay over seas for a few more weeks and Cayce and Keilan didn’t need me as their third wheel. At first I was okay with it but as the week went by I became increasingly agitated. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy Astor’s company, I did, really, I did.

It was the distance I felt when Elie was home that sent me into an insane spiral of depression and desperation. Instead of confronting him about it however, I did what any logical girl would do in my situation when the guy she loves more than life (literally) seems to be ready to make a run for it. I called up a witch.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no I didn’t plan on drugging him into loving me forever, thought the thought did cross my mind. No I wanted to know what was going on with him, I wanted to know so I could fix it, my immature mind wanted to fix myself to make it work, I know how stupid that sounds now.

I was trying, despite my strange appetite and abnormal blood that refused to turn all the way, I thought I was doing okay. I was able to control my emotions better than even Elie was and by next year I planned to be off the pills that suppressed my bloodlust. Adina insisted on them sure that I’d lose it if I killed someone. I had my moments when I had to lock myself in the basement to prevent a scene but other than that I was okay, he said I was doing great. I didn’t understand why he was slowly letting me go when a few months ago it had seemed impossible to imagine my life without him.

“Why don’t you just ask him?” Cerulean asked me as we sat at her kitchen table.

I had managed to escape Astor for a few hours, I needed to do this, nothing felt more important than this.

“Because I’m afraid if I do he’ll just dump me then,” I said in a sarcastic tone despite the very real panic that had settled in my heart.

“Fine,” Cerulean sighed, “did you brink me something of his?” she asked me impatiently.

“Yes,” I nodded.

I had thought of asking Melissa, but was afraid she might say something to Jace about it. Despite his guilt over letting me die, he still hated me more than words could say and I doubted that he’d keep it a secret if he was told.

I handed Cerulean a watch that I’d stolen from Elie’s drawer.

“You need to be quiet for this,” she sighed prepping some herbs and lighting them on fire.

She sat for a long time just staring into the water bowl she’d dropped the smoking herbs into and I was just growing impatient when her eyes snapped shut and she began muttering under her breath.

I sat forward my body tense, waiting, wanting to hear what she had to say, so sure I could fix all my problems if only I knew. Another moment passed when Cerulean’s eyes opened slowly and she blinked them like someone just waking up.

“I didn’t see anything directly,” she confessed, “but I do know that… on New Years… if you can find him at midnight, all your problems will be resolve.”d

“If not?” my blood froze in my veins.

“It doesn’t look good,” she shook her head.

There was a knocking on Cerulean’s apartment door and I jumped.

“Hey, Cerulean, sorry to bug you but have you seen Taylor?” I identified Astor’s voice.

“How does he know I’m here?” I balked.

I had snuck out, I had made sure no one was following me, no one was trailing me, he shouldn’t have found me. Cerulean looked at me sympathetically and I frowned.

“What?” I snapped under my breath.

“Your ring… don’t you know?” she asked me gently.

“What about it,” I looked down at my engagement ring admiring the shimmer of it before looking back at Cerulean.

“I thought he’d have told you,” she shook her head, “it’s spelled to be a tracking beacon, when he got me to do it I thought it was to protect you.”

“Cerulean, if you don’t open the door I may have to break it down, it’s imperative that I find Taylor, lest she kill someone,” Astor pounded on the door again.

It was crystal clear then. It was spelled to track me, to keep an eye on me.

Elie likes to buy the women in his life with pretty gifts... but what do you buy a girl who doesn't wear jewelry? Not even a cross on her pretty neck....

Miguel had said once and I felt a shiver run down my spine feeling just as insecure as I had at that moment.

And if I had killed someone…

“Can you remove it?” I asked Cerulean.

“Not without breaking some treaty rule,” she shook her head.

“Cerulean!” Astor pounded on the door again.

“Here, jesus,” she stormed over to the door and yanked it open, “so we’re not allowed girl time either?”

I still felt numb, unable to cope with the realization that had just washed over me. Did he propose to me because he loved me or did he do it knowing I would never take the ring off? I felt the almost irresistible urge to rip the ring from my finger and run.

“I thought we were going to a movie tonight,” Astor had the nerve to sound hurt when he spoke.

“Sorry,” I began apologizing before I had really thought about it.

“That’s fine, lets go,” he said to me ushering me out like a child.

