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Due to the inactiveness on My Candy Love, my story was canceled from being able to add more chapters so I decided to post them up here. As of now, I am adding another chapter of Recall One's Memories and I am closing Hidan's love story and Shikamaru's love story for now for the lack of ideas and motivation to write them. Thank you for understanding.

Created by LonleyAstron on Monday, January 07, 2013

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Just a little explaination at the start, it is important to read;

My first fanfiction on MCL. Feel free to comment on anything, whether it be improvement, how it's going, certain issues, etc etc. But please don't harass me to change a lot of things, friendly advice is appreciated.

And also, I'm not far into MCL so at least half of it will be made up ( Like most fanfiction nowadays, which is a good thing but it's also good to still stay with the plot. ). I do hope you'll enjoy it and request for more, if not after a while or so I will end this thread, I don't want to waste fanfiction space on something that it looks as if no ones reading.

Just to let you know this will be based on American schooling ( I don't know much but I know just enough to get by. ). So no uniforms, highschool are for seniors, timetable system and ID cards will be needed.

If I write *Narrator's POV* then it's narrator, not what the characters are thinking, doing, etc etc.POV also means Point Of View if anyone has no clue to what it means.
If I use '-' means later on in the day or fast forward, my stories tend to get really long.

I forgot to add this but at the end each character gets their own ending, so you pick which character you want and read their ending, if you like them all then read all of the endings.

Thank you for understanding.
Information About Your Character And Family:Your name is Marigold (Mare-e-gold) Kanivech (Can-e-ve-che) and your 15 ( TOO SMART FOR A GRADE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! YAY ), you have a mother, a father and an older brother. Your mother is French, the reason for the strange last name and first name. Your father is American, your brother is named Alec ( No not a spelling error. ) and he's 21.

You took your mothers appearance and Alec took your fathers. You have extremely long ( Reaches the ground. ) light pink hair ( If you don't like the colour then either deal with it or change it. ), light blue eyes, you have a hourglass figure but can't be seen under layers of clothes or baggy material. Your skinny and fit but no muscles and just shorter than the average height of a female at your age. And your skin is pale but still has a glow to it.

Your brother has white straight hair that curls a bit at the end that reaches his shoulders and also has a fringe that goes over his left eye. His eyes are golden yellow, he's a few inches taller than an average 21 year old man which is a huge difference towards your height. He's also skinny, fit and has muscles, and also he has the same skin as you but a few shades darker.

You own your own house and Alec is staying there as well along with your pets. Alec works and is also going college as a student and a professor. He pays for the food, electricity, plumbing, etc etc but also gets help from your father who owns his own company and doesn't visit you both often. Your mother is somewhere in France living on her own for reasons you'll find out later. ( Marigold already knows about it so it isn't something like a note gets sent or things like that. )

Now, your personality. Your a very kind, selfless, carefree person that's very loving, helpful, smart and wise young woman. You can be childish most of the time but when something serious happens you become extremely mature. But you can also be stubborn and dense here and there. Your a very light sleeper so even the slightest noise is possible to wake you up, unless the lack of sleep has been provided then it's the other way round and you can become very easily angered. Your also very outgoing which makes it easier to befriend someone. Your also an artist in music and art and quite good at them both, you can draw well and sing also play the guitar amazingly. Your extremely clumsy but that's one of the things people find cute about you. And last of all, your good at making people feel happy and making them laugh.

Things you like. Animals, sweets, tea, coffee, English/literature, music, your guitar, plants/flowers/trees, rain, snow, water, the beach, Autumn, Spring, Winter, writing, reading, singing, drawing, daydreaming, Summer, cute things, laughter and much more.

Things you hate. Horror films ( Makes you paranoid. ), lack of sleep, spicey/sour food, bullies, kidnappers, insults towards friends, blood, stuck ups, jerks, anything to do with death and more.

I think that's about it, if I have anything else to add it'll be on future chapters.

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