Love in the World of the Dead~ Carl Grimes~ Meet The Characters

This is a story about The Walking Dead. It's about surviving in a zombie apocolypse and also finding love.

Created by MrsCarlGrimes on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Meet the characters!
Katrina Dixon~ Sister of Daryl and Merle Dixon
Age: 12
Looks: Golden brown hair and dark golden eyes
Usally wears: A green button-up checkered shirt, jeans, brown leather boots, and a brown leather jacket
Weapons: Knife, bow and arrows, and sometimes a gun
Cassie Grimes~ Younger twin sister of Carl Grimes, daughter of Rick and Lori Grimes
Age: 12
Looks: Really dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes
Usally wears: blue striped shirt, jean capris, running shoes, and a blue winter coat
Weapons: knife and a gun
Carl Grimes~ Older twin brother of Cassie Grimes, son of Rick and Lori Grimes
Age: 12
Looks: Really dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes
Weapons: A gun
Rick Grimes~ Husband to Lori Grimes, father to Carl and Cassie Grimes
Age: unknown
Looks: Dark brown hair and blue eyes
Weapons: A gun
Lori Grimes~ Wife of Rick Grimes, mother of Carl and Cassie Grimes
Age: Unknown
Looks: Black hair and green/brown eyes
Weapons: A gun
Daryl Dixon~ Older brother to Katrina Dixon, younger brother to Merle Dixon
Age: Unknown
Looks: Brown hair, hazel eyes
Weapons: Knife, crossbow, and gun
Merle Dixon~ Older brother of Katrina and Daryl Dixon
Age: Unknown
Looks: Grey hair and brown eyes
Weapons: Gun and hand hook (Later on)

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