I felt a wave of nausea and anger rushed over me and in a hissy fit I stood up and stormed out of the room without thanking Cerulean for her help. I found Astor’s little Mazda truck outside and sat in it feeling numb.

“What’s up with you?” Astor asked me curiously getting into the truck.

“Nothing I’m just… hungry…” I lied.

I didn’t want him to know I knew about the tracking spell on my engagement ring, I didn’t want Elie trying to inject me with a microchip next in his efforts to keep an eye on me.

“Let’s go get food then?” he asked me cheerfully and I nodded.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right
Melissa's Point of View:

“So are we going to the New Years Eve party?” I asked Xavier.

“If you want,” he smiled at me looking away from the tv screen.

It never ceased to amaze me how he could be so comfortable in a werewolves den, so to speak.

“Elie will be there,” I cautioned him.

His expression hardened like it always did when Elie’s name was mentioned but they softened after a moment and he shrugged.

“I’m not spending the rest of my life running away from him, besides,” Xavier turned back to the television, “he’s as lethal as a dust bunny as preoccupied as he’s been lately.

I frowned then and nodded. I had met with Taylor the day previous and she had been just as preoccupied and almost hysterical.

“I hope nothing is going on with him,” I said with a sigh.

“Mel, what does it matter what’s going on with him?” Xavier asked me sharply.

“Whenever he’s upset, someone gets hurt, he has the emotional capacity of a five year old and the coping skills of a three year old,” I said with a shrug not willing to admit to Xavier how worried I was.

“We’re fine, Jace has to protect you and the Society is still scanning Elie’s emails and phone calls,” Xavier turned off the television, “you can’t fix everyone’s problems,” he stated then.

“I know… but…” I sighed and sat next to him on the couch resting my head on his shoulder.

“That won’t stop you from trying?” he laughed gently kissing my forehead.

“Probably not,” I sighed once more and stood up.

“What are you doing now?” Xavier whined.

“I told August I’d call her to see how her and Miguel are doing,” I said simply.

I was disappointed that my relationships with Cayce and Miguel had suffered when I chose Xavier instead of Elie, then the whole Paris incident, but it was getting better, I was scheduled to Skype with August this afternoon and was going shopping with Cayce this evening. Miguel had even sent me a Christmas card from Elie’s estate, we’d been invited but respectfully declined, I was fine being in the same room with Elie but Xavier just barely managed to contain himself.

One day Paris will be behind us and we can all laugh about it…

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out.

“Hello?” I asked the unknown number.

“If the ring was smaller do you think you could remove the spell?” It was Taylor.

“Theoretically,” I agreed walking away from Xavier hoping he wouldn’t hear the conversation.

The last thing I wanted was for Taylor’s situation to get any worse because Xavier couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I loved him but secrets were not his forte.

“How much would I owe you if I got you to remove the tracker in my ring?” she asked me hurriedly, speaking in a low tone.

She was scared of being overheard too.

“… Taylor…” I began.

“… Melissa, you’re the only one who is even willing to try, Cerulean wont even try, the same with everyone else…” her voice was growing more and more desperate.

I thought about it for a second, it would royally piss off Elie, me interfering in his coven and with his fiancé no less.

“Why don’t you just talk to him?” I tried to convince her again, “he’s not any happier than you…”

“I can’t,” she said shortly and I sighed.

“Ask me after New Years okay?” I allowed.

“… That’s not a no,” she said brightly.

“It’s not a yes either,” I warned her.

“I’ll take it,” before I could reply she had hung up.

“So we’re going to the New Years party?” Xavier asked me from the couch.

“I suppose we have to, it’s politics,” I agreed, “good thing I’m going shopping with Cayce.”

“I’ll just get Kalex to lend me something,” Xavier shrugged, “he’s mostly my size.”

I laughed. He went back to staring at the television and was able to stare at him freely.

I never ceased to amaze me, how happy I was with him, how much more I felt like myself when I was with him. He didn’t hold me at a distance, he didn’t hold back, and I felt free to do the same. I could recall the moment I met him with perfect clarity and it felt strange that at that moment I hadn’t known he was the one. I could recall our first kiss the way he made me feel and how safe I knew I was. Nothing could or would ever happen to me while he was with me.

“Your staring makes me feel awkward,” he stated still watching the tv.

“Even after all this time?” I asked him curiously.

