I am Fright Night 2

i think i should start at the beginning of my story...

Created by AnAngelOutOfDemons on Saturday, January 12, 2013

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"Stupied no good ass hole of a boyfriends." i said as i walk down the street trying not to cry. "cheat on me with the stupied blond." i couldnt believe he would do this to me. he promised, he PROMISED that he would never leave me. "well he lied." i should have known, nobody stays by me for long. no one. i was so into my thoughts i didnt notice were i was walking. I was in a parking lot, mostly empty. mostly. there were 3 guys smoking by there car.

one of them saw me. 'crap. not good not good!' i turned around about to run but he was suddenly behind me.

"what the hell..." i said

"well boys look-y what we got here..." suddenly i was surrounded. 'who are these guys' one of them pinched my butt.

"hey cutie, what you doin' out here all alone?"

"ummm." i tried to think fast. "im not alone, im meeting my boyfriend."

"in a parking lot?" the first on said. i slapped myself in my mind. shit.

"oh honey why dont we have some fun..." said the second one. he was suddenly kissing me. he tasted like beer. i looked into his eyes struggling with all my might. his yes were reddish. crap there ether drunk or high. with my luck probably both... can that happen? Shit, shit, shit, think fast Ella think fast.... Just then i heard a scream.

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