Explosive Passion ~ Deidara (One-shot for xShadowRainx)

I got this really good idea (I hope it's a good idea) and couldn't help but write it down. Once I started, I couldn't stop so here it is!

Created by Nagareboshi15 on Monday, January 14, 2013


You stare at the hole in your sky blue bedroom wall. You returned from a month long mission to Ota only five minutes ago and you’ve already found a reason for wanting to return to Ota. After wiping the debris off your bed, you fall back onto it and nearly get choked to death by a cloud of dust that rushes into the air.

Five minutes ago, when you entered the base, you were about the greet Konan when an explosion cut you off. Tobi came running downstairs, waving his arms like an idiot with Deidara hot on his heels. Upon seeing you, Deidara’s eyes widened and he looked very nervous.

“I can fix it, un!” Was the first thing he said, then he backed up a few steps before turning around and dashing back up the stairs. Confused and a little bit worried by what he could’ve meant, you went straight up to your room, which is in-between Sasori’s and Deidara’s room and Kisame’s and Itachi’s room.

There was a huge gaping hole in the wall that once separated yours and Deidara’s rooms. Deidara has yet to be seen as he ran off to who knows where.

You quickly shove open your window and gasp in some clean night air then leave your room to wait for it to air out some. With nothing else to do, you go up to Leader-sama’s office to report your mission. Your mission was complicated and strange, but you handled it well enough.

“Come in.” Leader-sama says before you can even knock. You hesitate, looking around for pressure plates or maybe hidden devices in the walls. He always does this to you, it’s rather confusing. You push open the door and enter the dark office. You close the door behind you and wait for your eyes to adjust.

“How did the mission go?” Leader-sama asks from his seat behind his dark desk. You’ve seen his face before, many times, so you don’t understand why he keeps his office so dark. It’s not like anyone in the Akatsuki doesn’t know his face.

“I spent three weeks spying on them, but I did a sloppy job and was caught during my fourth week when I tried to swipe one of Kabuto’s data cards. We fought and I barely managed to escape.” You explain, but don’t really feel bad about it.

“As I thought. Well done, you may leave unless you have anything to add.” Leader-sama says, his Rinnegan glowing faintly in the dark.

“No, Sir. Thank you.” You say before exiting the office. The truth is, everything that happened on that mission happened because that’s what you were told to you. Leader-sama wanted you to get caught, you just don’t know why. Maybe to rattle Orochimaru a little.

You walk about to your room to find it completely aired out and breathable. This time, you decide to clean it up. First you get a broom from the closet down the hall and sweep all the dust and rubble from the ruined wall into a plastic bag. With that done, you take off the blanket from your bed and fold it up, stuffing it into the bag as well. You even take off your pillow case. You were thinking of changing your room a bit, now you actually have a reason.

With your room as clean as it can get at the moment, you carry the bag downstairs and stuff it into the trashcan in the kitchen. When you go back into the living room, you find Deidara talking to Sasori. Deidara, with his back towards you, doesn’t notice. Sasori does though and asks how your mission went.

“It was a success.” You grin at Sasori. Deidara, having heard your voice, turns around a little too quickly and almost falls over. Not seeing any real signs of anger on your face, he relaxes a little.

“I guess you saw when happened to the wall, un.” Deidara says cautiously, watching your reaction as if ready to flee. He has good reason to. Everyone knows that you can be very quick to anger if provoked. Your passionate emotions only make it worse.

“Yeah, but I’m not angry. I just want to know what happened.” You answer, crossing your arms. Ever since you joined the Akatsuki, you’ve had the hardest time getting angry at Deidara.

The truth is, you care about him…more than you should. You’re crushing on him big time, but no matter how many clues you drop, Deidara doesn’t get it. Sasori, however, did, each time. Since you’re friends, he won’t tell, but he thinks you’re taking too long.

“Tobi was trying to play with my clay, but I caught him and accidently blew a hole in the wall trying to stop him, un.” Deidara says, looking everywhere but at your face. He seems almost embarrassed, which is strange for him.

