My Foster Brother is in love with me...AND HE`S JOE JONAS! Chapter 16: Full Swing

Created by GothAngel96 on Sunday, February 10, 2013

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I eventually calmed down, after I used the oxygen mask but I wish I could say that for everyone else. Mrs. Jonas continued crying, Frankie was more scared than ever, Kevin, Nick and Mr. Jonas tried remaining calm but at this point it was a joke to even try to. While the commotion was still in full blast outside, Mary Jane and I were in the room, I was pacing up and down the room, immersed in my thoughts while Mary Jane was staring out the window, butting in my concentration with stupid remarks on what the paparazzi was trying to do.

“You know Dhaph I think some dumbass from the hospital called the reporters when everything was in full swing over here” She remarked looking over at me.


“What?” I barked

“W-what are you thinking?” She stuttered.

I sighed. “I`d like to know myself MJ, seriously I’m getting a migraine….. I`m thinking how the hell can this even be happening? Two people cannot just disappear something have had to happen. *sigh* I should`ve seen this coming everyone was so concerned about me no one paid any attention to Joe”

The thought then rushed into my head. Wait… Mary Jane didn`t you say Joe was treated within an hour of coming here?”

“Yeah…what the hell`s that gotta do with anything?” She asked

“That means Joe was perfectly fine to just get up, get dressed and get out” I retorted “Has anyone covered his normal places to go out?”

“The guys checked the house, checked his favorite stores, checked the studio and..”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BRRRING BRRRING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Oh… My phone” Mary Jane said yanking her phone from her pocket.

“Who is it?” I asked

“It`s Nick he just texted me….”

“What did he say” I asked

She glanced at the screen for a second. “Here” She handed me her phone.

Hey Me nd Kevin just covered
the airprt 2 C if he wnt back 2 LA

“What do I text him back? I asked

“Ask him if they found him there” She answered

Did u find him there???

I fumbled with Mary Jane`s new phone. She continued to stare out the window.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BRRING BRRING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“What did he say?” she asked

I looked at the screen


“Nope” I answered casually, throwing back her phone to her.

Mary Jane`s POV

I pushed the phone back into my pocket. We sat in the room for the rest of the afternoon until it was, like twelve at night and then we took off. We were in and out of the hospital, trying to sneak away from the paparazzi at every turn and kept in constant contact with the police on any updates about Joe`s whereabouts. So far, no one was holding up. Everyone was a mess with this whole fiasco. Personally, I felt like going back to Utah which was a strange thought even to me. I refused to because my foster mother gave me permission to stay a while and I wasn`t going to pack up and leave Dhaphane….again.

About eight days after this happened I decided to go to the hospital alone. Everyone else was off trying to get in contact with Joe. I got to the hospital in ten minutes, avoiding the paparazzi, HA like they would know who I am. I took the elevator up to Dhaph`s room. I entered in.

“Dhaph” I called

“Yeah” She answered, leaning against the pillow that was propped up against the hospital bed`s headboard and staring up at the ceiling.

“How come you are so nonchalant to all that`s going on?” I asked

She sat up “What do you mean MJ? I`m just as scared and frightened as you or anyone else here. She looked at me, bewildered.

“NO I`m just sayin` you know that, well…..” I stuttered.

“Mary Jane just say it” She demanded.

“Ok I honestly expected you to be broken and crying and not… you know be so mellow and nonchalant about this” as soon as I said this I regretted it.

Dhaph seemed startled “Well I`m not ok!” She plopped back onto the pillow. I don`t understand why she was doing this but I couldn`t understand what she was trying to hide. God knows I`m extremely worried but Dhaph? I don`t know. I was pretty versatile to things but in this situation I was freaking out on the inside. I wanted Dhaph to just tell me what`s wrong? Why can`t she just tell me what`s wrong!

*Knock Knock*

“Come in” Dhaph answered. I was still staring at the paparazzi trying to break through security outside.

“Hello Girls” A British accented voice spoke.

I turned to see Mr. Varner looking fine in a gray blazer and pants with a white open collared shirt.

I`ve always had a crush on him for as long as I can remember. He told me all about the day I was left at the orphanage. I was six, didn`t know how to read or write, could barely speak my name…I was basically nothing but garbage to the people who owned me. I remember feeling so crappy because of how I was treated but Mr. Varner claimed I was a fast learner and that I eventually picked up on all I should know about life from before age six. He taught me how to read and write which was just incredible to me because of how patient and kind he is. With his long pin-straight brown hair, bright hazel eyes, perfectly chiseled cheekbones and broad shoulders he could have any woman he wanted. But somehow he only made time for the kids at the orphanage. He was, however in his mid- forties and looked crazy handsome for someone who dealt with kids for the longest. He had a thing of telling all the kids at the orphanage about the day they were left here on their 13th or 14th birthday. I guess it was a thing of his.

One thing I knew was that he is relentlessly kind and too good a human being to have a potentially psycho nephew dumped on him. I remember when Me and Dhaph first met Harry. Yeah he was incredibly and undoubtedly cute but I always sensed something about him that made no sense to me. Like how he liked doing things that others told him not to. Granted that’s what most kids would do but he took it to another level. He never listened to Mr. Varner…never and that`s his uncle….seriously that guy is a creep but I wish he kept away from Dhaph. Thank god that when we found out Harry was abusing Dhaphane, Varner sent his ass back to England otherwise god knows what would`ve happened. But like I said Harry never listened to Varner.

“Hi” Me and Dhaph greeted him.

“Do they have any news on Har…..his disappearance?” Dhaph asked.

“No but I came in here to discuss that matter” He answered, pulling a chair up to the end of the bed.

I turned facing them; Dhaph sat upright on the bed.

“Girls, I`ve taken care of both of you since you were children and I haven`t regretted any decisions in raising you two……especially with sending Harry away.” He started. Dhaph cringed at his last words.

“Forgive me Dhaphane, for asking this but I have asked your foster parents and they gave me a vague understanding of what happened at the party. I know your trying your best to forget what happened that night and believe me I think I am speaking on everyone`s behalf when I say that but maybe there is something my nephew told you that could-“

“Oh hell no Varner, Don`t you think Dhaphane has been through enough?” I cut him off. I couldn`t believe he was asking Dhaphane to relive the worst night of her life.

“Mary Jane” Dhaph started. She looked weary and must`ve expected this kind of behavior from me.

“No No Dhaphane let her finish” Mr. Varner rebutted.

I looked at him, incredulous. “You think this is all fun and games right? To make Dhaphane relieve one of the worst nights of her life that was supposed to be one of the best! and it was completely ruined by your son of a bitch nephew! Don`t you think she`s had enough of his abuse for God`s sa-“

“Damn it Mary Jane SHUT UP!!” Dhaph yelled at me. Her voice cracked at her last words and tears welled up in her eyes. She dried her eyes as soon as the first few tears streamed out. She started shaking and her face turned bright red. She started shaking and the tears just poured down her face. I went over to her and held her as she forced herself to recap everything that happened that night with Varner. I stayed quiet on the outside but on the inside I was unleashing my inner demons…all I know is that if I ever see Harry again I wasn`t going to spare that son of a bitch.

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