Hetalia One-shots (2p Canada)

Hello, you might've known me on Quotev. I was Maddie William (Fem Canada). I recently got deleted for no good reason. SO I thought It'd be nice if I posted my stuff here. Enjoy!

Created by MadisonWilliam on Wednesday, February 06, 2013


(Okay I know he may seem out of character and that this is really short, but enjoy anyways. It’ll be explained at the end! By the way to find when I’m going upload which ones next, go to the masterlist/Author note. Updates about the story may be wrote there!)

You were pregnant. You couldn’t be any happier, nor could your husband Mathew Williams. When you told him you’d think he’d explode from happiness. He sat there shocked for about a minute then hugged you tightly. Mathew’s smile never left for a week after.

Lately, about 6 months into your pregnancy, your poor husband is getting treated very poorly. Yesterday, he came home with a sour face and went to his room, slamming the door as he went. He didn’t even say, “Hello,” to you, but you let him have his space.

This morning he woke up before you and left the house. You were worried at first, but found he left a note on the counter saying he’d be out for a couple of hours. Shrugging it off you decided to have a bit of fun while he was gone.

You got dressed in some jeans and a hoodie. Then you headed out the door. You drove out to one of the cities events.

***Time Skip***

You’d come back to the house later than expected, you had to pick up groceries and you ran into one of your really chatty friends. Driving up to the house you could tell something was off. All the lights were off and the house looked dark, possible even evil. “Stop being silly, (Your name)!” You thought and got out your car, holding the groceries, and headed inside.

Once you stepped inside you knew there once something wrong. When you left the house was clean, but now it had things thrown everywhere. Your first thought was that you were robbed. You were about to pull out your phone when you heard Mathew’s voice. He sounded different to you.

You turned to see that he was in the kitchen. Mathew was wearing a red suit of some sort and his hair was in a ponytail. You asked, “What happened here?”

Nothing, eh. But I’m a little more worried on where you were,” Mathew strongly announced.

I was out, why?” You questioned, he couldn’t possible think you were cheating. What happened to Mathew’s soft voice? You were only out a few hours…

“You know it’s not good for us. You going out and doing stuff,” He accused. “Is he implying I’m cheating? I’m pregnant with his kid for goodness sake!” You thought angrily. You raised an eyebrow and replied calmly, “What are you implying?”

What do you think?” He remarked.

“How dare you! I love you! Why would I cheat on you?!” You yelled back, but you were quickly wrapped in embrace. He whispered in your ear, “Please, don’t forget me….”

(He snapped pretty much because of how no one, but you noticed him. He was kinda implying you were cheating, but really he was angry because of them plus he was snapped. Then he quickly changed to a softer side. Sorry, but I may make another one that’s better. Anyways have a nice day!)

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