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This is my Sherlock OC, I hope you like her ^^

Created by TheNameIsCourtz on Friday, February 01, 2013



Name: Elizabeth Louise Moran

Preferred Name: Liz

Gender: Female

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: 4th of November

Age: 25

Career: Professor at Harvard University (Physiology and Chemistry), Consulting Detective (only on occasions)


Face Claim: Emma Watson (Come on, she’s seriously pretty!)

Hair: Liz has Light brown curly hair the reaches to top of her back, but is almost always tied up in a messy bun.

Eyes: Dark Brown

Skin: Pale with very few (and un-noticeable) freckles.

Height: 5’7 ft

Weight: 65Kg

Outfit: At Work: Liz, because of her job must wear professional and neat clothes so she will wear either dress pants or a high skirt paired with a blouse (sleeve length depends on season), if it’s cold she’ll take a fitted trench coat.

Outside Work: Liz outside of work will wear slightly more comfortable clothes, Things like: Skinny jeans, vests, normal skirts and polo shirts but she always looks neat and presentable.

Other: Liz has very few scars on her body, most are small and covered by clothing. She also has glasses she should wear constantly but doesn’t (Most of the time she wears contacts)


Personality Traits:

Liz is a highly intelligent person, child prodigy turned Adult Genius. She tries to put her intelligence to good use, not just for her but for everyone around her. She also uses it to outsmart people, which she happens to be extremely good at; she has even out smarted Sherlock on a few occasions. Liz hates to lost, it dives her insane because she absolutely hates to lose and usually never does.

Liz is extremely observant; she can spot the smallest of movements and objects. She is very good at perceiving people’s emotions and motives also when they are lying, which helped her with her Doctorate in Psychology. She may be able to see through other people’s emotions but Liz keeps her feelings close to her chest, she always shows herself as happy even when she isn’t. This can cause her to be distant from people sometimes, even those close to her.

Liz a very independent person but will not kick up a huge fuss if she needs to work with other people. She was use to being by herself so she learnt to become very self reliant. Liz is also very stubborn and will not back down if she believes she right and is willing to fight till her last breath for it.

Liz is also very focused and driven. She can be focused to the point when she will fixate on it, she will block out everything and everyone until she has completed the task, and it usually ends up with Liz fatigued and drained. This naturally leads her to be fiercely loyal to those close to her and will do anything to protect them, whether they like it or not. This can sometimes put her in danger. Those people who cross her and break that trust will not get a second chance and will encounter her temper.

Liz has a very bad temper. She can and will hold a grudge if she feels angry enough. She can be very dangerous if provoked in the right way. It is one of the few times she will use her intelligence for a selfish purpose.

Liz is also Honest, even if it will hurt the person she will be honest because she believes sometime you have to be cruel to be kind.

Liz when she first meets people is friendly but does not open herself up; she hardly opens herself up to her closest friends. She will be kind but skeptical, which will stay that way until she deems she can trust you which can take an awhile. But when she does open up she is very kind, supportive and loyal.

Likes: Liz has a passion for music; it has been a love of hers since she was small. She also loves to sing and Dance, it a way she stays in shape. She loves classical English literature, she also likes books with meanings within them, and it gives her something to think about. She loves rain, she will usually go for a walk without a umbrella in the rain.

Dislikes: She hates silence, she cannot stand it being quiet, she would much rather a background noise of some kind. Rude or Discrimatory people, she dislikes assholes in general. When children pick on one other child, or a child being left by themselves.

Fears: Liz fears the people close to her getting hurt because it means she has failed to protect them. She also fears physical pain, she has a low pain thresh hold, so what hurts a little for normal people, hurts her a lot.

Hobbies: Liz is quiet musical so she plays the Flute, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Piano and the Harp, It makes her feel safe and at home, her stress and worries fade away. She also Dances (Ballet, Jazz and Tap, also ballroom) to keep fit but she plays tennis and hockey to keep fit. Liz often goes for jogs in the local park if she has the time spare. Liz sometimes goes to the shooting range is she is particularly angry. She also reads when she gets the chance to.

Theme Song: Keep holding on –Avril Lavigne


Where we belong – Lostprophets


Elizabeth was born on the 4th of November to Loral and David Moran. Who were married 5 years before David left, filing for a divorce. Her father was a Sergeant in the Australian Army and her Mother was a personal assistant. Little Elizabeth being as smart as she was, knew it wasn’t normal for her parents to live separately but she didn’t mind cause she had her Mummy.

