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Basically I’m going to be toying with the plot of both movies, being that C.J. and my OC were on their way back to the mall – where the original DOTD story would take place. Sounds far-fetched, I know... [Chapters won’t be super-long] | It was all fun and games until a real zombie apocalypse happened. Even Hannah wasn’t safe from the undead nightmare. She’ll have to team up with a stubborn mall security guard named C.J., and pick up new survivors in order to survive this mess.. (Frank/OC *slight C.J./OC*)

Created by SourPeep on Wednesday, January 09, 2013

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Pawn Takes Knight. WE NEED A NEW GAME..


Hannah couldn’t believe it, one minute she was making breakfast – the next minute she was chasing her dog Bodie down the sidewalk. The dog had spotted the neighbor’s cat and made tracks out the front door after the feline.

It was partially Hannah’s fault that she left the door open.

“Bodie, Bodie come here!” She shouted as she hurried after the dog. A shrill cry was heard as Hannah stopped quickly, frantically looking for where the cry came from. Soon she spotted a woman running as three men trailed behind her.

By now the dog had hopped the short metal fence and away from view. Hannah swore loudly as she ran to the fence, seeing Bodie make his way to the woods. “God damnitt, Bodie. Shit!” She spoke in an annoyed tone.

Hannah ran a hand through her hair before burying her hands in her face, sighing loudly. Soon a grumble was heard behind her, Hannah turned around to see a man facing her. Hannah’s eyes surveyed him; there were open sores on his face.

The man didn’t look alright at all. Hannah couldn’t back up as the man prepared to attack, yelling loudly as he took a step. Soon a gunshot was heard as the left side of the man’s skull exploded, a small spray of blood hitting the side of the house.

“Holy shit!!” Hannah yelped as she clung toward the side of the house.

“You alright?” A male voice spoke. Hannah looked toward the man, nodding softly.

“And you are?” She asked.

“C.J.,” The man replied. “Now, are you going to stand there like an idiot? Or come with me before more of those basterds come?”

“Ah – Alright..” Hannah stuttered as she made her way over to C.J., soon the two were making their way across the town.

“Where exactly are we going?” Hannah spoke up.

“Getting the hell out of here.” C.J. mumbled as he picked up his pace, Hannah managed to keep up with the man. Hannah sighed as she stayed right by him.

“Where are you from?” She asked. C.J. kept a look out for those things before answering her question.

“Milwaukee.” He told her. Hannah couldn’t believe it.

“How’d you get all the way out here?!” She spoke.

She couldn’t believe C.J. was all of the way out here in Texas. “You don’t want to know.” C.J. simply said. Hannah nodded quickly as she stopped when he stopped.

Hannah swore she saw her dog Bodie, and stopped to look long enough to make C.J. become impatient with her.

“Would you hurry up?” He muttered.

She frowned softly before she began to move forward. The duo soon spotted a campus a few yards ahead of them.

“Over there!” She called out. C.J. growled in an annoyed tone as he glared at her.

“It’s not safe.” He told her.

Hannah shrugged, “Alright, C.J. . Seriously, where are we really going?” She asked him.

C.J. slowed down a bit before turning to face her. “Look, lady. I was out looking for someone, and was attacked. I managed to escape, but I’m on my way back over there. Alright?” He said.

“How do you know it’s safe?” Hannah asked once more.

“The rest of my guys are there.” C.J. simply told her.

Hannah stared at him. “So, basically. You’re here rounding up survivors so you can take them back to the mall…in Milwaukee?”

C.J. only gave her a strange look, “Do you know anyone by the name of Bart?” He asked.

Hannah nodded, “Uh…yeah, I grew up with him. Why?” She asked.

C.J. chuckled, “Well, then I do have the right person. Wasn’t sure before, but I am now.” C.J. muttered as he turned away and kept walking. Hannah quickly hurried after him.

“Wait, after all the people Bart knows, he chooses me?!” Hannah snapped.

C.J. grinned to himself, “All his other friends are dead.” He spoke. Hannah rubbed her temples in pure annoyance.

“God damnitt, that motherfucker has always had a crush on me. Even when we were in school..” She explained. Soon looking to her right, not seeing the man anywhere. “C.J.?” She asked.

Nothing, he was gone. And as if on cue, Hannah heard horrid screaming coming from behind her. Turning and seeing one of those ‘things’ coming after her. She swore loudly as she took off in a full sprint towards the college campus. Half of a horde was now following her.


Author’s Notes: This fanfic in general is more like an intro to Frank’s character and my OC. There will be more C.J. in the sequel, as well as a second appearance in the last chapter whenever that may be.

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