♡Curiosity Killed The Cat♡

4/12 entry into XTheMythicalPrincessX's ❤♥ℋεαяτς, ℭhℴ¢ℴʟατες and ℜℴςες?♥❤, A lovely thanks to my beta reader makuyuki7!|Germany x Reader|Propmt: Handcuffs|Genre: ?|Word Count: 523|Hope you enjoy ´ ▽`

Created by ForeverInMyWorld on Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Of all the things to find in someone’s room ….

[Name] had been staying at Ludwigs’ house for a while now, eventually she found that her curiosity got the best of her so every day when he would leave she would explore a different part of the house; there was now only one room left to explore.

Hesitantly [Name] closed her [Dominant] hand around the doorknob to Ludwigs’ room, looking around again for what was the twentieth time she made sure that the coast was still clear. Finding that she was indeed the only one in the hallway still [Name] took a deep breath of air and slowly opened the door not releasing her breath until the door was fully open and she was left standing in the doorway.

With a slight victorious smirk [Name] casually walked into Ludwigs’ room finding everything the way she expected; tidy. Even though she knew he would notice [Name] couldn’t stop herself from snooping around. She found that Ludwig wore boxers and that even his drawers were perfectly organized.

“He’s one of a kind alright Feliciano” [Name] muttered to herself, now making her way to Luwigs’ closet.

Upon opening the closet [Name] found everything to be in order there as well, though a small box in the corner of the small space quickly caught her attention.

“What’s this?” [Name] asked grabbing the box and pulling it out.

On top of the box


was written, only making [Name] want to open it more. As soon as she opened the box the young [Country Name] girl was met with all sorts of things she had never see in her life, aside from the black pair of handcuffs that is. [Name] grabbed the handcuffs and held them up in the air as if to examine them.

“Vhat are you doing?” a sudden masculine voice growled causing [Name] to yelp and drop the handcuffs back into the box.

“L-Ludwig” she stuttered out “I was just….er….curious?”

“Curious?” Ludwig repeated raising an eyebrow at the [h/c] haired girl.

By this time [Name] was back to her feet and standing in front of him with a sheepish smile.

“Yup like a little kitty cat, meow!” she laughed nervously and made a move to walk pass him but was stopped as her wrist was grabbed and she was jerked around and slammed into Ludwigs’ muscular chest.

“Vell now bad little kitties must be punished, ja?” Ludwig whispered seductively into her ear, causing shivers to run down her spin and an unknown feeling to erupt through her body.

Not waiting for a reply Ludwig threw [Name] on the bed and shut the door, he had a look on his face that she had never seen before but she liked it. He walked over to the box and picked up the handcuffs.

“I sink ve can put sese to some use” he muttered then looked up at [Name] with a hungry look in his eyes “Vhat do you sink?”

“Meow” [Name] blurted out unconsciously and grinned back at the blonde German, little did she know she was in for the night of her life.

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