“Of course he was.” You sigh. Tobi is usually the root of the problem. “Anyway, I’m going to bed. It’s late and I’m tired. See you in the morning.”

You walk back upstairs, your feet feeling heavy. Because of the strange mission, you pushed yourself a little harder than you would’ve liked. You only got to sleep every two days and when you did, only for a few hours. Now you can finally sleep in your own bed.

This time when you drop onto your bed you aren’t consumed by dust, only exhaustion. However, what feels like only minutes later, you hear your door open and you sit up, despite still being tired. You glare at Deidara, who was trying to quietly open the door.

“Sorry, un. My door’s locked.” He says, ready for you to shout at him. When you don’t, he quickly walks through the hole in the wall and goes into his room. From here, you can clearly see his bed, as well as Sasori’s empty one. Must be staying in his workshop again.

Deidara pulls his shirt off, and you hold your breath, mesmerized by how amazing he looks. He’s just about to take off his pants when you make an exclamation, which is muffled by your head being buried in your pillow.

“What, un?” He asks, confused, his hands holding onto his waistband as if ready to complete the action. You glance at him and suppress a giggle.

“You’re so weird. Don’t you know you’re not supposed undress in front of a woman?” You ask, a blush crawling up to your cheeks.

“Shut up, un.” He says playfully with a grin. “I wasn’t taking off my pants, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s my belt, un.”

He unbuckles what you had thought to be his pants buckle and holds up his belt that holds his clay on missions for you to see. This time you can’t hold back and laugh until your sides hurt. The mischievous grin that you know so well lights up his face. “But if you want, I can take off my pants, too.”

“No! Um, I mean, no, I’m fine, thank you.” You smile. You snuggle into the covers and hide your face in the pillow again, your face bright red with embarrassment. Deidara’s so weird…

You can hear him moving around in his room. You can’t help but feel a little nervous about having Deidara so close to you without any walls to protect you. On missions, it’s different, there’s some invisible barrier from an unspoken rule. When he stops making noise, you assume he’s asleep so you peek at him to make sure.

Instead of sleeping, he’s propped up on one elbow and watching you with fascination. Your eyes widen and you turn away, thinking that he’s probably just thinking, not actually looking at you.

“Good night, Sora.” He whispers and with that, you manage to drift off into the strange place called dreamland.


The next morning, you wake up to find Deidara already up. Yawning, you climb out of bed and open your window so you can watch the sun rise. Despite being so exhausted, you’re still up rather early. You walk downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. Since Konan doesn’t allow you to eat Chicken Chow Mein for breakfast, you make a simple bowl of cereal and go into the dining room to eat. Deidara’s also there, an empty bowl in front of him.

When he realizes it’s you, he smiles. Then he says something rather unexpected, “You look so cute when you’re asleep, un.”

You’re head jerks in his direction and you stare at him for a moment. “T-thank you.” You answer, unsure of whether he’s joking or not. He looks serious, but with Deidara, you never know.

“Deidara, don’t keep me waiting.” Sasori says, coming into the room. Seeing you, he adds, “Good morning, Sora.”

Deidara leaves the room, probably to get ready for the Akatsuki’s weekly sparring match. This week it’s Sasori’s and Deidara’s turn to fight against Hidan and Kakuzu. No lethal weapons, jutsus, or poisons, just hand to hand combat. Sometimes it’s one-on-one, sometimes it’s tag-teams teams. Since you don’t really have a full-time partner, you don’t have to participate.

“Morning, Sasori. What were you working on last night?” You ask, wondering if he’s been doing while you were gone. He is probably the best friend you have in the Akatsuki, besides Deidara.

“I wasn’t working last night.” He states, sitting across from you at the table. You eat another spoonful before responding.

“But you weren’t in your room last night. I would’ve heard you come in.” You say, confused.

