*Come A Little Bit Closer* Free The Werewolf -Soul Eater- Drabble

This is a contest entry for xXxRedGypsyxXx. I listened to Adrenalize by In This Moment when writing this which is a free amazon MP3 for a limited time!

Created by Kumo9 on Thursday, January 03, 2013

______ walked closer to the queen sized bed in her undergarments.

One lone candle burned brightly through the darkness on a desk against the wall.

Sitting at the edge of the bed was the handsome and muscular Free in his boxers grinning excitedly.

Red flushed the cheeks of _____ making her youthful appearance more innocent.

Free reached out and touched _____'s arm gently giving her goose bumps.

______’s heart raced as she stood in front of her lover.

Free took her hands and pulled her on to his lap.

Both of her knees rest on either side of his hips as their lips met.

Free wrapped his arms around _____ while she felt up his chest tracing each ab in admiration.

_____ could feel Free’s excitement grow in anticipation for what was soon to follow.

Free turned his body towards the bed and picked _____ off from him to lay her down.

A thick soft pillow lay beneath _____’s head as Free crawled on top of her.

Free’s lips lightly touched the side of _____’s neck sending an exhilarating chill throughout her body.

Free's desire couldn't be contained any longer, with one hand he yanked ____'s underwear off and his boxers followed suit with his other hand.

The night was almost over according to the digital clock on the desk, but Free's instincts considered the night as just beginning.


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