“I’m afraid you’ll figure out how flawed I am and run,” he confessed.

“If you have an outer flaw I’ve yet to see it,” I scoffed.

His bright green eyes lit to mine then and glittered with suppressed laughter.

“Were your eyes that colour when you were human?” I asked him curiously then sitting next to him.

“What do you think?” he asked me.

I paused and closed my eyes trying to remember. It still felt like a blur, remembering my past life was like trying to remember things from when I was an infant.

“Yes,” I said suddenly, “they were because the other children from the village thought you were the devil and were scared of you.”

“They were kind of right,” he laughed and I grinned.

Just then my Skype call began to ring.

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things
Andreas's Point of View:

The room was dark when she came to me, the room was dark, the hospital silent. Christmas had come and gone and still I felt like I was on the edge of some psychotic break. That had been my only wish for Christmas, was to be okay again, I got nothing for Christmas.

“Andreas?” her voice was soft, a whisper, for a moment I thoguht it was only my imagination.

“Taylor?” I sat up startled feeling a cold hand on my arm.

“I’m here,” she agreed.

My night vision kicked in as I focused hard on the area her voice resonated from. She sat at the end of my bed, a small form hugging her knees to her chest as if to ward off the chill of my room.

“How did you get in, it’s past visiting hours…” I began.

“Shh…” her finger touched my lips sending little shivers across my skin, “I missed you and wanted to be here, with you.”

“Surely you have something better to be doing than sitting in here with me at night,” I protested.

“Nothing,” she shook her head.

“You shouldn’t be here, I’m not safe for you…” I began and again she shushed me.

“I trust you Andreas,” she said over my protests, “I love you and you know you’d be here if it were me.”

I couldn’t deny that but it still felt wrong.

“Does Elie know you’re here?” I asked her.

“Does it matter?” she countered.

“No,” my voice was so quiet I didn’t think she’d heard me.

“I didn’t think so,” she laughed softly.

My eyes were focused on my knees I was so scared to look at her. To see her here, to see her here and still want to kill her, it scared me so much. I was startled when her fingers ran through my hair and she sighed.

“You need a hair cut,” she sounded amused, then, “why won’t you look at me.”

I felt my heart tear just a little.

“I can’t,” I shook my head.

“Look at me,” she ordered sharply.

I hesitantly let my eyes leave my knees and meet her eyes.

“I love you,” she stated then in a clear voice, no longer whispering.

“I love you too,” I said not missing a beat.

“No… I love you…” she said with more urgency, “I should have realized sooner… before…”

What was she saying? She couldn’t be saying what I thought she was saying, it was impossible. I had seen her grow more and more unhappy over the past week however and it wasn’t entirely out of the realm of reality, I supposed. I still felt my breath freeze in my lungs. I had no idea how to reply or even what to think.

Poor you getting everything you want…

“… Before?” I asked hesitantly.

“I made a mess of everything,” she touched my hand and smiled sadly.

I merely stared at her for what felt like eternity.

“Say something please?” she asked, her eyes wide with worry.

I shook my head still unable to speak afraid that I would wake up and it would all be a dream.

“I can’t…” I began.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come… or dumped that on you or…” she was babbling now pacing around my room, I didn’t remember her standing up it was so fast.

“Taylor,” I stood up to trying to catch her as she walked past me her arms flailing.

“I mean what did I expect to just come in here and…” I caught her then.

“Come in here and what?” I asked her.

“Ask you if you sill wanted me…” it was her turn to avoid my eyes and she stared down at our feet.

“Is that what you’re asking?” I felt my hands act on their own and reach for her cupping her face in my hands.

“Something like that,” she met my gaze nervously.

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted,” I had planned something more than just that simple sentence but in the rush of the moment I forgot all about it.

I felt her trembling in my hands and my nerves settled then, I was scared, but so was she, I took comfort in that.

“You’re all I want…” she said softly, her breath brushing against my lips.

It was an easy enough thing to pull her into my arms and meet her lips with mine. To feel her melt in my arms, to kiss me back with a desperation I only ever imagined she would was pure heaven. It was almost too easy to run my fingers though her hair to pull her tight to my body. I gently pressed her up against the wall and had to struggle to control my breathing. It was all happening too fast but I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

That being said when I pulled away and met her hazy gaze I was surprised.

“It’s almost too easy,” I felt myself say.