“Deidara begged me not to stay in our room last night. I slept in my workshop instead.” He says, surprising you. Deidara asked, no, begged Sasori not sleep in his own room? What’s that about?

“Really? Did he say why?” You ask, all too curious about his reasons.

“Yes.” Sasori answers, but doesn’t specify.

“Are you going to tell me why?” You ask, hoping he’ll spit it out.

“No.” Is all he says before leaving the room to find his partner. You frown after him. What the heck was that about, you wonder. Sasori has never been one for talking, but he also doesn’t hold out when it comes to important information concerning you.

Still confused, you finish off your breakfast and put it into the kitchen sink after washing it. Then you head outside to watch the fight. Or at least, what should’ve been a fight. Apparently, Kisame and Itachi are still out on a mission and the other three teams don’t really want to take their place. When you see Deidara’s relieved face at not having to fight, you can’t help yourself. He might be your crush, but he’s also your friend that you want to get back at for blowing up your wall.

“I’ll take Kisame and Itachi’s place.” You say, stepping forward. It’s not like you have anything better to do and the sleep you got last night replenished most of your energy. And it’s not like you really want to win against them, you just want to have a little fun.

“No.” Deidara answers right away.

“Why not? Are you saying that because you think I’m weak or because I’m a girl?” You joke, knowing he’s just being lazy. However, when you look at his face, you see something other than annoyance. You see conflict in his eyes.

“It’s…it’s not that, un.” He looks away.

“Then what is it, Deidara? You’ve been acting weird ever since I got back.” You say. You frown, thinking of the possibilities. Maybe he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore? Or he could be keeping secrets? You have been gone a while, so it’s possible something might’ve happened.

He rolls his visible eye to the sky then looks at you, or behind you. Behind you, Sasori, Hidan, Zetsu, and Tobi are watching with curiosity to match your own. Tobi’s about to say something, probably stupid, when Deidara grabs your hand and tugs you toward the door to go back inside. “We need to be alone.”

You allow yourself to be pulled inside and upstairs to your now adjoined rooms. He closes the door to your room, lets go of your hand, and goes into his room. You watch him pace back and forth, stopping every couple of seconds when he reaches a wall to turn around and start all over again.

“Deidara, what’s wrong? You’re scaring me.” You ask, eyes full of concern. Deidara’s never acted like this, something must be wrong. Very wrong.

He stops pacing and comes back into your room to stand in front of you. Being the same height, you start into his blue eyes as he stares into your gray ones. Deidara’s face visibly relaxes as he reaches his hand up and brushes a stray strand of your dark red hair.

“While you were gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about you for even one second, un. I couldn’t even do my missions properly. I was too worried about you.” He says. “Now that you’re back, I don’t know how to act, un.”

You hold your breath, not wanting to interrupt him. You’re tempted to pinch yourself, but if you’re dreaming, you don’t really want to wake up. Ever.

“Every time I see you, I can’t help but think of how beautiful you are. How perfect your skin looks. How good you would feel curled up next to me at night, un.” He whispers. Suddenly, he leans forward, kissing you gently before quickly pulling away and putting some distance between you and him.

You stare at him in surprise, eyes wide. When you don’t respond, he sighs. “I knew it. You don’t like me, un.”

“W-what are you talking about, you idiot?” You exclaim. His shoulders sag. “How could I not like you?

“Yeah, you’re right. No one…wait…what did you just say?” He asks, his eyes light up with hope. You take one step forward.

“How could I not like you, is what I said.” Another step forward. “I’ve crushed on you since the day I first met you and you tried to blow me sky-high.” Another step. “I fell in love with you, Deidara.” Another. Then another. You don’t stop walking until you’re nose-to-nose with him.

“You…do?” He asks, both hopeful and cautious. Instead of answering, you grab the sides of his face and kiss him with a fiery passion that you’ve kept bottled up for years. It’s like Deidara’s fireworks on New Year’s went off inside your head.

“How could I not?” You ask, before he pulls you onto the bed and kisses you with the same explosive passion you gave him.

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