A Camp Rock love story (Nate)

Hey this is the first chpter of my new story, I hope u enjoy :)

Created by zombieprincess711 on Sunday, March 03, 2013

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My taxi is riding into the camp. I used to love coming here, but this year I’d rather be on the road playing music. Thanks Dad. He thought this year would be good for me, especially since my cousin Shane Gray and his band mates Nate and Jason will be here. At least I get to spend sometime with my best friend Nate. We used to hang out all the time. That is how Shane and Nate met. If it wasn’t for our friendship there would be no Connect 3. I get out of the taxi after I pay the fare. Why couldn’t I drive up here? I mean really what is the point of a car and a license if my dad won’t let my use it? Oh well. I look around the camp and I see teenagers playing their guitars and practicing. Most are talking and finding their cabins. I used to love to practice on the lake. I would get a row boat and just sit there for hours and play my guitar. It was pretty peaceful, until Shane tried to tip me over that one time, hence the one time. I go find my cabin and I see Nate unpacking. “Hey Nate” I say with a smile as I put my bag down on the floor. Nate turns around and smiles. “Hey Kayla” says Nate with a cute smile. I always thought he had the cutest smile. We give each other a hug “I have missed you Nate” I say “I have missed you too” says Nate. We let go and we smile at each other. He has gotten taller since the last time I saw him. His dark brown curly hair has gotten a little longer too. “So I call the bed by the window so I can look out on the lake” I say as I take my stuff other there” “Okay, so have you seen Shane yet?” he asks “Nope I have seen my cousin yet” I say “You know about Mitchie right?” asks Nate “Of course I do Nate, Shane told me about her, she seems really cool” I say. I unpack my stuff. This feels weird being back on this camp and sharing a room with Nate. I finish my unpacking. I grab my black sunglasses and I head outside. I see everyone staring at me. Yeah I am famous, but not as famous as my cousin Shane. Speaking of him, where is Shane? I head to the mess hall and I found him. Sitting in front of a piano with some girl and that must be Mitchie. I walk over there and say “Well, if isn’t my cousin Shane Gray.” Shane gets up and smiles. “Hey Kayla” says Shane with a smile. We give each other a hug. We let go and Shane says “Oh Mitchie this is my cousin” that is all he can say. Mitchie gets up and screams “Oh my god, it is Kayla Cesario, I’m a huge fan. Sorry I’m Mitchie” says Mitchie “It is okay Mitchie, nice to finally meet the girl that stole my cousin’s heart” I say with a smile. She smiles back at me, “So you play piano, I would to hear you play sometime Mitchie” I say “Yeah I can play and I would love to play for you” says Mitchie. This girl is seems pretty cool. Shane is giving me a look like he wants to be alone with her “Well I have to go find my dad” I say “Your dad is Brown right?” asks Mitchie “Yeah that’s my dad. See you two later” I say. I walk back outside. I really wish I was on the road, but no I get in trouble and I am forced to come back here. I will explain how I got in trouble later, don’t worry it wasn’t anything serious. I walk out to the docks. I take a seat and dangle feet over the edge. Someone sits next to me, it is Nate. “Hey” he says “Hey” I say “You alright Kayla?” he asks “Yeah I’m fine. I just wish I could be on the road touring and playing music. Not that I am not happy to be here with you and the others” I say “I understand. I want to be on the road too, but we are taking a break and helping these campers become stars one day” says Nate “Oh Nate you are a dreamer” I say with a smile. I look at Nate. Maybe this summer, I can tell him how I feel about him. “Nate” I say then I am interrupted by my father, Brown. “Kayla Cesario, I thought I told you to come see me when you got here” says my dad “Hi daddy, I’m here. I’m just hanging out with Nate” I say “Yeah I can see that. Come on you two, it is time to meet at the stage” says my dad. We get up and head for the docks “Hey what were you going to say before Shane showed up?” asks Nate “Uh I will tell you later Nate” I say. So close! I can always tell him tonight during at the camp fire tonight. Hopefully after everyone goes to bed, Nate and I have a history of staying out alone by the camp fires after everyone goes to sleep. Maybe that is why we were always late for the morning activities. We are at the stage and my dad is making some speech. I’m not paying attention. I am thinking about going out on the lake to play my guitar. Maybe I will ask Nate to join me. After my dad is done talking to us about whatever, we all to the mess hall for an early dinner. Good I’m starving. I look over and Nate is no longer next to me. What the heck. I spot him talking to some girl. I walk over there. “Hey, I’m Kayla” I say introducing myself “Hey I’m Lila” says Lila with a smile “Nice to meet you Lila” I say “So you are Brown’s daughter?” asks Lila “Yeah I am, unfortunately” I say “Hey I think it is pretty cool. I will see you two later. Bye Nate” says Lila. Lila walks away staring at Nate, I have a bad feeling about this girl. “Well seems nice” I say “Yeah she is pretty nice. So want to race to the mess hall?” asks Nate “Nate, we are not kids anymore, we can walk to the mess hall. Go!” I shout as I take off running “Cheater!” shouts Nate right behind me.

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