“Too easy?” she asked me breathlessly.

“… Don’t you think?” a cold chill ran over me, I wasn’t speaking, was I?

That wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, I hadn’t thought it, but I had said it.

“Andreas?” she looked startled now, “you’re hurting me.”

I could feel my grip on her arm tighten unbearably tight, I knew I was hurting her but I couldn’t stop.

“Andreas, please, let me go,” she pleaded.

"It’s too easy, so, I'm going to kill you," I murmured.

She stared at me, a look of shock and betrayal on her face.

"It'll be like falling asleep," I felt the dagger in my hand, felt it not really believing it was there, "it'll only hurt for a moment," I couldn’t stop myself, there was no control, no stopping myself.

Where had I gotten the dagger? I wasn’t allowed to carry weapons in here.

It was on her… she brought it with her…

"Just close your eyes..." I kissed her forehead counting the vertebrae until I reached the right on that indicated where her heart would be, "I love you, Taylor, I'm sorry."

"Andreas..." she said panic lacing her words, she struggled ineffectively trying to escape, but I was stronger than her.

Why did you bring a dagger in with you…

I felt her flesh give way to the dangerously sharp tip of the blade and she sucked in a breath surprised. Warm liquid rushed over my palms and finally able to control myself I pulled away and Taylor fell to the ground. I stared at my bloody hands shaking uncontrollably, her crimson blood pasted itself to my own skin a blinding beacon of what I just did.

“Oh god Taylor…. Taylor!” I shook her.

Her vibrant greet eyes were blank, the light had gone out of them even as her blood pooled around her.

“I didn’t want to… I didn’t mean to… why did you bring the dagger in with you!” I was shaking and crying, a mess of tears and blood.

I clenched my eyes shut tightly willing the scene before me to disappear.

“I didn’t mean to…” I whispered over and over.

“Andreas!” I was being shaken roughly, “it’s just a dream…”

I opened my eyes and found myself strapped down to my bed an iv drip shoved into my arm delivering a potent calming drug.

“Where is she, I need to see her!” I demanded despite the feeling of sedation washing over me.

“Who Andreas?” the Doctor asked me.

“Taylor,” I whispered fearfully.

“She can’t come right now Andreas, you need to relax and go back to sleep, we’ll talk about this in the morning…” he said and I felt myself slip under the calming effects of the drug.

My eyes wandered around the room finding the Christmas card Taylor had sent me.

She’s alright…

The only way to spend New Year's Eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel. Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears

Taylor's Point of View:

“Like my dress?” I asked Elie as I posed in front of the mirror.

“It’s lovely,” he glanced at me before going straight for his closet.

I frowned but slipped a necklace around my neck before looking back at him with a smile on my face, I was trying. Trying not to be needy, not to be clingy and spastic.

“Not gorgeous, breath taking, just lovely?” I asked him in a teasing tone.

He appeared not to hear me and instead turned to look at me and seemed to hesitate before he spoke.

“I won’t be able to escort you to the party, but I will meet you there,” he braced himself for my expected blow up.

I couldn’t stop myself this time, I did blow up and I did lose it.

“So you’re sending me with Astor again? Are you that embarrassed to be seen with me?!” I felt my fingers clench at my sides.

“You know that’s not it, I’m busy and…” he began.

“In the whole time we’ve been dating you never once went to a single meeting…” I began my voice rising in hysteria.

“You hadn’t killed off the whole town during that time,” Elie said shortly and I felt my stomach drop and my eyes began to water.

He had the grace to drop his gaze and instead put a small box on the bed between us.

“I exchanged it for a smaller diamond like you asked,” he said before making his way to the door, “you now have a credit at Tiffanies,” were his last words before he left the room.

I felt the tears at the corners of my eyes and I swiped at them angrily, I found my masquera on my fingers and my anger intensified, I had spent an hour on my make up.

“You ready to go?” Astor knocked on the door before poking his head in.

I nodded and picked up the ring box on the bed before shoving the new ring on my finger. I looked at it and caught the familiar sparkle of the diamond. He’d turned this one into a tracker too.

“Where is Elie going tonight?” I chanced asking Astor.

“Business meeting, vampire thing,” he shrugged, “I don’t ask.”

“Don’t ask don’t tell right?” I muttered letting Astor help me with my coat and then out the door.

