Memories,I wish I Can Remember (Zayn Malik Story) Chapter 1

sorry if it's crapy but, I was just gonna upload it when the website turn off on me soooo im piss off yes but enjoy! xx

Created by iBelieve19 on Thursday, February 14, 2013

"No Harry...." I heard my big sister Emma saying on her phone to her ex EX boyfriend Harry Styles yes from One Direction.... I sign and, wlak over to Emma sitting on her lap playing with he rsoft long black hair making small curls with the red tips she dye the last month.... I look up at her when she hang up... "What's wrong?" I ask while looking at her.... "He's beening the same asshole! OH I LOVE YOUU! Whatever! your up Taylor's fucking stinky asshole!" Emma said while piss off.
I laugh softly and, kiss her cheek. "Don't worry babe he just lost you... You know he did but, you just gotta prove it to him.... YOur better without him..." I said softly and, kiss Emma and, grab my keys... "Where you going?" Em ask me while looking up at me while i put on my black northface jacket on.. "Out i'll be back before midnight..." I said and, walk out..
Hola!! i'm Tatiana Lee-Marie Lopez.. 16 years old gonna be 17 very soon! That was my twin Emma Lee-Marie Lopez. she was born one day before me and, as you can see her and, Harry her ex now just broke up... They been together since 2 years ago and, 6 months and 3 days... They wer ethe couple everyone wanted to be... Harry had the perfect curls,eyes and smile... Which made many girls wanna die for Emma's spot... While dating Haz... Ezza was their nickname as an couple.. E is for Emma and, Zza is from Harry's nickname from Hazza.. so yeha you get the damn fucking point...
But me.. Yes i'm single been for almost my whole 16 years... NEVER Had an boyfriend cause, well i'm too scared to be play... Many guys i bump into are manwhores.. But this one.. Zayn Malik.. He's in a band with Harry call One Direction known as the bad boy in the group with man big too much to count tattoos on him and, with those amazing beautifuly eyelashes and, eye color beautiful hazel color. And, that smile of his... Well yeha.. People say he wrote the song 'Kiss You' for me but who knows... Might be an rumor... Me and, Malik are just friends with benfits... Yes, FWB... Cause, well i'm too scared to date anyone and, plus he has an girlfriend already... Perrie fucking Edwards...
She's from this girl band called Little Mix taht won the X-Factor but, whatever... She use to have short long blonde hair to dye for but now fucking light purple hair with those eyes i'll love to have... beautiful blue eyes... Zayn is very luckly to have her but, at the same time Perrie is just not his 'Real Girlfriend' Zayn says cause, his boss is making him date Perrie to make Little Mix more famous...
Perrie knows that me and, Zayn mess around which shouldn't bother her cause, well they are fake! Zerrie isnt real here duhhaa! I pull up to the driveway and, walk up the frontdoor and, unlock the front door with the key under the rug. "ZAYN?!" I yelled in the house and, got attack with kisses from his dog Boris... His burn marshmollow i say... "GAME ROOM!" I heard Zayn yelled and, I walk over and, took off my jacket putting it on the couch and, walk downstairs to the basment or a.k,a. the game room/cave, I call it..
"Hey beautiful." Zayn said and, pull me by my waist and, gave me a kiss. I smile between our kiss and, sat ontop of his pool table. "What you doing all alone on this friday night?" I ask and, pull him by his v-neck lightly... He smirk and, hold me tightly on my hips, gave me sweet lovebites on my left side of my neck. I wrap my arms around his neck. "Not too noticeable..." I said and, ran my finger through his hair, closing my eyes....
The feelings he gives me is like... God! Zayn lift up his head from my neck and, I frown. "What's up with that face?" He ask me and, kiss my sore spot thatb was now maybe red,purple.. and sore all around the big spot he gave me. "You keep me warmy!" I said cutely making Zayn chuckle abit. I smile wide and, look down... Here comes the butterflies....
I felted him picking me up and, about to carry me to the bedroom... "No! let's do it here." I said and, lay on the pool table while sitting up. "Fine. if we break it!" He started off but, i cut him off. "Shut up and, just kiss me!!!" I yelled and, kiss him roughly while biting his lower lip and, taking off our clothing. Feeling his large hand on my lower back holding me closely. I put my hair up in a high bun and, got ontop of Zayn riding on him... with my hands on his on his bare chest and, kssing him non-stop... each kiss.... he gave me like... each kiss means something but, I havent found those reasons yet... But,soon I will.....

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