My Little Pony OC

This is my first OC so I'm open to any suggestions on how to fix her but don't mean! Also this OC is for Fan-fiction as well as RP-ing!

Created by HeyItsCaiCai on Saturday, February 02, 2013


Name: Spitfire

Gender: Female

Age: Same as all the cutie mark crusaders

Race: Pegasus

looks: White pony with red eyes and a yellow and orange mane her. She doesnt have a cuitemark yet

Freinds; the main six, Spike, Zekora

Best frends: The cuitemark crusaders

Familiy: TwlightSparkle (half sister)

Story: she lived with Twilight all her life and no one (except her mother) knew that she was a half sister until Spitfire got a note 2 weeks after moving to Ponyville but Spitfire hides the note and never told TwilghtSparkle or Spike

Crush: Rainbowdash (if you want her or don't want a Yuri role play then her crush is Doctor Whooves)

Human Apperence: Pale whie skin red eyes and orage and blonde hair. She usally wares while, red, orage or yellow clothes. She cuite mark (when she gets it) would be a tattoo on her ankel

Personality: She is a lot like RainbowDash, and she likes to explore everywhere even the everfree forrest

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