I looked at my phone, it was nine, I had plenty of time to find him before midnight, he was going to be at the party anyway.

In my country when a man gets down on one knee, it's because he either wants to get married or he's been shot. Sometimes it's been because of both
Melissa's Point of View:

“Do you remember the ball at Jaclyn’s house?” I asked Xavier as we walked into the grand hall booked for this New Years Eve party.

“How could I forget,” he shook his head, “it was a near disaster.”

“I was referring to the fun dancing that occurred,” I protested, “still nearly a disaster, I thought I’d lost you.”

“You could never lose me,” I denied.

“I almost did,” he objected.

“Well let’s go dance to make up for lost time,” I laughed pulling him onto the dance floor.

The music was stuffy and boring but being here with him was all I could ever have asked for.

“Jace came,” I said surprised.

“He mentioned that he might,” Xavier nodded in agreement.

“I didn’t think he actually would thought,” I shrugged my eyes still scanning the crowd.

I saw Adina, member of the Council for the society, and her son Tristan, her other son was still locked up in murder rehab. I didn’t know why they let murderers like him and Elie live, angel blood or not, it shouldn’t have made a difference.

I spotted Taylor then standing by the drinks table with Astor at her elbow. She was scanning the crowd like me but with and edge of nervousness. Which I found sad. I had no idea what was going on with her and Elie but it was tragic all the same. I had only met her a few times and every time she had projected an aura of innocents and naivety that very nearly broke my heart.

“She always makes me think of someone who is dangerous but doesn’t know it,” Xavier followed my gaze.

“Does she?” I found myself staring at Taylor.

Her eyes met mine then and I glanced away.

“You don’t actually think Elie’s dumb enough to dump her do you?” Xavier then asked me.

“Do I think he is? Most certainly,” I scoffed.

“There’s nothing you can do to help her,” Xavier reminded me.

“I know,” I sighed once again.

“It’s best not to get involved,” he warned me again.

“I know,” I said shortly.

“You already agreed to help her didn’t you?” Xavier groaned.

“You wouldn’t love me if I didn’t,” I objected then.

“Fair enough,” he laughed, “look it’s almost midnight.”


“Have you see Elie?” Taylor was there then.

“What makes you think,” Xavier began.

“No,” I said over top of him.

Taylor ran off then and I watched her go with a frown.

“He’s not here is he?” Xavier asked me then.

“I cant feel him, no,” I shook my head.

We are liars in the face of love...

Andreas's Point of View:

My window viewed above the brick wall enclosing the hospital, so I could see the busy streets, hear the party horns, midnight was growing nearer and nearer with each passing second.

Let’s hope the next year is better than this one…

I recalled the superstition that the person you were with at midnight was the person you were going to spend the next year with. I scoffed as I looked back at the door locking me in and found a burly guard.

That seems fairly accurate... IT’s just you and me for the next year Stan…

It was probably for the best. I didn’t deserve to be let out in public, why I wasn’t put down was beyond me.

“Happy New Year…” I murmured to myself and maybe a little to Stan outside my door.

I'll be good for you... just let me in...
Taylor's Point of View:

I felt frantic and probably looked it too. I had searched the whole party, called Elie multiple times and still it was five minuets to midnight and I still hadn’t found him.

“Damnit,” I cursed, not for the first time that night.

Why hadn’t I followed him, demanded he let me go with him, something anything other than passively standing by and letting him walk out the door.

… if you can find him at midnight, all your problems will be resolved

I watched the doorway, willing him to walk through it. He had to be here, he had to come, if he came before midnight it would all be okay, Cerulean said so. With a panicked feeling in my chest I listened to everyone count down.

10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

He would walk in any second, any moment he would be here, he had to be or my world as I knew it would come crashing down. I could clearly see the two paths in my life part and the results from each of them.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

I looked around desperately, everyone was hugging, kissing and laughing, clinking glasses welcoming in the New Year. I was trying to keep myself together. I managed to escape Astor and ran outside collapsing on the entryway steps.

It was all over, everything that we had been through together for the past year had collapsed from under me and I had let it, all because I had let him out of my sight for two seconds.

He’s gone.. I’ve lost him…

I had no idea how long I was outside for, time didn’t feel like it mattered anymore. It was on the front steps where he found me.

“What are you doing out here all alone?” he asked me gently.