Liz’s talents where discovered at a very early age, she was tested and questioned by many different doctors and specialists. They all told Loral that her daughter was highly intelligent and these talents needed to be given the chance develop to their full potential. So her mother enrolled her at Brisbane’s most elite private school, Brisbane Grammar School.

By year two Liz was learning far more advanced work then the rest of her classmates, and so they moved her too year four. Her maturity grew with the rate of her mind; she could rationalize and comprehend things beyond her years. Liz never had a good relationship with her classmates; she was the charity case, the sore thumb that stood out. She was bullied constantly till she graduated at the age of fourteen.

Liz wanted to understand why society rejected those who where different, she wanted to understand how people thought. So she studied Psychology and to challenge herself she also choose to study Chemistry. Both she excelled at.

Liz my not have had a father but she had a pop (grandfather) who she was very close too. He would read with her and teach her about plants, especially Orchids (which became her favorite flower) but when she was 16 he died of Cancer. This devastated her, she took her chemistry degree more seriously promising to find a cure so no-one who have to feel her pain.

By twenty-one Liz had graduated and decided to move to London and attend Harvard University and where she meet Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes. Her first two friends she had ever made.

Liz at the age of 24 had graduated with her two doctorates with honors. Straight after she had been offered a job as a professor which she took gladly.

The Important People in Her Life

Family: Mother, Nan, Aunt, Uncle and Little Cousin, who all live in Australia.

Friends: Sherlock, Mycroft, John, Molly and Mrs. Hudson.

Enemies: Moriarty.

Love Interests:

Sherlock – He was Liz’s first friend and one of the few people who understood what it was like to be an outsider. She loved his wit and intelligence, how he could see things that other couldn’t. He made her feel like she wasn’t alone. Her feeling grew to much more than friendship, not that she would tell him, in fear of losing him.

What Do You Think Of:

Sherlock Holmes: He... he gets it, what it’s like to stand on the outside. To be called a freak, he doesn’t treat me like I’m weird, he treats me... like I’m normal. Plus when you get to know him, he’s a good person. He cares even if he doesn’t show it often. He’s also interesting, the way his mind works, his blunt honesty. I’d love to see the world through his eyes for a day. But in all he... I love him, that not something I can control or stop but it’s something I’ve got to live with.

John Watson: John is an incredibly good friend, very reliable. He is always so kind and honest which makes him an amazing person. He is very patient but you have to be with Sherlock but he seems to do fine. I think their good for each other. He tries to get me to open up more but we both know that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Mrs. Hudson: The world’s sweetest lady, she sort of reminds me of my great Grandma. She is smarter and stronger that she looks, she never stops amazing me. I love her tea and coffee, but I often help her if she is going to bring something up, which she says she appreciates.

Mycroft Holmes: Mycroft, Mycroft, Mycroft. What can I say about Mycroft Holmes? I don’t always agree on his methods of doing things but I have to admire that he is willing to do what it takes to fight for what he wants. I can tell he really does care for Sherlock even if he shows it in a strange way.

DI Greg Lestrade: I admire him and his patients, he must be a saint. He’s a good person in general; he is also very dedicated to his job which I admire.

Sally Donovan: No, just please don’t get me started. She drives me insane, can someone really be that stupid. How did she get her job? But it’s nice to have someone I can outsmart on a daily basis.

Anderson: Ok, Sally’s dumb but Anderson is just a total imbecile. At least Sally has a bright side to her stupidity but Anderson just gives me a headache that not even my experimental pain killers can fix.

Molly Hooper: She is such a sweetie. She so kind and lovely, it’s nice to have a normal female friend. I think Molly has a lot of inner strength that people over look and I love that about her. She’s also very loyal which I also love. It’s a pleasure helping her with work sometimes.

Jim Moriarty: I. Hate. Him. He outsmarts me constantly, which means I lose, to HIM. He’s so smug about it too. Every time I lose to him he’ll send me a note ‘Good luck next time sweetheart’ . He’s such an asshole. I’ll win one day. (I don’t tell anyone about these battle cause it’s so humiliating to lose).

Irene Adler: Well Me and Irene didn’t get off to the best start. I wouldn’t call her a friend but I definitely wouldn’t call her an enemy. I must admit I admire her wit and intelligence to pull off the things she does. I call her for advice sometimes and likewise she calls me, but I don’t’ see much of her.

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