Annabeth Chase Tickle part 1

Created by lutowrite21900 on Saturday, March 02, 2013

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It wasmidnight in the Athena cabin. I would sneek up on Percy with my invisability cap. Even though I had just met him this summer, and we went on a quest toether, I felt that he was one of my best friends. So, I felt comfortable with playing aprnak on him...

I climed out the window invisible, and snuck down to cabin 3 as quietly as I could. I wondered if that dork of a twelve year old had the same sense of humor as me. I hoped so.

I climbed through the window of the Posiedon cabin, eager. Percy was asleep, and drooling, as usual. I stared at his pale face, his long dark hair, and imagined his gorgeous large green eyes.

I hoped he was a deep sleeper and tied each hand and foot to a bed post, so he was stretched out. Still invisible, I poked him in the belly to wake him up. He jumped, well tried to, but was stopped by the rope.

" What the-" he said as he noticed the ropes. His deep green eyes looked scared. I couldn't help myself, I poked him in the belly again.He squeeked. So he was ticklish. This was gonna be fun.

" Is that you Annabeth," he asked.I squeezed his sides, and he jolted. I then pulled his shirt up exposing his belly.

My fingers touched his bare sides, and lightly went up and down them. I loved watching the uncomfortable grin flicker across his face. Normally, I wouldn't, but he was going to get it for soaking me infront of the entire camp.

"S-Seriously Ann-nabeth, your t-t-t," say it, I thought. I scratched a bit harder, and a soft giggle escaped his lips.

" Your tickling me Annabeth, stop it!" Percy exclaimed.

I took off my cap and said," oh, good," and putit back on so he wasn't able to see where I would tickle him. The look on his face was so funny, I laughed out loud. He was really cute.

I walked over to his feet, and removed his socks. He was probably bracing for his feet, so I poked him in th stomach. He went into a really loud laughing fit.

"ANHANABETHHAHA, WHAHAT IS THISHA FHAR?" I panicked. It was them iddle of the night, someone would hear him. I spotted blue duct tape on his dresser, and put some on his mouth.

That should keep him quiet while I tickle his feet. I had tied each toe together, and then streched back. I stroked it and watched Percy's eyes widen. He squirmed, as I stroked both feet, with all fingernails on each hand.

I could even hear him through the gag, well, not what he was ayaing, but I could understand it tickled.

I took some itching powder on his stomach to ncrease the tickle sensations.

Percy's POV

I felt Annabeth pour powder on my stomach and feet what? The it hit me, itching powder. I struggled, as I awaited more tickles to come. Why was Annabeth doing this. I mean, in one wat, it was sort of cute. In the other, it was almost too much for me too take. I felt a cold hand spread the powder around on my warm belly.

Even without Annabeth tickling me, I felt tickled by it. I could only imagine how much worse this could get.

Then, Annabeth stroked my sides, and belly with her fingers and I lost everything completely. I couldn't even remember my name it tickled so much. All I could pay attention to was the pure tickle torment flowing through my vains.

I struggled, but couldn't break out. I tried to scream through my ag, no luck.

Then it stopped, and I gasped through my nose.

Suddenly, a swipe at my foot, my most ticklish spot strtled me, and I couldn't think straight again. Nails scraping slowiy up and down my stretched foot with itching powder was too much.

I had to tell Annabeth, except for the gag. I chewed on it as tickle was all I ever knew.

I finally created a smaill hole and yelled," AHANAHABETHHA ITHS TORTUrE!!!!!," she stopped immeadiately, and took off her yankees cap.

Tears formed in her eyes." I'm so sorry Percy, I didn't realize, just-how can I make this up to you?"

I smirked under my gag." First let me go." I told her, and she did without hesitation.I told her to lay on the bed, and then tied her up. " Your turn." I said to her.

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