“Waiting for you… you said you’d meet me here but… last year has come and gone and… you weren’t there…” I said feeling my throat thicken with tears.

“I’m here now, let’s go inside, surely the party isn’t over yet,” he said in a mild tone that implied he thought I was over reacting.

“You know… the person you spend with when midnight hits is the person you’re going to spend the rest of the year with?” I asked him not able to look at him, already it felt like he was no longer mine.

Were you ever?

I could be your perfect disaster...
Elie's Point of View:

“I had no idea you were so superstitions,” I commented.

“I learned that fairies, vampires, werewolves and witches exist in one night, sent demons back to hell dimensions and became a vampire, how could anyone not be a little superstitious?” she asked me quietly.

I frowned and offered her my hand.

“Let’s go home,” I said and she looked up to meet my eyes.

“Are you actually coming with me?” the looked up at me and it nearly broke my heart, the sadness I saw there.

“Of course,” I tried to smile but she didn’t return it, “I’m sorry I missed the party,” I tried again to apologize.

“Why weren’t you there?” she demanded in a tearful voice, her eyes were dry but she was still visibly upset.

I couldn’t tell her without her knowing and it was better if she didn’t know, the truth was too much for me to handle let alone her. So I lied.

“I lost track of time,” it was the most disgusting excuse I could have come up with and was an excuse only desperate lying little boys used.

She saw through it and her eyes fell to the ground between us.

“Just go, I’ll catch a ride with Astor,” she stood then and walked back into the party.

If you knew… I can’t do this to you… To us… I’m trying… It’s what’s best for you…

“Taylor!” I shouted after her running up the steps to catch her.

“What?” she asked me tiredly, “do you want from me?”

“To tell me it’s okay that I missed tonight and you’ll forgive me one day…” I said half joking mostly serious.

“It’s never going to be okay that you don’t love me,” she said and her shimmering green eyes waited for me to deny it, for me to tell her she was over reacting.

I wanted to, I really did, but in that moment I felt like it was best for both of us if I didn’t.

“… Right…” the disappointment that washed over her features broke me to pieces and she was gone before I could stop her.

I thought it was best if I leave her alone, Astor would take care of her. With that decided I went home and changed out of the suit I hadn’t needed to put on tonight.

I sat in our room and tried to remember all the good times before now, all the smiles and the laughter before the crash. It was never going to be the same.

It’s for the best…

I heard the door open and made my way downstairs hesitantly and found only Astor in the entryway taking off his shoes.

“Where’s Taylor?” I asked him.

“I thought she was with you… she told me she was leaving with you,” he said when my eyes widened.

I pulled out the mirror that was linked to her tracking device. All I got was white light and nothing else. I felt my stomach churn and closed the mirror once and opened it, same result.

“I’d know if she was dead wouldn’t I?” I asked of Astor, my mouth dry.

Astor drew a blank and began stuttering.

“I… I… well… you… I would imagine so,” he finally said to me.

“I would know… the mirror…” I paused, “it would go red not white…”

“The signal is being blocked,” Astor said then.

“Being blocked… so she knows about the tracker…” I paused, “and had someone remove it… or block it…”

“I think so…” Astor nodded.

“So where did she go?” I muttered.

“You sure you can’t find her,” Astor asked cautiously.

I humored him and closed my eyes. Cayce was in the park with Keilan, near the river, I could sense that much. I searched for Taylor, looking for her, desperately; I couldn’t even begin to pick up a track on her.

“Still nothing,” I agreed.

“… Why not?” he ventured to ask.

“Isn’t it obvious,” I rolled my eyes and sat down at the table in frustration, “I can make myself anything anyone wants to see… she can make herself nothing to anyone… and it blocks my reception, it’s why Cayce can no longer feel her, why Miguel still can’t read her mind…”

“What do we do now?” Astor asked pausing before undoing his last shoe lace.

“Nothing we can do, she can run around in the sunlight, we can’t,” I glared at the front door willing her to walk through it.

“She’ll come home, she has to,” Astor said then.

“Right…” I nodded.

She’ll come home…

That first summer we spent's one we'll never forget,
Looking for any kind of reason to escape all the mess that
We thought was what made us
Ain't it funny now? We can see
We're who we're meant to be
You still have all of my
You still have all of my
You still have all my heart
Sleeping With Sirens: All My Heart

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