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This is my first Sasuke Uchiha story, so if he's a little off then I hope I get better at writing for him haha This is set in an AU College setting! I hope you all like this story :)

Created by SoftlyLaughing on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Name: Sumie Nosaka (First, Last)

Age: 18

Letting her small duffle bag and large cardboard box slide to the floor with a thud, Sumie looked around her new living quarters with a hint of nervousness and relief. It was a medium sized dorm room that could be located on the third floor of ‘Tomoe Hall’ a.k.a the freshman hall. The room was rather plain at first sight: dull white walls that were somewhat scuffed from their previous owners with two twin-sized beds and desks parallel to each other. Not to mention the one singular ‘closet’ that was placed towards the entrance of the room-only covered by a shower curtain. It was a bit cramped. But, Sumie couldn’t help but think that this new change in her life was for the better. She had e-mailed her new roommate Sakura Haruno earlier that week and couldn’t have been more pleased with a better match-the pinkette seemed polite and smart while they had wrote back-and-forth to each other.

Automatically scooting her packed belongings to the right side of the room, Sumie let a smile grace her pale lips. This is a start of a new era. The start of a new Sumie Nosaka. In her eyes, she was no longer some naïve country girl that milked cows for allowance-she is a sophisticated college student who is going to be the best physical therapist around. Sure, it’s nothing like being a brain surgeon or anything, but it’s helping people. She wants to be able to give those who need that extra boost a chance to get that boost. A chance to change their life around just like she is.

Stepping out of the slick, black car, Sasuke Uchiha heaved an apathetic sigh as his father sent him a stiff nod from the driver’s seat as his mother yelled out tearful goodbyes to her youngest son who was leaving her nest empty. Bending down to give his mother a small, inconspicuous hug, the Uchiha silently wished them a farewell before going around to the trunk of the car and grabbing his two suitcases. Watching as the car steadily became smaller as the seconds passed. He truly did not see what the big deal was about this whole college thing. He knew most of the freshman anyway from his graduating class. Konoha University seems to be the college that has the most worth. At least that’s what he figured out when his father set down the application to the said place with the business major circled in black ink.

It’s almost predictable that Sasuke Uchiha is going into the profession of business. Following in his father’s, grandfather’s, and great-grandfather’s footsteps. It only seemed logical seeing as his eldest brother, Itachi, refused the offer to the prestigious family business. Causing a great rift between the family. So, if he didn’t do it, then who would? Plus, it didn’t seem like a bad offer.

The raven-haired male’s thoughts were cut short as a flash of blonde instantly clung to his side; an arm wrapping around his neck as the figure obnoxiously laughed, “ ‘Ttebayo! I’ve been looking for you everywhere roomie!” Naruto Uzumaki spoke slyly as he knew that the mention of being stuck with him in an enclosed space would only anger the Uchiha that he’s known since kindergarten.

Shoving the blonde idiot off his body, Sasuke smirked widely as he gave a sideways glance towards his ramen loving friend, “We’re roommates?” He asked sarcastically, knowing full well that Naruto is going to have a bad day in a few seconds, “I didn’t know you were in room 143.”

Naruto’s steps faltered momentarily as he processed Sasuke’s words slowly, “Room 14-? What?” Pulling out his own key that had the numbers ‘134’ engraved on it, Naruto put two and two together as he realized that Sasuke changed rooms, “What the hell, Uchiha! Like two weeks ago—“

“Four months ago; during graduation.” Sasuke corrected with an amused smirk as Naruto furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Whatever. It doesn’t change the fact that we agreed to room together and be awesome together during our college days.” He waved his arms desperately, “And I did not ask you during graduation it was after. I remember that now.”

“Naruto, I don’t recall ever agreeing to any of that with you-And yes you did, you were sitting literally five rows behind me and when I got my diploma you stood up and said, and I quote, ‘Woo. That asshole on the stage is going to have the best roommate ever’ then you pointed to yourself and then continued to scream, ‘We’re going to get all the babes, believe it.’ “Sasuke spoke, remembering the embarrassing moment in his life, “Then you told me to get off the stage because it wasn’t all about me. You were drunk at your own graduation.”

“Was not.”

“You tried to give my mother a half-drunk sake bottle and an expired coupon for ramen.”

“It was a dare!!”

“You’re an idiot.”

Grabbing her lime-colored cellphone tighter in her hand, Sumie laughed into the receiver, “Yeah mom; none of these wild city people have tried to harass me. I promise!” Pausing to role her blue orbs and listen to her mother’s preaching, Sumie bit her lip before answering her mother’s worries, “Yes, I brought that pepper spray-Yes it does look cute on my keychain. And, no, my roommate has not arrived yet.” Plopping herself on her red-polka dotted comforter that was now covering the once naked mattress that she claimed as her own, the orange haired girl huffed impatiently at her mother’s questions, “I don’t know why she isn’t hear yet-Listen, I love you mom, but I gotta go!” She rushed a goodbye as a sharp knock came at her door.

After hanging up her phone and discarding it on her bed; the girl jumped over her unpacked belongings and answered the door. Only to be met with bright pink hair, “Oh; you’re Sakura right? Is your key not made or something?” Sumie spoke cheerfully, opening the door wider for the girl to fit through. Her happiness was met with a guilty smile as Sakura politely shook her hands in front of her body as to decline her offer, “Hey Sumie! Um, I hate to spring this on you-I meant to send you a message or something, but… my original roommate, who I planned to be with, and I sorted out some of our differences and we’re rooming together again! Isn’t that great!?”

Obviously very surprised by this statement, Sumie nodded in a stunned fashion, “Y-yeah! That’s awesome-I’m glad everything is sorted out.”



The pink-haired girl then rolled her green eyes in an irritated manner, “I have to go.” She spoke suddenly, turning on her heel, and walking in the opposite direction of the peppy voice that interrupted her.

Leaning in her doorframe slightly, Sumie raised her eyebrow in confusion at the attitude change. Maybe it was a good thing that they aren’t roommates anymore? However, she is now roommate-less. This could possibly be problematic in the long run. Just as a blonde figure ran past her form, Sumie shook her head and retreated behind the door of her dorm-not wanting to worry about this while she still has plenty of un-packing to do.

Kicking the door shut with her foot, the girl furrowed her eyebrows when no sound of the door slamming entered her ears. Swiftly turning back around, the girl opened her mouth to yell at the inanimate object for not doing its job-her words coming up blank as she stared into the chest of a male. A handsome one that was standing in her doorframe with all of his bags behind him-Looking as if he was ready to move into the dorm.

Running a hand through her wild orange locks, Sumie sighed tiredly, “Hey, I think you have the wrong room.” She spoke, not wanting to deal with this good-looking stranger after everything that has happened that day, “This is room 143…So…” Her sentence trailed off as she was met with a key that was an exact duplicate of her own.


Somehow, this arrangement seems more problematic than not having a roommate at all.

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